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  1. Got them cleaned the front hinged one was easy the push up ones are a nightmare they’re in two halves and are screwed together didn’t fancy tackling those so just cleaned around the edges.
  2. Cheers I was going to lie on the roof on a piece of hardboard.
  3. Ok thanks Only 76 kg 🤣🤣
  4. I have three roof vents on the roof of my caravan. One at the front one at the back in the bathroom and one in the middle. Two are the spring up type and one is a hinge type. They all have green stuff like algie on them. Very difficult to clean from inside would my roof be strong enough to support me to clean in and around them? 2014 Sterling Eccles van. Or has anyone taken them off to clean on a dry day of course. any advice much appreciated!
  5. Hi again I disconnected both in and out connections on the panel regulator so the panel connection was the only one received voltage if any. The day was bright but not sunny we don’t get much sun up north. My van is going in for a handbrake problem in June I’ve asked them to test the panel and regulator as well. Thanks for all the advice and input 😊😊
  6. Hi yes I tested the one directly from panel, b & c won’t have voltage as I disconnected before testing. I tested all connections ab&c I really think it’s had it?
  7. Hi again folks, got hold of a meter, from the panel to the first connection I’m getting 0.79v see photo this is with the regulator disconnected as per Sargent drawing. The other two connections is reading 00.0 no regulator connection. The panel can produce 1.2A +/- 5%, test done with heavy rain outside! please advise. Sorry reading 0.09 not 0.79!!!!
  8. I cleaned it today as there was green algie on it. Sorry to hear about your friend
  9. Thanks I’ll see if I can borrow one or buy one if not too expensive.
  10. Hi popped on today checked A B C connection manually without a voltage meter don’t have one. All connections seem fine as in connected tightly. Does anyone know whether they are prone to failing?
  11. Yes that’s the one, one connector I can see and it looks together the other end will be behind a panel to go up the roof I gather? Thanks Not great on drawings but that looks like a 20 A fuse between battery and the first connector. I’ll pop on tomorrow and check them thanks
  12. Hi there we have a factory fitted solar panel on our Sterling Eccles van. The name is Sargent. It’s always had a light on on the control panel inside a cupboard, either green or red. There’s no light? I’ve read the leaflet which came from the manufacturer. It states it will fast charge or trickle charge. The reason I think it’s not working is when we came to the van in March after a 7 month lay up(Covid) the battery was almost flat? I emailed Sargent over two weeks ago for advice but no reply! Is there a fuse or circuit breaker? Thanks.
  13. Hi there, I took the door off rubbed it down to the plastic finish used grey primer 3 coats, gloss grey 2 coats laquer 2 coats. car spray can paint took a photo of the locker door then showed that to local car shop, good match. its not perfect but better than it was before. If you’re not confident of a DIY job take it to a local sprayer. hope that helps.
  14. Hi It’s a 2014 Sterling Eccles sport 554. I don’t know the difference but where the outer shell on the back panel has broke off the material underneath is like filler foam? They are all quotes from recommendations on here and are NCC approved. I think it will be over 1K as labour and sundries is £804 not including panel.
  15. I’ll have a search but not many near me. The three quotes all state that if it’s patched and not replaced with the movement of the caravan the repair won’t last? I’m no expert so who do I believe? My excess is £75 ! thanks
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