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  1. I have been looking for some toilet fluid and found that lots of places are only selling on line. I called in at Kenmore in Mirfield, not far from J25 M62 and found that they were selling their own brand of fluid. A good price of £8.99 for % litres! Fortyfoot
  2. The Yorkshire Coastliner bus stops here, starts in Leeds and goes to Whitby and Scarborugh where you can go on to Filey and Bridlington. The route passes through Tadcaster, the home of Sam Smiths brewery, beer about £2 a pint, superb. A great service.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I'll stick to the separate one, a bit inconvenient but straight forward. Fortyfoot
  4. Has any one got suggestions for tv with PVR please? Thanks
  5. https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/eat-out-to-help-out/find-a-restaurant/?_ga=2.267452046.121548250.1595698840-1106325966.1577561606&fbclid=IwAR2-BQjzVacv0nuJVQJNJAYTgKPoyUspphKBdoEUwawjnlxHKnsKxwX8qso
  6. Hi there, has any member any advice to give on the CTEK monitoring, is it worth getting for the caravan battery, and if so is the blue tooth the one to buy? https://www.ctek.com/uk/products/car/ctx-battery-sense Thanks, Fortyfoot
  7. No wonder they are closing site for the rest of the year, I wanted a month at Boroughbridge, then found it was closed!!! My partner said it would be to repair the ladies WC which has been closed for at least two years. The not so friendly club. Fortyfoot
  8. Hi, I am looking to book some where this summer, no set dates. Is it possible to get an overview of available pitches like you can do on the Caravan Club site? Thanks, Fortyfoot
  9. Hi Pete, welcome, I am sure you will enjoy your time on here. We changed out van a couple of years ago and finally got one from HERE Not far from J25 M62 so should be handy for you from Stockport. They have a good selection of vans and I expect that the prices will be right at the moment without PX. Their after sales service was great. Sally is the boss, give her a ring. Good luck. Fortyfoot
  10. Do Sky and O2 allow you to use your phone as a portable hotspot? I am with EE, they do allow hotspot and tethering. I do not have a land line in my new home so I am considering using an unlimited data instead of WiFi. Are there any problems with this? Thanks, Fortyfoot
  11. Sky seems to be the one, thanks. Fortyfoot
  12. Hi there, I hope this is the right forum. This deal looks good as it rolls data over for upto 3 years. Any better ones? https://www.sky.com/shop/mobile/plans Fortyfoot
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/jacob-rees-moggs-investment-firm-21814351?fbclid=IwAR3GKdLryLGsSQFvrNeCqPGS_BmUBmuOSAo6wxYB2IfP2veKObyII5hVkoA
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