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  1. Hi Everybody , my friend borrowed my caravan at the weekend and while leaving it back noted that the green switch had fallen apart . He took it out and went and got a replacement in an household electrical store. Problem is I'm handed a new non illuminated green rocker switch , and am looking at 4 spade and connections and not a clue . Back of switch I'm looking at the top two terminals blank , the middle two terminals L numbered 2 the right middle terminal numbered 5 the bottom two terminals L numbered 1 and right one numbered 4 . I'm looking at black spade end coming from brown wire mains plug . Another black spade end coming from blue mains wire.. A black spade end coming from thermo control knob and finally a brown spade end that seems to come from a bright red cable . Can anybody please help me to connect the new switch correctly . Thank you in advance
  2. Thank you so much everybody for your help and advice . By mistake I had the notifications turned off and didn't see all your replies that is why I asked twice ...my apologies
  3. Hello members , On my Bailey 2000 Ranger series I notice that my leisure battery is only being trickle charged by a cheap Halfords charger plugged into a socket in the caravan ....what am I missing or what may be wrong ....I know this is not how it should be rather it is obviously a cheap fix or bypass . Thank you in advance . Barry Sullivan
  4. Hello members Could anybody assist me as to what may have been attached to what looks like two brackets on my Bailey 2000 Ranger 510/4 please Thanks in advance Barry S
  5. Hello Everybody , Am hoping to install sky tv in caravan but am wondering about dish placement. I have read that the higher the dish the better the quality signal . On the side of my Bailey Pagent there appears to be two brackets I am wondering what they may be for and if perhaps the previous owners may have used it to hold a dish , if so what type of bracket would fit ....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance picture attached .
  6. Hi Paul B. ........ Just stopping by to say a very big 'THANK YOU' and to everyone else that assisted me. I wired up the charger properly, found that there was no fuse inserted in the plug, charged the battery overnight and today EVERYTHING works just as it should, lashing of hot and cold water with great pressure, all lights and equipment work just as it should. So relieved, happy and grateful for the advice, we are now really looking forward to our last two nights away in our caravan before winter bites. regards, Barry Sullivan.
  7. does all look normal on control panel ? in your opinion
  8. Quite possibly could be Paul as when I took out the battery from its housing both wires coming from the internal charger were just loosely wrapped around the battery terminals. that would certainly account for systems slowly failing in the caravan. I'll replace charger tomorrow and ensure good contact with terminals. is my electrical set up bazzar, or would it be factory standard, the caravan looks untouched from DIy'ers and all looks professional and tidy. Indebted for you assistance
  9. Hi There, Have a new to me 03 Bailey Ranger 5 series and could not get the taps to work, got great advice and help from many people but it still did not rectify the problem. I think it is an electrical issue, I have the caravan plugged into the mains so believed that everything in the caravan was powered by the mains, however not so. My leisure battery died tonight so it is out now and charging, but gone with it is power to the pump, power to the truma water heater and most of my lights. ... ???? working on mains is two pull cord lamps either side of the caravan, all sockets work, fridge works, as does my blow heater, all lights are out onn my control panel. ......confused big time. .... all fuses are ok. ill try and attach a photo of control panel, does all look right to you guys? Is it normal to run a caravan half on half ??? me thinks not Please help a very frustrated idiot. ........
  10. @ Paul B thank you once again for your interest and input. But I think I've found out what the problem is. I believed that with my caravan plugged into the mains all was being powered by mains however that is not so. this evening my leisure battery died and with the water heater, water pump, and most internal lights. so now the mains is powering all my sockets, two pull cord lights, fan heater and fridge, now I know why my taps would not work. Is this normal (it cant be surely) or does it sound like part of my control panel is acting up? attached picture. Please help an idiot. .....
  11. @Paul_B Thank you for your reply, the valves are different styles, I will upload pictures shortly and perhaps experienced eyes like you guys have something may jump out at you that I'm missing. @Milky Way appreciate you taking the time to reply. ....... Going away this weekend for the last outing before winter bites, will have all winter to figure it out, but would have loved to have had it working. ... perhaps there is time yet.
  12. I also forgot to mention with the red pipe and valve removed when I turn on a hot tap water comes back out of the pipe. .... puzzled I am. ....
  13. Hi Guys, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've drained the tank and it has refilled pump clicks on tank fills up and pump clicks off, so that appears to be working, turned on the electric heater, left it twenty minutes then drained it it was lovely and hot, refilled the tank. took off the red pipe and it kinda has a T junction with a small clear pipe draining outside there is a one way valve in there sucking on the small/narrow end shuts the valve, blowing on the small end opens the valve. is this functioning correctly? All my taps kitchen and bathroom both hot and cold don't work, would these two valves be malfunctioning ? following both pipes there are the same as they were put in in the manufacturing process, all neat and straight. I will try and look at the taps, perhaps as you suggest may all be blocked do I have to take out the tap units or can I access the filters by taking off the knobs? Many thanks once again. ....
  14. Hello and good evening everyone, I'm having a tough time getting water to flow from taps both in bathroom and sink. it just trickles out and then stops. if I dump some water out of the hot water tank the submersible pump kicks in and I assume tops up the tank and naturally clicks off. There appears to be two pressure valves/switches one on the inside of the submersible pump unit, the other one a large white one with a twisty top that, is inline about two foot into the cold water supply coming into the caravan. Would I be correct is assuming that one or both of these needs to be adjusted? and if so how would I do it? all help greatly appreciated, caravan is 04 Bailey Ranger 5 series. Many thanks, Barry
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