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  1. As a service centre we are really struggling to get tyres at the moment to fit for our customers & when we can get some they usually cost us about 50% more than normal. Due to the pandemic there are a lot of unused older tyres kicking about so make sure you check the production dates.
  2. The roof of a Alutec van is more than strong enough to take the weight of an average fully grown adult, but bear 2 things in mind 1/ If you apply your body weight thru your knees/feet onto the roof of your van there is a possibility you will cause lots of little divets from compressing the sandwich construction of your roof panel therefore creating lots of pools of water when it rains, 2/ If you slip off & fall will you bounce when you hit the ground, probably not !
  3. Can I have my can back if you've finished with it, only joking, glad it did the job for you. P.S. don't tell anyone where I work because Mr Plodd is trying to work out who I am !!
  4. The reason I've asked is because as part of my job I normally fit tow bars on the AL-KO moho chassis if required when completing a PDI on a Bailey. Because the Adamo is on a Ford chassis so far I haven't fitted one but we have sent 3 over to a local tow bar specialist who has fitted them with little problem, all we have to do is modify the waste tank dump valve handle when it comes back to us as the specialist just takes it off & leaves it inside. I just wondered why you were informed that they couldn't be fitted. I have looked at the tow bar fitment when it comes back to us & it looks relatively simple, I think the problem lies with the software required to get the cab to "Talk" to the tow bar socket.
  5. Hi, don't mean to sound rude but why do you think a tow bar can't be fitted ?
  6. Not on every occasion no, on some leaks it's not at all obvious until the system is pressure checked & then it's a case of shutting all the gas taps & opening them one at a time to trace which appliance is leaking. Once you know which appliance or section of gas pipe is leaking you then have to spray every joint & connection until you find the faulty one. In my experience & I don't know why but I seem to find that 7 out of 10 gas leaks are due to a split nut where the caravan gas pipe connects to the oven, it concerns me that many of our customers store their pots & pans under the oven & on top of the gas drop vents, if ever there was a leak they are providing a potentially perfect storage container for the escaping gas, all it then needs is a source of ignition. If you really must store items under the oven then please store them upside down.
  7. As a fully qualified caravan engineer I agree with the other fully qualified caravan engineer ! Split gas nuts are a common cause but I've also come across faulty appliances that weren't burning efficiently or with blocked venting.
  8. I know window's are extremely expensive but 30mins labour to change it !!! It takes about 2 mins to change that window, your supplier will already have a "mark up" on the window but to charge that amount of labour is daylight robbery.
  9. Go onto Prima leisure website (Bailey spares division), type in KD panel fittings, 10p each
  10. Trust me, open your flyscreen a little so you can get your thumbs inside the frame & give it a tug from both sides at the same time. It sounds brutal when it comes off but I promise you that's the only way to get them off. Take your smoke & CO detectors off of the end panel so you don't hit them off when your flyscreen comes away from the frame.
  11. If you have removed the 4 corner screws, grab the flyscreen on both sides about a third of the way down & give it a sharp tug, as it comes away just work your hands down until its free, there are usually about 3 or 4 clips per side. These clips are "clicked" into the back of the flyscreen and are then a interference fit into the inner part of the door frame, the clips may break as you pull it off but that's unavoidable so if you intend to refit it you may need to source some new ones. Like I said, the clips may snap but the flyscreen shouldn't. Go for it !
  12. Take the upper fridge vent off the outside of your van, you should be able to reach it from there.
  13. If you compare 2 vans on a similar layout, vans with Alde are generally heavier & more expensive so if your tight on weight or £££'s then that could be the decision made for you.
  14. Do not file the latch down, once you file it off you are never gonna get that back should your door not close properly in the future. If you have a small spike try to prise out the red & green indicators that are on the inside of the door latch, also try to flick out the crescent shaped bit of plastic that has "hartel" written on it. This will give you access to the 4 screws that hold the lock assembly in place, just loosen the screws slightly & you may be able to move the lock enough to give you the extra bit of clearance between the latch & plate, obviously then tighten the screws. Failing that, there is a screw fixing thru the frame by the striker plate into the side of your van, try tightening that a little, be careful not to "spin" the screw. If that fails, get a wooden block, place it on the striker plate & gently tap it with a hammer. You don't need to gain much, only a couple of mm at the most. Never ever file or cut anything off unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing & how you are going to get over it if you take off too much.
  15. Your the ex policeman, put your deerstalker on & when you think your talking to me, just ask me. You are either gonna look really smug or embarrassed when you get your answer. Now there's a challenge for you !! Might see you soon, or not.
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