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  1. I’d use Black Horse if we change the protection it gives you is worth it imo. They put the fear of god up the dealers if things go really bad with your new van. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s very impressive !
  2. I’m pretty sure mine is sealed it’s got it’s full cover on at the moment so I can’t check . I don’t think I’d be happy if water was sitting in it and I’m sure I would of noticed if it was . I’ve completely re sealed my rear bumper back on properly as the factory do a useless job! Photo of mine I found I think you can just about see sealer in the centre of the strip squishing out ?
  3. We have 2 vans both are the Kombi type with windows and rear seats a 2007 VW T5 tdi 4 motion manual and a 2019 Transit custom limited dciv auto . Both tow our Unicorn Valencia well but the VW can tow more and feels more stable . They are brilliant for a active family and brilliant for camping or Caravanning . I often think of going back to a car but it would need to be something big like a Q7 or Range Rover just to get all the stuff in without overloading the caravan .
  4. cb300

    BMW X5

    Even my old 2006 X5 3.0 D Sport was fantastic at towing .
  5. Dealers are in too strong of position to get a decent deal atm . Local dealer openly told me he has 3k mark up on every px 😳 when I asked how much mine is worth .
  6. I had a problem with mine when it was relatively new it would start then stop after about 10ft . Phoned Powertoutch up and spoke to a chap that sounded like a proper engineer he new exactly what to check it was loose connection my dealer hadn’t tightened! I remember thinking wow a phone diagnosis..he knows his stuff !
  7. As we’re probably going to keep our U4 Valencia now due to Swift beds being minuscule,Covid situation and me thinking It’s better the devil you know . It got me thinking maybe we could update the graphics as the U4 ones to me seem to of aged in style very quickly.I wonder if a vehicle sign company could make me some Alicanto look a likes ! It would be substantially cheaper than Bailey decals from Prima ( started looking at Black Edition Valencia decals £££££😳)but prefer the gold colour and style of the Alicanto .I could also have Unicorn on them rather than Alicanto wording .The Mrs has to o
  8. I had a Q7 V8 4.2 tdi for a bit the power was amazing but i found it wasn’t easy or relaxing to drive .The throttle response was so instant it was hard to pull away smoothly ,once it accelerated away so quickly from a junction the caravan hitch extended violently and the handbrake flew on ! it was a bit of a animal . It also felt very wide on the road maybe because you sit lower than other 4x4’s? The 3.0 V6 tdi is probably more than enough power and better on fuel . Discovery ? .....not sure I’m brave enough to own a JLR product !
  9. If I was to change my van again I would definitely look some finance with Black Horse its worth it’s weight in gold if you have warranty/dealer issues . A family member had issues with a brand new 65k Motorhome after months and months of heartache and hassle one phone call to Black Horse and van collected ,money refunded with compensation all in about 3 weeks .Low rates are fine if your purchase is fault free and your dealer is perfect.
  10. They definitely did mark the paintwork on our old Swift (alloy sides) with my Kampa 390 so I stopped using them .I’ve never used them on my current Bailey but that has GRP sides so maybe they wouldn’t , also I don’t need to as we’ve now got the Kampa Frontier ..no wind or rain can get down the sides.
  11. Ah never thought about the rain getting down inside the bumpers ! It would normally as the ends are open and not sealed ( unfinished In my opinion) I’ve also sealed the front bumper joints from day one again as it looks unfinished so maybe that’s why my floor stays dry . I was away on site this weekend and we had some heavy rain ! I did notice water can get onto the floor edges from the awning skirt rails ,mine are not sealed against the body so maybe I’ll seal these as well. Maybe Bailey should market their caravans as part built and you finish them off at home ..a bit like a kit car .
  12. My U4 Valencia is 60 psi on the driveway but goes up to 70psi and 45oC on a journey that’s according to the Tyre Pal display. Both wheels are fairly equal in pressure and temperatures .Anyone else have any Tyre Pal readings ?
  13. We started with a Kampa 390 air that was great I do remember it dripped from a seam the first time I used it in the rain but it stopped and never leaked again after it dried out. Have now got a Kampa Frontier 300 that’s huge and I can still put it up single handed . Also have a Sunncamp swift Air 260 for a quick weekend awning very good for the money .Wouldn’t even entertain a pole awning our first caravan came with one never saw the light of day went straight into the loft until we sold that van .
  14. BMW X5 all the way ......or if you have to go Landrover the full fat Discovery.... but still in manufacturers warranty !
  15. Bailey just need to use a GRP floor I can’t understand why they haven’t .I’m sure all the Swift models have it even Sprites have a GRP skin underneath . I suppose the 30k Alicanto range has still got the plywood floor 🙄
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