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  1. Please see my post from yesterday thanks They offered to put it on a dyno at no extra cost but after viewing the dash cam footage lost confidence in the company. Can you recommend these tuners in Yorkshire?
  2. Well after viewing my dash cam footage and seeing it took two technicians all of 30 minutes to remap with a 5 minute test drive. They stated they wanted it all day it was there 5 hours. Towed to Wales last weekend couldn’t tell any difference in torque or power with car un hitched, I did notice the fuel consumption terrible. They state it improves fuel, power ,and torque. Anyway got it reverted back and a refund, so no need to inform my insurance after all. Again it didn’t work on my Mondeo but it may work on other cars. Next time we part exchange I’ll get a motor with more power and torq
  3. Thanks, who’s going to prove I didn’t buy it with it in? I have had 41 years accident free, I don’t expect to have a visit from the insurance police in the near future😊
  4. Thanks for the information I need to make the gap smaller, the tool in the link looks like it widens the rail?
  5. It pulls in 6th at 57 mph at @ 1.5 thousand revs, hills and starts from stops it don’t like. If I don’t like it they do a 30 day exchange with money back, company gets great reviews and my Son has a fiesta ST loves it. The remap does not show anywhere so I will not be telling my insurance any excuse to put the price up. Diesel, clutches last ages on Mondeo mark 4, I hope. Up rating the brakes F & R to Brembo.
  6. Well after my son got his Fiesta remapped with great results I’ve booked my Mondeo in with BHP in Burnley. 138 BHP to 176 BHP torque up to 420nm. Towing to Wales next weekend so let you know how it performs. Just towed back from Cornwall with 4 in car + 2 dogs, didn’t struggle but didn’t like 6 th gear.
  7. Hi all just come back from holiday and our first time in a newly purchased used caravan from a private sale back in January. We got everything with the van including an air awning & awning puller tool. when used the awning seems to come out of the rail as if the gap is not uniform all the way along and near the top back of the van awning rail is mis shaped. I didn’t use the puller as I think that is what as damaged the rail. Is there a tool to straighten or make the gap smaller so the awning goes in but doesn’t come out? thanks
  8. Thanks for all the remedies I had to take the top off and clean the float it was clogged up. Not a pleasant job but all working now.😊
  9. Thanks all, I’ll take it out tomorrow and post back.
  10. Hi all, Thetford C260 toilet red light came on after emptying tank instructions say needs emptying but tank empty? never done that before. Checked wiring seems ok. Bottom of compartment full of water? Dried out re fitted but light still on?
  11. Did you get a kit to remap or professional job. Local firm BHP want £299 to remap mine. Was it worth it? Can you tell the difference? Thanks
  12. Hi all, I tow with a Mondeo 2.0 D 138 BHP 2013, 45000 miles fsh etc etc. Tow a Sterling sport 554. Do high mileage cars make good tow cars or are they past there sell by date. Do you tow with 4x4, SUV, Van, estate, saloon. etc Just curious, thanks
  13. Thanks, I’ve never had a van with it on. so you recommend buying a new light and wire and trying that which fastens onto A frame. Thanks I’ve never had a van with ATC on so a bit green, I’ll buy a new LED and fit and see if that works when I get back on the road.
  14. Why would the light out or broken affect the operation of the ATC? If it’s engaging then disengaging I can’t see it just doing an operation test! It’s not working in my opinion. Replacing a bulb or LED surely won’t fix it? Yes thanks read up about these failing. But why would it affect the operation of the ATC itself?
  15. Hi all plugged lead into van on Sunday just to check everything was working ( van on garden) I got underneath and my wife plugged lead in and out. ATC seems to adjust and engage then immediately dis engage. No green light at front on a frame. Had van since January first time looking underneath to see what was actually happening. Anyone else having or had this problem? What was the diagnosis as I will get it fixed if fixable thanks in advance
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