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  1. Thanks Mick. The security gate at the site was chained and padlocked, these were cut away and taken away. We have searched around the site and can find no trace of the tracker or any security devices, the gravel where the van stood is undisturbed, no sign of any metal cutting or forcing. The only sign of disturbance is a fresh tyres tracks on the grass towards the gate, it seems they even shut the gate behind them!
  2. Thanks for your responses. I wish I knew how the security was bypassed and would love to know why the tracker could be deactivated seemingly so easily and to such an extent that an absence of signalling does not raise an alarm at the monitoring centre. I did not discover that the van was gone until I arrived to recharge the leisure battery, assuming that to be the problem, a loss of around 10 hours! Tracker still showed the van to be onsite. I guess that the reason they chose our van is that it is twin axle, the extra size being desirable in certain groups.
  3. Lunar Delta RI 2017 stolen from site in Newent in the early hours of 11/12/20. 2 AL-KO wheel locks, AL-KO hitch lock, sargent stinger alarm and monitored phantom tracker system all failed to foil the thieves who took the van from site at 1:20 am. The only alert was a battery down call at 1:27, the last tracker control communication was 1:58 when the van was still shown as on site, so presumably left site shortly after this time. Any sightings or comments appreciated.
  4. The winter vent covers is only one of several issues that I was attempting to refer to the manufacturer, not the reason for rejection. The letter I posted here was to the CEO of Lunar caravans highlighting THEIR shortcomings in documentation and build quality. If the end user cannot refer reliably to the handbooks to ensure correct usage then what hope do we have? Lunar's CEO and Head of Commercial Services have decided to ignore my letter and continue to bury their heads in the sand, offering no comments in response to my concerns. If this is typical of all UK manufacturers then it is
  5. Attached is my first email to Brian Mellor CEO of Lunar Caravans Dear Mr Mellor, My wife and I spent a long period last winter researching and viewing caravan layouts, weights, build quality and of course aesthetics and finally decided that the Lunar Delta RI, while not our exact perfect layout, was the closest that we could find to our ideal purchase. We happily visited the Lunar stand at the NEC in February, left a deposit which secured a new caravan to be delivered in "May/June" and went home beaming and looking forward to our first summer in our first new caravan.
  6. Trading standards appears these days to mean Citizens Advice Bureau, I have been speaking to them since last August, they have advised me of my rights under the CRA 2015, as have the lawyers through the Camping & Caravanning Club, but you are on your own after that. I know that I have the right to reject, to demand a replacement or refund - perhaps with compensation. My rights are due to faulty goods, goods not as described and goods not fit for purpose - choose any one of three criteria - but enforcing it seems to be down to supplier agreement or court where you are on your own. The p
  7. Thanks Coriolis, I feel sorry for the dealers. The one I am dealing with seem to be doing all they can (or are allowed to), the work surfaces took 3 months to be approved and a further 3 months to arrive at the dealer (supply chain?). The hourly rate they receive for warranty is half the normal rate charged to you and me and they get all the flack from the customers. Manufacturers sit back and refuse to change.
  8. Thanks bubble2015, Glad to hear you are satisfied with your Delta, my main concern is that Lunar (and others) get away with so much by relying on us and the dealers doing repairs and modifications for them - these issues should be resolved before supply or when they are first alerted to a problem -to continue to supply caravans with the same faults ought to invoke some sort of retribution. I was told at one stage that Lunar thought that the onboard tank may not be designed to switch when empty and that "in ten years dealing I have never seen one that auto switches" - guess what - the d
  9. On 7th November 2017 I sent the enclosed letter of rejection to the dealer (name not included) who supplied our new caravan. Complaint about faulty goods/ Final rejection of faulty goods We bought a 2017 Lunar Delta RI from you on 7th July 2017. We paid £xx,xxx. From the date of collection there has been a series of problems with the vehicle, some of which you have attempted to repair, some are awaiting parts for further repair and some are still appearing. Among the faults we have had or have now are: Faults on the water system: Onboar
  10. Hi. I also have a brand new Lunar that is with the dealers now for multiple repairs including this same problem. Our alarm unit was replaced a month after PDI after a total failure - could not set alarm. Since then several alarm reports via Phantom yet people on site had not heard alarms and no incident reports when the alarm is unset. We could sometimes enter the van with the alarm set and no alarm activation, other times the alarm sounded but the klaxon could not be heard inside the next van. Our dealers suggested that the sun may have set off the false alarms, " make sure the blinds
  11. I think I may need therapy by the time this situation gets resolved! Caravan manufacturers and retailers seem to hold paying customers in total disrespect
  12. Hi, I am a total newcomer to forum participation. Been caravanning for 5 years and have recently bought a brand new Lunar Delta RI - lots of problems to discuss in other topics to follow! I am likely to try brain picking over the next few weeks, please be patient. We are primarily season pitched but are planning to tour more following retirement and obtaining a reliable unit, as you can probably guess our first new vehicle purchase has not been a happy one and we are hoping our frustration eases before the next season gets under way.
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