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  1. Did you get a kit to remap or professional job. Local firm BHP want £299 to remap mine. Was it worth it? Can you tell the difference? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I tow with a Mondeo 2.0 D 138 BHP 2013, 45000 miles fsh etc etc. Tow a Sterling sport 554. Do high mileage cars make good tow cars or are they past there sell by date. Do you tow with 4x4, SUV, Van, estate, saloon. etc Just curious, thanks
  3. Thanks, I’ve never had a van with it on. so you recommend buying a new light and wire and trying that which fastens onto A frame. Thanks I’ve never had a van with ATC on so a bit green, I’ll buy a new LED and fit and see if that works when I get back on the road.
  4. Why would the light out or broken affect the operation of the ATC? If it’s engaging then disengaging I can’t see it just doing an operation test! It’s not working in my opinion. Replacing a bulb or LED surely won’t fix it? Yes thanks read up about these failing. But why would it affect the operation of the ATC itself?
  5. Hi all plugged lead into van on Sunday just to check everything was working ( van on garden) I got underneath and my wife plugged lead in and out. ATC seems to adjust and engage then immediately dis engage. No green light at front on a frame. Had van since January first time looking underneath to see what was actually happening. Anyone else having or had this problem? What was the diagnosis as I will get it fixed if fixable thanks in advance
  6. Out of around 8 led bulbs on upper brake light on a sterling van two are not working can I replace individual bulbs, or does it come as a unit? Hella makes the unit! thanks all
  7. Well we sold our old van before Christmas and now own a Eccles sport lovely van bought private. The owner showed me the upper doors they all have plastic catches he mentioned they work ok in summer or when van is heated. Our old van had mag catches on brilliant. I gather they fit these because cheaper and lighter. anyone have same problems and is there a solution, tried WD40! thanks all.
  8. ged600

    BMW318 touring

    What van did you tow with the 318? Wow 335 is that the 3.5 litre? I can't afford to own and run that one. A lot of info to take in!! I would be going for a 2011 to 2013 model. I have the 138 bhp model and tow around 1400 kgs it tows great with 4 in car plus 2 dogs. Upgrading to a fresh van next year. I find the Mondeo too big it's great in the summer when towing but winter it's a drag and it's our only car.
  9. Hi all currently have a Mondeo 2.0 D, Thinking of changing in new year to a BMW 318D estate. I love the look and most are automatic which is what I want. Anyone on here tow with one? Which model and year? Ive looked at a few and they get great reviews.
  10. Well after all the comments I decided to get a mobile engineer out, he removed and cleaned the unit all working now. £75 cost! thanks all
  11. If I get around £2000 for mine anything up to £9000.
  12. Well after a couple of years with our 20 year old Abbey Vogue we are upgrading next year but to what? We want a fixed bed, I tow with a Mondeo so don't want to go over 1500KG MTPLM, 2008 or newer. Baileys are light but are they rubbish build? Swift are a bit heavy but are they quality? We are selling ours private and would like to purchase private. Any suggestions?
  13. Was there any need for the comments, I have disconnected the gas. It will be electrical which powers the ignition. why pay £200 for a cooker that is worth a lot less.
  14. Hi all, I have a Stoves cooker fitted in the van and the ignition works now and again and now the grill I have to hold the nob in until the grill heats up and then let go very slowly. I have looked for pdf files online but no joy. I don't think it's the same Stoves as based in Telford this one is Liverpool. I'd like to fix it myself over the winter as I'm pretty practical. Any help or advise much appreciated.
  15. Hi thanks for the feedback. I was running at 80 kg nose weight pulling a 1340kg MPTLM van with a Mondeo 2.0D at the front. Yes more of a swaying than snaking but I find large wheel trailers worse than small wheeled trailers. I'll clean the ball and friction pads at weekend and see if that helps as advised in a previous post. I drive HGV'S for a living and tend to keep an eye on vanners when passing me.
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