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  1. Once you remove this lid the "electronic control box" that you will see is your battery charger.
  2. Mods, is there any chance we can lock this thread ? I enjoyed reading the first few pages but it's now going right away from the topic & as someone who's never been lucky enough to have a company vehicle it's getting very tedious
  3. Several months ago & after getting fed up forking out £35 every 6 weeks to get my Springer Spaniel trimmed I invested in some dog grooming clippers. After going to Tesco's on Thursday to get some essentials I also tried to get some hair clippers, unfortunately they were sold out & cannot give a date when they will have any (understandable), so yesterday & after a few cans of Thatchers I plonked a chair in the garden, got the dog clippers out & gave myself a number 2 all over !! I now get a overwhelming desire to cock my leg on the patio furniture but at least my head isn't so hot.
  4. Caravan & motorhome dealerships ? Many people may not want to fly again due to the possible increased risk of catching anything after sitting with a few hundred strangers for a couple of hours so they may decide to invest in their own holiday home on wheels
  5. Lots of dealers & service centres are already shut or shutting at the end of the week (if not told to do so sooner by Boris)
  6. Hi Andy Have removed & replaced well over 50 roof straps now & have never added additional clamps, neither has our dealership received any bulletins from Baileys to add additional slots to fix more clamps when fitting the new strap. Prior to working for a dealer I worked for Baileys for 14years & the first leakers were blamed on the manufacturer of the GRP changing the chemical make up of the gel coat which caused the sealant not to bond to the roof creating a water tight seal. Since then they have moved on & now fit a wider roof strap than the original design & bond it with a non drying sealant that remains flexible, unfortunately the 2 water management caps at each end of the rail are still fitted using a sealant called RV61 which may still cause potential issues in the future.
  7. They are for fixing to the side of the van, top & bottom mid section of the blind to clip the blind into in order to stop the blind "sagging"
  8. Hi John At the end of the day it's the end users choice what they keep under there, if that's the only place you have to keep them then store them upside down. Like I said I have to attend regular gas courses in order to allow me to work on gas appliances so I understand not only how to install & repair this equipment safely but also to give out helpful advice so we all have a safe & happy experience of caravans
  9. Incorrectly its not about me trying to score points it's about people's understanding of a gas drop vents function, if you keep the drop vent clear that's brilliant, but if you are unfortunate enough to have a gas leak anything you store around the gas drop vent will act as a container for the gas vapour which will turn back into a liquid & it will sit there until something ignites it, it doesn't know its supposed to all go out of the drop vent, I merely wanted to see what you knew about these vents, dont take it personally. I have to attend gas training courses every year & I see some of the consequences of pans etc being stored under gas appliances, its frightening
  10. You are commenting about fixed ventilation & gas drop vents so I'm just enquiring as to how much you actually know, that's all, no need to be so defensive
  11. So is that a yes, no, or not sure what's coming here so I will avoid answering ?
  12. Just out of interest do you keep cooking pans or saucepans under your oven ?
  13. Ask yourself 1 question, "if a manufacturer has taken the time & cost to fit the vent into the floor/side panel why would they have done that if they weren't required by law or the manufacturer of any fitted appliances insisted on certain fixed ventilation to allow efficient & safe use of their product". The cutting of vent holes in which to fit any type of cover may only cost them 10p per van, but over 4/5/6 thousand units per year over x number of years eventually adds up, if they didn't need to do it they wouldn't do it ! Never block any vent ever, ever, ever, it has a purpose & might just save your life.
  14. Are you asking about your rear rail, the open skylight, high level brake light, top corner caps or your rear window ? If your thinking of the well known issue of leaking roof straps, you dont have one
  15. You should have received the appropriate socket as part of the kit that Baileys supply with every caravan, if you dont have it ask your dealer for it.
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