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  1. We have a Pegasus Genoa, similar issue, psu not charging the battery, did not know at the time about the in line fuse, but got the info about it from this forum. Eventually found it taped to the loom behind the heater, had to dismantle a lot of stuff to get to it. On our model Genoa the loom is about 1.5 meters too long and the excess is coiled under the battery box behind the heater (l think the loom does more than one model of van) l have moved the loom routing so the in line fuse is easy to see and get to and now has a spare fuse taped to it as well.
  2. Both Judy and l are in our late 60’s, hopefully both healthy, but will be having the vaccine; absolutely yes we will. We know we have a duty to the rest of the uk to do anything we can to save lives and stop the spread of this horrible pandemic. I know it will take years for our country to recover and we can never bring back our loved ones who have lost their lives to COVID, but the sooner we all get the jab the better; it’s the only way that it will end.
  3. We had exactly the same issue on our Bailey Pegasus Genoa some years back. Thanks to the help from this forum I eventually found the fuse taped to the loom behind the fire. The loom is about 1.5m too long so it's coiled up in the void behind the fire, obviously a generic loom that will fit more than one model. I emailed Bailey for a wiring diagram, the response was if we had any electrical issues to get a qualified/certified electrician to look (we obviously didn't get a wiring diagram from them either) I re-mounted the fuse next to the PSU in full view
  4. A guy in work has just had windows and a rock-n-roll? fitted to his T5 VW (I thinks it means a type of seat that folds into a bed) He did it to change the vehicle type from a van to a camper, as he got 2 speeding tickets last year for not keeping to the 10 mph less than the national speed limit, once on an unrestricted road and the last one on a dual carriageway. He said after always driving cars it's was too easy to forget and just drive at the same speed as the traffic flow. He says it wasn't cheap but it's added value to the vehicle plus reduced the chance of anothe
  5. We have been using our Kampa Limpets for a couple of years with our Kampa air awning, we also use the poles, when you are on a windy site the poles plus the limpets make a better seal. Never had an issue marking the paintwork on our Bailey Genoa, but you have to be selective where you place the limpets as they don't seal on the Genoa decal artwork as it's not a smooth finish. I had to make a couple of extra holes to miss the decals, I made the holes with a soldering iron as it also seals the edges of the holes to prevent fraying of the material. We haven't broke any yet, but then w
  6. The dark paint on the underside still allows water to soak in, if you look around the wheel wells after towing in the rain the water soaks into the wood, however it soon dries out. Not sure if you paint the underside you might trap damp on the inner layers of the floor or stop it drying out if water does get in. We treat all our exterior timber Sadolin wood shield, not the cheapest paint on the market but gives good long protection and goes on well, however never tried on the underside of the van!
  7. In the UK we have no law on the age of tyres on road going vehicles, however there is a government consultation running at the moment which is looking to put a max age limit of 10 years on tyres. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/812495/older-tyres-consultation-document.pdf The reason I was interested is I have a 1961 BSA Star and the front tyre is 22 years young (I have the receipt for its purchase) It went for it's MOT in November last year and passed, after it had been done (not before) I asked the MOT gu
  8. During lock down we have been doing our normal walks along the SW coastal paths, we vary the sections between Praa Sands and Mullion and before this Saturday normally have had the place to ourselves, apart from 2 camper-vans who have been parking overnight at the NT car park at Berepper near Loe Bar, saying that there was no rubbish left in and around the car park and they weren't bothering anybody. On Sunday we did the same walk, litter everywhere (I would like to make the excuse that it had blown out of the bins but unfortunately it had not) However now we have to contend with f
  9. Midge's; I remember them well, many many years ago we went for a weeks diving on the Kyle of Lochalsh, to dive the wreck of the Port Napier, we stayed at a campsite behind The Balmacara Hotel. First couple of days it lashed it down with rain so we were oblivious of any midge's, also as we were out on the Loch most of days with dry suits on. Then the sun came out "wow" never seen anything like it, how can something so small create such aggravation, the only rest bite was when you were away from the shore in the boat, in the evenings we showered and went straight to the
  10. oBoth my better half and myself are on that £6 per month deal, I have had the sim deal for about 9 months and the better half about 2 weeks. We were both on EE 24 month contracts which included the phone purchase, when contracts ended we swapped to the Sky deal. Coverage for our area is good , Sky use O2 as their carrier. Where I work is a very poor reception area for all networks, but you can use Wi-Fi calling with Sky if you have no cell signal but you have internet access. Not all providers have this. It was a bit of a faf to transfer your old
  11. Looks like it's not just Cornwall where our bins are overflowing. What a sorrowful situation. Posted on the 27th May from Plastic Free North Devon It seems common sense doesnt prevail In MANY cases. Taking your rubbish home with you when there are no bins to actually place your litter is pretty self explanatory too most but not to ALL. TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME WITH YOU BEFORE THE SEAGULLS TEAR IT APART AND YOUR PLASTIC ENDS UP IN THE OCEAN FOR SOME OTHER MORE THOUGHTFUL HUMAN TO PICK IT Up LATER OR MARINE LIFE SWALLOW IT. Be responsible - take a
  12. As per the post above; That's normal, the laminated layer is a ply sandwich of wood-foam insulation-wood, the black finish is some form of wood treatment, probably not so effective over the years. If you look on the underside of the van around the wheel arches after you have been towing in the rain soaks into the wood and it gets quite wet, however it dries very quickly. There are some manufactures that are using a composite material for the floor (Swift) also some manufactures have done away with wooden timbers in-between the outer and inner skins (Bailey's Alu-Tech)
  13. At the moment, well here in Cornwall anyway; we don't have enough staff to clean and maintain the toilets as they will need to be disinfected after each use, also staff shortages due to furlough. Cornwall Council are still looking at ways to implement the 2m social distance rule when some of the toilet facilities are so small, so they may need extra staff to monitor the one out and one in policy. There is not enough guidelines, staffing, infrastructure or money for it to happen quickly. Even the bins are overflowing with rubbish at the closed car parks for the same reason. We are not ready fo
  14. Hack out what damage you can without overwhelming yourself, cut and plane new timbers (treated timber would be best if you think water ingress may still be an issue) Fit them in with a waterproof bonding glue (the likes of No More Nails) Cut and fit foam insulation to fill all the voids between inner and outer skins. Re-ft your outer skin sealing the joints with good quality sealant (the likes of Sikaflex) Re-skin the inside with something like PVC sheet, again bonding it in place with a waterproof glue, use PVC edging and corner trim to cover the internal joins so I looks tidy. Ge
  15. Dental floss also cuts through the double sided tape for removal of the number plates, it also works well on stick on car badges without doing any damage to the paintwork or badge; if you need to remove them for spraying or the like.
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