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  1. We liked this site, good chippy just up the road! https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-sites/england/north-east-england/tyne--wear/old-hartley-caravan-club-site/ Fortyfoot
  2. I finally made my mind up and got an XC60, 5D, 2014. I bought my previous car in 2007 and had no idea of the improvements there had been since then. I have plenty time to get used to the vehicle before we start caravaning again next year. I really appreciate the comments which I have received from you all, thanks. Fortyfoot
  3. Sorry, I know the logo, I did not notice that the name was missing John.
  4. Tesco also. Fortyfoot
  5. Thanks for the replies, the six months runs out at the start of the caravaning season for me, so I have considered the extra 6 months could be handy if any "towing" issues cropped up during the summer months. In six years time I expect my van will be on a seasonal site which I have looked at which has a bus stop at the gate, only an hours drive away from home! It's just over two hours on the bus. My partner's son runs a local repair garage and has has had numerous volvos over the years, so we will use him for servicing, we have Autoaid ( https://autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/ ) which I have use a few times and they are ok for me. Thanks again, Fortyfoot
  6. I have just got a 2014 XC60 with 60,000 mile with a 6 months Volvo Select warranty. Is it worth buying an extra 6 months for £200? Thanks, Fortyfoot
  7. I pick it up on Wednesday, this is the spare, don't know owt about them.
  8. I was once stuck on a flat grass camping field after helping my son pack his camping gear away. I waved him off, jumped into my S70 FWD auto, the wheels just spun! I have just got a VOLVO XC60 SE LUX NAV D5 AWD, 2400CC I am well impressed, especially with the extras, especially the adaptive cruise control and City Safety etc. I am not as young as I used to be and feel that the extras will be of benefit to me.
  9. You get a good discount on the entry price to the Yorvic with the club membership card. Entry ticket can be used again for up to 12 months. Fortyfoot
  10. Not bad up here, River Ouse at York is quite low. The bad rain was Sheffield area, the Ouse catchment area was not affected. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/8208 https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/8067 Fortyfoot
  11. You choose your own, then go back and tell them which pitch you have chosen. Be careful about lane selection on the last roundabout if approaching from the East! Good park and ride not far away. Fortyfoot
  12. I am still looking and learning. Today I found a price list for a car I am going to look at, XC60 (215) SE LUX AWD AUTO priced at £15,995.00 with 72,000 on the clock. It's much easier now for me to follow the prices and specs. https://assets.volvocars.com/en/~/media/united-kingdom/documents/pricelists/my14/volvo-xc60-pricelist.pdf?la=en-gb I hope this helps some one. Fortyfoot
  13. Thanks, I have liked the "70" shape for many years, It's high on my list. I have noticed "stop/starts" on some models, I presume these are the ones which switch of when stationary? I had not realized that cheaper road tax was available on some cars including this one, better mpg also. Fortyfoot
  14. Thanks Ern, when I take my van to the storeage site I have to park on quite a slope and the clutch smells when I get through the entry gate. That's why I am interested in views about the geartronic and how it works. In the detail it says the middle one is 5 cylinders. Fortyfoot
  15. Hi there, I have been looking round for a while and have seen three cars that have interested me, details below. Any comments on these will be appreciated. I bought my existing Xtrail in 2007 and have not kept up to date with changes in cars. I have had a few Volvos in the past and really like my last one which was an auto. How does the geartronic work? Is it better for towing than the manual? The first one has a tow bar. https://www.dyrdalsgarageyork.co.uk/used-cars/volvo-xc70-2-4-d5-se-lux-geartronic-awd-5dr-york-201910042968271 https://www.dyrdalsgarageyork.co.uk/used-cars/volvo-xc70-2-4-d5-se-geartronic-awd-5dr-york-201909182368426 https://www.jct600.co.uk/used-cars/volvo-xc60-d4-se-lux-nav-awd-estate-twilight-bronze-metallic-automatic-diesel/id-125496260/ Thanks, Fortyfoot
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