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  1. eCall; found the info, in deployment of an airbag or impact sensor info, the emergency services are called automatically "if not overridden by the occupants within a short timeframe of the incident," or can be activated manually. https://ec.europa.EU/digital-single-market/en/ecall-time-saved-lives-saved It should have been rolled out in all EU countries on new vehicles by April 2018, not sure why it hasn't been!
  2. We have what3words IOS app which I think is brilliant, but what happened to eCall which was going to be rolled out in 2018 to all new vehicles? Looks like only the top of the range vehicles have it fitted as standard and only a few car manufactures have it as an option!
  3. As per the above post; If you already have 12v spots fitted to your Bailey you could swap them for these dimmable led spots with 2A USB outlet, they are what Bailey fit. I retro fitted them as it saves running extra wires. The price from Baileys is well over the top at £38. 99 (Now Prima Leisure) https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1010271 Or exactly the same unit (MENSA 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight with switch and USB port) from an alternative supplier at £14.24 = £4.99 p&p https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/electric/12v-appliances/12-v-appliances/switched-led-spotlight-with-usb-12-volt
  4. We have had a wood burners for the past 20 years (we have a 6kw Clearview at the moment) We only burn clean dry wood, we have a skip hire place about ½ a mile away and take all there clean dry timber and pallets, we have never bought any wood. We don’t have any piped gas in our area of Cornwall (the North Sea gas pipeline wasn’t long enough) so the other alternatives for heating that we looked at were an oil-fired boiler or electric heating, due to the running costs we have stuck with our wood burner. As said in posts above burning clean dry wood is carbon neutral, but obviously it re-emits it’s CO2 when left to decay in atmosphere or burnt, in fact one of the UK’s Power Stations (Drax) is the largest single UK polluter of CO2. It also has one of the largest carbon footprint trails globally. The fuel it uses is wood pellets (biomass) that come from the state of Virginia USA where the trees are felled, the cut timber is then transported by road to a processing plant to be pulverised into wood pellets, then by train to the Port of Norfolk in Virginia, then by ship to the Port of Immingham, then by rail into Drax Yorkshire (a journey 5,000 miles plus). This multibillion-pound industry is run by private companies, it’s also a policy that is costing UK taxpayers more than £700 million per year through a levy on their electricity bills to assist the fueling. How carbon neutral is that? I am sticking with my wood burner.
  5. If we ever give back Gibraltar then it may give them thought or consideration of giving back some Spanish territories, either way it's very unlikely to happen. Not sure how the B word will affect Gib as its quite unusual that they were never part of the EU customs union, they are a British Overseas Territory and always had a manned soft checkpoint border, however when it suits Spain they can make it hard and stop/search/check everything coming out. I know Spain can't veto any proposed exit deal but they will make some very strong and influential remarks regarding Gib for a no deal and this will have far more weight than any Irish border (backstop) problem, it will be late in the day but this issue between UK/Gib and Spain will hit the exit fan very hard.
  6. If you already have 12v spots fitted you could swap them for these dimmable led spots with 2A USB outlet, they are what Bailey fit. I retro fitted them as it saves running extra wires. The price from Baileys is well over the top at £38. 99 (Now Prima Leisure) https://www. primaleisure. com/product/1010271 Or exactly the same unit (MENSA 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight with switch and USB port) from an alternative supplier at £17. 88 https://www. halesowencaravancentre. com/mensa-1-smd-dimming-ledspotlight-with-usb-port-12208-p. asp
  7. You need a recorder like a set top box with a HDD, plug the firestick into the recorder and record your movie to your set top box while streaming from your firestick, then download from your top box HDD to a memory stick or some form of USB mass storage device. We have a Sony recorder and I have to convert the downloaded file on my PC to MP4 to play it in the vans TV.
  8. You can only stream on the Firestick, as above streaming video is very data hungry on your 4G device. If you are on a site with decent WiFi you have a chance with the stick. If your TV has a USB port you could download at home what movies you want to watch onto a USB stick and watch anytime on your caravan TV with no worries about 4G of WiFi
  9. I have always used Vaseline, if you insert the bare wires into the connections and tighten them up dry, them apply Vaseline to all the open/bare conductive surfaces it keeps the moisture out, prevents verdigris and stops the conductor screws rusting in place. Some say you should only use dielectric grease as there may be some cross conductivity with Vaseline but lots of tests have been done to prove otherwise.
  10. Just remember you married Mrs Right, but it was only when you were married you realised her first name was Always !!!
  11. We know the Mazda Bongo place in Cornwall well, they bring them in by the batch load from Japan, some dealers even sell the units before they are shipped back to the UK. A friend of ours has bought 2 from them over the years but has now gone back to a VW Transporter. I have done a few jobs on both of his old Bongo's, and both suffered from underbody corrosion after a couple of years, both also ended up with rusty rear wheel arches, he also commented on poor MPG Both were 2. 4 diesel auto 4WD's and it's the same power unit as the 2. 4 Shogun Sport.
  12. We have had a few vans over the years, all on Al-Ko chassis and all have been composite so the end user (van manufacturer) can adjust the lengths within a range to suite the van length/axle pivot point. A one piece chassis will be a great weight saver as you will have no overlapping of the sections, just had a look on the Al-Ko site and it still shows the std composite lightweight chassis. Would be interesting to see a link or image of the new one piece design.
  13. We have been canoeing for a number of years, we used to have an old Pelican Canadian canoe but it was getting a tad too heavy to get on the roof rack, so a couple of years ago we treated ourselves to an aluminium one for ease of lifting on the roof rack. We have also tried inflatable canoes (Sevylor) but found they don’t track very well and you waste a lot of energy trying to keep the canoe going in a straight line, I even made a larger plastic keel plate but it made very little difference. Our aluminium Canadian canoe is very easy to paddle and tracks very well, but like all canoes can suffer from being influenced by wind, however we only go out in calm conditions. We generally do rivers and estuaries in and around Devon/Cornwall and I can recommend Kingsbridge to Salcome and return using the tides up and back, however we now cheat a tad as I have made a detachable aluminium outboard bracket and have an extremely light Suzuki 2. 2hp outboard motor for when we are feeling lazy. Not sure about any canoe clubs, licences or the like, we have never bothered and never been asked and the same with our dingy, but we do have a 5. 5m RIB and both of us have our BSAC powerboat, Level 2 powerboat, Safety boat, VHF licence, Day skipper, insurance and all the other stuff that goes with it. The image is last Easter hauled out at Salcome while we have some lunch.
  14. Thanks for your feedback, we will give it a miss, it takes us an hour to get out of Cornwall, than another hour up to Exeter, so a 4 hr round trip for us. I think we will save ourselves for the NEC trip in February.
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