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  1. I wrote to the club on the 2nd of August, today I received a reply. Best ring next time. Fortyfoot
  2. Diesel only 129.9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rgCzmBUDvvhns7Ph6
  3. I have just received the following from the club/insurance co - Service@email.clubcareinsurance.co.uk I do not remember ringing them and cannot find any policy info but I have found my credit card payment to Vantage insurance, I am confused! Has any one else received a similar email? "We are contacting you about your Touring Caravan insurance policy with Club Care Insurance. Firstly, thank you for continuing to trust us with your insurance needs. We are committed to delivering the best service to our customers, which includes providing you with all the information you need at the time of purchase (or after a change is made) to ensure you can make the right decision. It has recently come to our attention that as part of your interaction with our contact centre, we did not provide you with or make you aware of certain information prior to your purchase. As you chose to purchase your policy over the telephone, we should have made you aware of the following: We only provide a summary of key policy information during the call to help you make the right choice in terms of cover, whilst ensuring you can make your purchase in a timely manner. As part of purchasing your policy over the phone, we should have checked to ensure that you were happy to proceed on the basis that full information would be provided following the sale. However, on occasions there is an indication that we may not have taken these steps. If you have purchased any optional extras during your time with us, you may not have been provided with key information relating to what is not covered by the policy as part of the telephone conversation. For example, there may be certain limitations of the cover we provide which may have influenced your decision to purchase. Whilst we recognise that we may not have provided the level of service expected, you would have received your policy document pack shortly after purchase, containing full details of the cover selected. In particular, the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) which outlines what is and isn't covered. Furthermore, as part of your policy document pack, we should have provided you with an overview of your demands and needs. This information, alongside your other policy documents, is designed to help provide comfort that the cover selected meets your requirements. Unfortunately, we did not provide you with this additional information at the time of purchase, therefore we have included it below for your reference. We trust that the cover you purchased meets your needs, however if you feel you have been disadvantaged at any point during your time on cover with us, such as in the event of a claim, then please call our contact centre within 28 days of this email on 01277 243077, or alternatively send an email to service@clubcareinsurance.com. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, and rest assured your insurance cover is valid and continues to provide appropriate cover for your needs. Yours sincerely, The Club Care Team" Fortyfoot
  4. Two of these blow up awning have exploded in adjacent units in the last two years. Poles for me.
  5. I switch off 240v plugs and all 12v if away for 1/2 hour or more.
  6. Derwentwater Camping and Caravanning club site up to the club's usual standards. Far better than the Caravan Club site at Ferry Meadows where we were a few weeks ago, it was a disgrace.
  7. I did a review on trip advisor, here is the link. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187045-d23162387-Reviews-Ferry_Meadows_Caravan_Club_Site-Peterborough_Cambridgeshire_England.html#REVIEWS Fortyfoot
  8. Thanks to the helpful members, just as I thought, saved quite a bit on phone calls also!!!!!!!
  9. Is Wi-Fi still free on ccc sites and charged on Caravan club sites? Thanks.
  10. https://youtu.be/6q8qUePvEHY The first pic is the usual turn in towards the site. The second is at the junction of Butcher Terrace and the main road, and the third is the other end of Butcher Terrace. I did not go to look, at a guess I think that they are still working on the new access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortyfoot
  11. I cancelled this afternoon and booked on a Camping club site. I regret leaving York this morning, I should have stayed on and stopped caravanners from going down Butchers Terrace. Fortyfoot
  12. Got a surprise this morning. We were in the vicinity of York today, so checked the route given above. We turned into Butcher Terrace, it was blocked off at the bottom and there was a sign directing traffic for Rowntree Park to go on the original route! These terraces are narrow and not suitable for a long outfit. We drove to the site down the original route but could not park as the parking area was roped off! I am going to cancel our visit as I cannot cope with the clubs negligence. Anyone who risks going should ring the site the day before the go.
  13. Thanks, don't have the app. It looks like the approach is now along the blue dotted line shown below. Fortyfoot
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