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  1. Hi All, we recently bought a new awning from Amazon that had five start reviews. Received all okay and first impressions it seems to be of good quality. Its a Lichfield Dakota Excalibur air 3M https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06Y16BYR5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have put up plenty of awnings in the past no real problems and this one seemed okay however! It seals against the caravan by way of foam pads that Velcro themselves to the actual awning, pad against van Velcro awning to pad. Seems easy but the pads themselves are shorter than the awning so a yawning chasm of a hole is left top and bottom of the van, further to stabilise the awning two poles are needed one each side, these fit into small pockets at the top but as these pockets are sewn into the top of the awning and the pads are a good 5" below the poles push the unprotected part of the awning into the wall of the van, nearly an ouchy moment here!! Once erected i have pads too short at the top or if i push the pads to the top they are 10" to short on the bottom so when trying to peg out its impossible to get a goof seal. I appreciate an awning is never going to produce a good watertight windproof seal but i ought to be able to peg it out without massive gaps top and bottom. In the vague hope i have explained this correctly and that someone has one or something similar, any thoughts please?
  2. Thanks everyone, the battery was brand new in September 2018 and is in good order, i guess i just chose the wrong charger. I will look in the Lidl and Aldi chargers, anyone know the make? I will also look into all other chargers offered. many thanks all
  3. I tug a Coachman vip 560/4 towed by a bmw x3 through that arch quite easily, it looks daunting just go straight and slow anything coming the other way is used to meeting a caravan head on and in my experience are patient and obliging. As Svimes said, if your mirrors fit you will
  4. Try this site, http://www.howgill-lodge.co.uk/ we visit regularly and its only a hop to Bolton Abbey, owners are very friendly and the site is tiered so you have a view from wherever you pitch. Lots of walks from site, especially down the hill to the valley with a gorgeous river flowing through a wooded gorge. Also close to Skipton which is worth a visit to see the narrow boats and walk the canal through to a wood and a lake
  5. Hi all, Although i use my caravan frequently i struggle to keep the battery charged so have decided to take it home after each trip and keep it topped up using some sort of trickle charger i can leave on all the time. I purchased this unit from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0156AM91G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but it doesn't seem to be working, 48hrs of charging still shows 75% dissipated. Do any of you keep your battery on permanent charge and if so what charger do you use please? Thanks Keith
  6. By way of a final update a new battery seems to have sorted the problem out. €228. Ouch!!!
  7. So we woke this morning to a strong smell of eggs, sulphur checked the battery and its too hot to touch. I've disconnected it so is it safe to assume the battery is knackered and that is been a battery issue and not a charger issue all along? What am i looking for re the charger please? I assume under the seat same side as battery?
  8. Our brand new lunar 2012 model developed 19 problems in the first two outings les than a month apart. Shower literally fell of the wall, wardrobe doors buckled. Trim fell off everywhere. Oven door kept opening on its own, a nail was left sticking out of a trim that cut my wife's hand. The supplying dealer was woeful in there response and Lunars head of after sales emailed me telling me it should expected to have issues with be vans. Fortunately we had a small amount of the van on finance so backed it to the finance company, they were brilliant and refunded every penny we had spent on the van including insurance, motor mover and even petrol money for the times we visited the dealer to complain. Certainly I would never go near Lunar again, however to back a van privately takes some doing and legally you have to give them an opportunity to put right any issues found. Certainly I'm no expert but I think you are going to struggle to back it and Lunar certainly aren't going to help. Good luck with it.
  9. Having bought most of my vans second hand not one of them has ever been set up ready for use as it were, we've have to treat in situ as best we can. However I think it's a great idea to do so as if I were a prospective buyer I would be thinking great we can test everything and the seller is showing he has nothing to hide. Good luck with the sale
  10. That's not as daft a question as it may sound, not being rude. It's likely that the master switch wasn't on at the last stop. Would that indicate that even though we were on EHU everything came from the battery which is why it's flat? I thought simply plugging in EHU was enough, how dumb have I been. But then again wouldn't five hours travelling in the car charge the battery. It's now reading 12. 2v or 69% What am i looking for re the charger please? I assume under the seat same side as battery?
  11. Hi all. Currently in France and come to move van off the pitch and the motor mover didn't work. Checking the panel inside the van it said measure battery 0%. To the best of My knowledge it was fine when we left UK four days ago. When EHU is connected on our next site battery shows 100%. I assume because it's on EHU? It would appear then that the battery isn't charging from the car or the EHU. Knowing nothing about this I am hoping for suggestions from the group please?
  12. If i may jump in here, I recently purchased a 2015 X3, moving up from a 2007. The mirrors i have are Milenco GA 2 and these didn't fit the new car. I contact Milenco via email and they did respond stating that i needed new clamps for the mirrors a mk3 version of the clamp which i duly purchased from their recommended supplier in Scotland. First time i used them the plastic housing for each mirror cracked, i don't believe i used excessive force, same force as previous clamps that worked fine on my 2007 car. I feel woefully let down by Milenco whom now wont respond to emails, i have a damaged car and i put the blame squarely with them. Shame on them, i cant wait to see them exhibiting at a show somewhere. Mazz99 what specific mirrors did you purchase please?
  13. Thanks all I'm liking the suggestion about where the controller from the old solar panel used to be. I've decided to take it back to the dealer as I think they might have caused it. Will keep you all posted.
  14. No switch doesn't turn lights on at all. Spoke to dealer today and got a dunno mate bring it in😦
  15. Hi all, an interestng one here. I have mood lighting in my 2012 coachman VIP. Operated by click buttons behind each seat at the front of the van. One click for on and then hold down to dim. These have stopped working, coincidently after having some repair work done. This was roof filled and resprayed after hailstone damage and removal of an unwanted solar panel. Can't believe it's linked? From what I can gather everything else in the van works okay. I find it strange that neither switch works. All fuses okay. Any thoughts please?
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