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  1. Hi I just had the same problem, open fridge door remove plug's on left and right take out the 4 screw's lift fridge out when you get it out so far there are 2 lifting straps, (4 year old affinity) pull it out till you can get your hand's in, push pipe back in, I put some mastic on mine so it did'nt happen again, easy fix.
  2. Thank's everyone for your help and comment's.
  3. Hi can you tell me who does this warranty because I have the same problem.
  4. Anyone know where the heating drain plug is on an Alde Affinity, have looked everywhere.
  5. Does anyone know where the drain plug is for the Alde heating on a Elddis Afinity 2013 model, looked all over the place and cannot find it
  6. Beware of crack's on the rear of 2013 and onwards Elddis Affinity
  7. I assume you had to buy 2 hoses 1 to connect the pump to the filler and 1 to connect the outlet to a container, did you get them from Towsure or from another supplier?
  8. Does anyone know anyone who makes the rear top corner binnacle repair kit, does the swift binnacle fit?
  9. This is the first Elddis I have bought and it will be the last, it's only been used 4 times and the rear panel is already cracked in 3 places, Elddis do not make the repair corner's for the top and as far as I can find out nobody else does either, I have had a caravan medic inspect this and he said he has replaced the rear in the same caravan twice and it cracked again, so what is the answer? I only bought this caravan recently from a person that had it parked up for over 2 years due to ill health and because of this it was not serviced so the warranty is null and void, what's the point replacing the rear panel if it's going to crack again? anyone got an answer?
  10. How was the problem fixed did the rear end have to be taken off, who did this work for you? you said you had your's put to sleep, do you mean you got rid of it, do you know how long it worked for?
  11. To have the rear end replaced I have been quoted £5000
  12. Bought private, seems like I have been stitched up, can't afford that 72 year old pensioner, can't find anyone that might make these for me
  13. I have a 2013 model with the top rear corner's cracked, warranty no good because previous owner had a heart attack so not serviced for 2 years, Elddis do not supply the repair corners for the Affinity, does anyone know anyone who make's or supplies these or any other answer's or advice?
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