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  1. If by saying "gasket" you are referring to the rubber strip along the top of your bumper, it's purely cosmetic & does not create a water tight seal.
  2. I live & work in South Glos, I work with several lads from Bristol who continued to go on day trips to Devon, Dorset etc & vist friends whilst they were in tier 3, shortly they can legally go out to the pub etc when they go into tier 2, that's what is frustrating & annoying for us staying in tier 3. I understand the need to get the infection rates down but it still sucks !!!!
  3. In my experience when coming across plastic wrap/covering on upholstery 95% of the time the vehicle has/is owned by a member of the "traveller" community.
  4. We've delivered 10 vans back this week & gone out to 2 customers locally whose auto engage movers had given up when they were trying to get their vans into storage, didn't charge a penny extra.
  5. Here's a photo of the important bit of the email from the NCC (if I've managed to upload it correctly) regarding workshops staying open, apparently WE are allowed to pick up vehicles for servicing/repairs buts its too late for us now because we rebooked everything & have got a few days of work left & then we are going to be furloughed.
  6. I will try to get hold of the email tomorrow so I can be a bit more precise with their wording
  7. Just to let you all know the latest guidelines that we have received at our workshop within the last few days from the NCC regarding servicing/repairs. Towing a caravan to a workshop is not regarded as an essential journey, we are not allowed to have customers on site for any reason, we can continue to remain open but only to work on vans already in our yard, after these vans are completed WE are allowed to tow the vans & deliver back to customers within a local area. WE are not allowed to collect vans from customers but we can go to a manufacturer to pick up a new van allocated to us (in
  8. If you can't get your head down there to see the markings on the scale try to get your phone in there & take a photo of it, adjust the dial, take a photo etc until you get the dial where you want it.
  9. Yes, that's correct, once you've got the hang of it it is very easy to do
  10. This is how they are meant to be changed, if your struggling to push the new one back onto the "ball" make sure the spring clip hasn't twisted around when you prised it open to get the "ball" out of the new one prior to fitting it.
  11. Around the head of the gas strut is a semi circular spring clip, just prise that gently away from the strut end & it will pop off of the end you are trying to undo with the spanner, practice with the new one in your hand & then whip the old one off of the bed, 10 second job once you know how to do it
  12. Replacing a oven ignitor is far easier than replacing one on the hob. Oven out, undo nut on back of ignitor, pull off spade connection to ignition box, reverse procedure to fit new ignitor, fit oven, gas test, test oven. Easily done in a hour, lovely job for a Saturday morning.
  13. You don't have a roof strap
  14. If you have the square back upper corners (which I think you do from memory Paul) rather than the curved rear corners like current production then "no" you don't have a roof strap
  15. You won't be getting a Phoenix then will you ?
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