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  1. We're away to Devon on Sunday morning. Site have said we can get on after 11am, so an early ish start for to avoid whatever Sunday traffic there is.
  2. With respect, shopping for parents who live 10 miles away isn't always easy. I shopped for my parents during the lockdown, especially as they had both displayed at least some of the symptoms and he'd been hospitalised for a week. I was criticised by their neighbours for breaking the spirit of lockdown, so you can't win!
  3. Yes - there was that lady, and there are councillors complaining that information wasn't printed in as many languages as it *should* have been, the so-called Lord Mayor has more faces than the clock in Gallowtree Gate (it has 4), but it either doesn't apply to them or it's someone else's fault and, therefore, responsibility.
  4. There are business owners in the middle of Leicester who are saying locally that they will NOT shut down again because it's costing them too much money. Wealth over welfare. Outstanding.
  5. Well, I won't be popular, but it is *largely* the BAME communities that have been ignoring the advice. Just yesterday, after the lockdown was announced for Leicester, there was a gathering of people watching a cricket match being played in a public park right in the middle of the spiked area of Leicester.
  6. I think you called it natural selection or something similar in a previous post, Andy.
  7. Exactly this!! We're on the Warwickshire side of Leicestershire (right on the edge, as it happens), and we'd echo all you've said here. Locally, people are tying the spike to the end of Eid and Ramadam alongside the BLM "protests" a couple of weeks ago, not observing the rules over ditancing. My grandmother used to say that you can't educate pork. Now I know what she means. True, but Soulsby has always been a bit of a Richard.
  8. Thanks WIL. We had a Senator Indiana before and had no such issues with battery drain on that. We do turn the power off at the SCB, but did know that the alarm system PIR's are still functional even then. I plan to have apanel fitted to drip feed the batter which should stop it running flat in such a short period of time.
  9. Morning all - in our (new to us caravan, we have an indicator on the panel which tells us what levels of power we're getting from different sources - battery, mains and solar. Thing is, I don't know if there's a solar panel on the 'van or not. I know that sounds daft if there's a panel indicator talking about it, but if there is one, then it doesn't trickle charge the battery as I've had to charge that up twice since we've had the 'van. I've since changed the battery as it clearly wasn't holding a charge - even over three weeks in storage and, no, there's nothing drawing electricity when it's in storage. If there's nothing that looks like a solar panel on the roof (there isn't on ours) how else could I find out? Any ideas?? Thanks, in advance.
  10. My m-i-l has one in her house - the tall thin fan thing - and that's very effective, and my wife told me I needed to get one for the caravan, so I guess we will be before we go away.
  11. Use the Puriclean to cleanse the aquaroll and pull it through the pipes in the caravan, Don't use milton either, because that can have a detrimental effect (I can't think of the right word here) on your water heater element. We use it every couple of months, though some may prefer to use it more frequently depending on how long the (fresh) water stands in your Aquaroll. Add the puriclean to the roll, and fill it, pull the water through into your caravan system - hot and cold - as you would normally and leave it to stand for a few hours (we leave ours overnight). Then drain it all down and pull clean water through the system to clear the solution out. You can then connect on site and fill your system as normal. Hth
  12. Well, we had *hoped* (in a very optimistic way, I guess) that we would be able to go to France at the end of June whilst facing the reality that it likely wouldn't happen, but Spain have just said that they'll start to welcome foreign visitors from the start of July which scuppers us as our ferry was to Bilbao, and France have said a 2 week quarantine on arrival in the country as well, so that's pushed ours aside. I suppose there's the faint possibility that the start of June will see domestic campsites re-opening, and that we'll be able to use those instead. I did say faint possibility...
  13. We've had that problem - my father (87) was admitted to hospital yesterday adn I've learned he's being treated for pneumonia, been tested for C-19, but not confirmed which, hopefully, it won't be. Mum's got Alzheimer's, so she was up every 30 minutes all night last night looking for her husband which is sweet, but knackering for anyone looking after them alone. I hate the idea of asking for a place in a home for her, even on a temporary basis, but I can't look after her and I'll be here, in splendid isolation at their house if he's confirmed. I can isolate at home by (seriously) using the garden room which is seperate form the house, but obviously can't leave her here alone. Talk about dilemmas! Any Powers of Attorney experts about, please??
  14. Fixed that for you BG. I do about 35k miles a year for, and it's usually the poeple who flash past at speeds of 80mph+, who pull into the smallest of gaps between two other vehicles or who change lanes late, or indiscriminately, who cause 80% of the incidents on motorways. Did you dad have a bike? Mine said the same.
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