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  1. Thanks for the replies ..I’ve now ruled out the 2018’s due to the bed .
  2. Thanks for the info that’s just what I needed . My dealer has a 2018 Cartagena but can see by the photos has the early pop up bed ...shame but also has a new 2019 one (no photos ) but that hopefully would have the pull out version . I need to get to the dealer over the weekend to have a proper look .
  3. Im possible thinking of changing my U4 Valencia to a twin axle U4 but need to get in some to be sure . Am I right in thinking the 2019 U4 Cartagena had a different bed to the 2018 model ? Have seen some for sale with a square end mattress and the half moon part you put at the bottom , and what I think maybe 2019 models with a rounded end mattress with a square part you drop in the head end . Is it that the 2019 has a slide out bed and the 2018 a pop up end ? and does anyone know if this make and difference to walking around the bed in night mode ? The Pamplona and Barcelona don’t seem to differ when looking online at new 2019 and 2018 years . Any info or thoughts appreciated cb.
  4. Looks good ...personally I hate the dark wheels but they could easily be sprayed silver . Doors taken off front little cubbies 🤔shame we keep wine/beer glasses in there and things that you wouldn’t want spilling out whilst on the move . But then you can’t have it all !
  5. Mines worrying close but my dealers supposedly checked it on the first service and it was ok . I keep checking for tyre rub and to be honest can’t believe it doesn’t ! Hopefully it’ll stay where it is and not get any lower.
  6. I’ve just seen a new Phoenix at a site we are currently on and wow !..... What a massive wheel arch clearance they have compared to my U4 . It’s so big I don’t think it would ever cause a issue even if the axle did fail !!
  7. My S4 Valencia was shocking when in traffic and when coming into sites it’s embarrassing !! Told dealer on 1st service said would do the “Alko fix “ on the way home about 45 miles squeak was back ! Not done anymore about it yet .
  8. On collection I had our front panel gaps sealed for aesthetics as I thought it looked poor and unfinished . Also one gap was slightly more than the other and unsealed its more obvious . Have you noticed that the Phoenix has a nice trim to cover up the gap ! One of the downsides to buying a new model early owners are the product testers to see what fails and falls off ! The GT70 would of been a good one I recon last of the line with most production issues ironed out maybe .
  9. Endeeo you are correct ! just had a email from Bailey saying it’s a hairline GRP crack that won’t cause water ingress and can be done at my retailer or Bailey can send mobile guy out . Cheers all .
  10. Sorted ! Thanks for all the quick reply’s . It was ice on the inside catch ! The handle was absolutely solid and I thought well that’s it no way of getting into that . But jiggling back and forward and it just popped open without using the handle . Then I saw the ice stopping the catch from moving . Possible condensation build up that had frozen . In future I’ll make sure that catch is bone dry . Thanks again .
  11. Didn’t know it had one ! How does that work ?Going to shoot home from work in a bit to see if I can sort it .
  12. Anyone had the door stuck closed ? Wife just phoned me to say handle is solid and won’t move ! Supposed to be going away tonight 🤬Picture below of the fridge model .
  13. That sounds good . I hope mine is like that! thanks for posting 👍
  14. If it is just surface cracking then that would be a relief .
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