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  1. Hi thanks for the feedback. I was running at 80 kg nose weight pulling a 1340kg MPTLM van with a Mondeo 2.0D at the front. Yes more of a swaying than snaking but I find large wheel trailers worse than small wheeled trailers. I'll clean the ball and friction pads at weekend and see if that helps as advised in a previous post. I drive HGV'S for a living and tend to keep an eye on vanners when passing me.
  2. Hi it's a factory fitted tow ball Bosal one, underneath it's stamped on max load 90kg?
  3. Hi all, Loaded the van differently as we were getting a lot of snaking when passing or being passed by HGV'S even with Al-Ko hitch with good pads. Put more load on tow bar as recommended 90kg, plus loaded van forward of axle and over axle. I'm now getting a creaking noise when turning slowly and setting off from stop. Any suggestions please.
  4. Off to France/Belgium with Car and van in a couple of months, I have a tom tom start 25 with Europe maps installed. My question is what do you input for a destination as postcodes in these countries are more areas than individual places. Anybody any experience of driving in these countries with a sat nav device? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the info. Could be a fault in the windows or just age? When did you get the window and if you don't mind how much did eeco charge for replacement and repair?
  6. Yes ring them a few times a year never got any. thanks for the link though
  7. Hi all, I've been searching for nearly 8 months for some replacement windows. One is cracked, the other is de laminating I've been searching e bay, gumtree, various caravan breakers. I've been searching for abbey windows only, but swift bought Abbey in 1990 do you think all manufacturers back then used the same company for their window supplies?
  8. My wife and I have recently returned to vanning after a 20 year break, we did camping from 2008 to last year sold the tent and bought a bigger car and a used touring caravan. We have been away around 7 weekends mainly Yorkshire and the Lakes. Most vanners are helpful and friendly but I find the ones with new cars and newish vans tend to ignore a greeting like "good morning" or "how's it going". Is this because we have an oldish van, and don't fit in with the Jones ?? When we were camping everyone on the field or site were friendly. Anyone else experienced this?
  9. Hi John, Where would the ignter be situated on the cooker as I am quite a dab hand at fixing things.
  10. Tried to open the centre roof vent while away at the weekend, both plastic shafts which elevate the vent broke straight away. Managed to close it but needs replacing which I think I could do myself. Looks just like the one in the photo. I've measured the vent from the inside measures 400mm x 400mm, would this be the correct way of measuring or do I need to measure from outside? . The originals in the van have pull across flyscreens and blackout blinds in one, could I retro fit these onto the new one?
  11. Hi went over to the van at weekend and took some photo's. I checked all fuses all ok, also checked in and around cooker but couldn't find any electrical wires or batteries? Any info or advice much appreciated. Yes Paul B!
  12. Abbey vogue 417 1999. last time we were out in the van the ignition worked now there is no sound, is it a battery which operates the ignition? Is it behind the cooker knobs? Any info much appreciated.
  13. Hi, What make did you buy as I see some cheap ones online up to quality ones by Grayston. I thought Grayston was quality?
  14. Anyone fit these to their tow car? I have a Mondeo hatch and even though I'm well within the tow limits and weights the car seems to sit down at the back when towing the Van. Anyone have them and more to the point do they work? Thanks in advance!
  15. Well the window was on a rail, I had to take the beading out unscrew the rail from the van, break the seal of mastic, slide the right window out then the middle broken one. then do the reverse, top job done in around an hour. If anyone on here has one of the same year please do the same.
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