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  1. Lee08

    NEC : Advice for first time Tourer buyers

    Thanks for the advice all. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am hoping you can help if possible please. We are completely new to the world of caravans and are looking to purchase a tourer. We visited the NEC show yesterday and narrowed down a style of tourer which we feel would suit our family. However, we are trying to cut through some of the possible 'sales patter' to get some clear information. Having discussed with different dealers on the purchase of a new 2018 model we ideally weren't looking to commit until early next year, with the hope of being able to collect in early spring so we can get as much use as possible in 2018. However, we are being told that in order to receive in spring we would need to order now. Is anyone aware of how realistic this is? Would we definitley need to order now for early spring 2018? Thanks in advance!