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  1. Well we had a fabulous time there in August and have booked again for Easter, right beside the fountain. Brilliant views, open countryside and fabulous facilities. We loved it (obvs).
  2. Our dealer has just told us they can't (won't??) do it. Any idea how it's done, please>>>> I might have a go myself!
  3. Thanks all. We're a bit apprehensive about a new caravan (to us), but it's exciting too!!
  4. Quick question - we're in the process of changing our caravan and have bought one which has the Alde heating system (we were blown air before), but does it heat the water as well, or do we have a different water heater, like we've had previously? Thanks, in advance.
  5. If you screw it to the door, take care to use screws that are just long enough to go into the door or your door window won't go all the way down - it gets stopped by the screws. Guess who found that one out through using screws that were "too" long??
  6. Thanks guys. I've found some wheel clamps which I'll mount much as Griff has shown so the bikes can stand up in the caravan.
  7. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone come across an in-caravan bike stand at all? We can't mount a carrier on the 'van, and I'd rather not have them on the roof of the car. Some friends have an A-frame mounted one from Fianna, but our Bailey doesn't have the requisite room on the frame.
  8. We don't use a credit card so much as a currency card - Caxton. we just dump euros (or whatever currency) on it when the exchange rate is good and it acts like a debit card when we use it. We can get cash out of machines without paying interest as well, so possibly a better fit than credit cards.
  9. It's acetone that is the active part of nail varnish remover that works, but there are acetone free versions, so they'd be (inevitably) useless.
  10. My father is a shocking bad driver (86 yrs old), and had to re-apply for his licence recently. I asked him to re-take a test or at least to go out with an instructor, but he told me not to be so arrogant and rude in suggesting that he needs any training as he's already a good driver. He's been told he will need an operation for cataracts in the next 12 months, but refuses to take any actions or stop driving. He recently cracked two ribs in a fall, but was driving his car next day in direct contradiction to Dr's recommendation and my disgust. The police aren't interested as such, and as above the GP won't take any action.
  11. No idea, to be fair. Thanks all for the views though - appreciate the discussion.
  12. Had a couple of conversations recently where the views regarding towing a double axle caravan were polar - some saying they're better, more stable, and the other saying that buying a double axle caravan was the worst thing they'd done on 30 years of caravanning. Is there any good evidence one way or the other, or is it just personal preference?? Thanks, in advance
  13. Or George? Albert. Ethel. Edie. .. Could be some mileage in this one
  14. Yeah - like most of the replies so far, I use mine whenever possible and road conditions allow. Most of my motorway driving, even not towing, is done at 65mph on cruise (less when towing, obvs).
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