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  1. Me too, sadly just bought a Volvo XC60 2014. In 3 months I had more problems with the volvo than I had with my pre-registered 5/6 Xtrail. I wish I had been able to get onother new 136bhp Xtrail. The only problem I had with the Xtrail was brake calipers. Very cheap to run. My son now runs the 5/6 Xtrail and does a 40 mile round trip to work every day, no problems. Just make sure you are within the towing weight limits and recommendations, enjoy. Fortyfoot
  2. I have gone with the C&CC at £150.33, when I called to cancel my renewal they dropped their price from £125 down to £107. The lady had an American accent!!!! Thanks for the replies.
  3. Chesil beach, fantastic for mackerel when I was there years ago. Caught a bucket full every session, took them back to the site and gave excess to other caravaners. A long way from Yorkshire but it was worth it at the time.
  4. As far as I can see they use RSA as underwriters, have a look here. The C&CC use Ageas, info here. I got a quote of £150 from C&CC for my van without naming security devices, I will check them out and get back to them and see if it improves their quote.
  5. I have been looking at new insurance, the cheaper quotes are USA companies or ones with poor reviews. I have just had a reasonable quote from the C&CC, you don't have to be a member, Underwriters are Ageas. Give them a ring, their website is a disaster! 08001244633152.
  6. Yes they are brokers, yesterday I saw their underwriters but have lost that info. It was a company I recognized. I will be checking later today.
  7. My existing provider is AmTrust, I am not happy about them. They go under cover4caravans, mine was through compare caravan insurance. CCI only gave me the one option this time, in the past I have been shown the cheapest. Frank Pickles is not far from me so I will look into them next as well as the failures yesterday. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Not getting very far, current provider AmTrust does not seem good, I have my car through Saga, tried them on the internet, they could not give a price, I have to ring them. Some one said C&CVC was good so I tried them, errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went back and the only error was that I had a space in the middle of my mobile number, none of the other error existed or applied. If they cannot get an application right, would they get a claim sorted? Their website is very very slow! I have had enough today, I will look at Frank Pickles tomorrow, their office is not far away.
  9. It's market value I am looking for, it seems to be about £10,000. I have just used Compare the market and got the following quotes. Next I will check out the quoted companies and ask my existing insurer, AmTrust Europe, for a quote on £10,000.
  10. I have just got my renewal notice, its £125 for next year. My van is a 2012 Coachman pastiche, is this price reasonable? Thanks.
  11. Mine is 2014, I updated last November. I must admit that I find google maps is better for diverting to quicker routes. My last car was an Xtrail and my phone sat neatly against the speedo without obstructing it. Overgrown hedges are also a problem in Yorkshire!
  12. Most speed limits are fine, in mph. There is so much to learn on these cars, mine is 2014, newer one have more features. I am told that newer cars use Google Maps instead thank goodness.
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