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  1. In the latest issue of the C&CC magazine, page 99, there is an update on the Calor Lite replacement cylinders. Calor explain that their research has concluded that there isn't great demand for Lite cylinders, especially caravans. Another factor is the growing popularity of fixed tank installations (and presumably refillables) and EHU. Therefore it is highly unlikely a new Lite cylinder will be produced. Calor are also seriously concerned about the illegal refilling and misuse of all gas cylinders which has added to the lack of supply as users keep hold of them. There are still some 25,000 Calor Lite cylinders in tock across the country. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm only reporting the article!
  2. I did say MAY not cover. It will all depend on how good the motor insurer's fully comp. cover is. Some will cover private property use. It may also depend on what other cover may be held with regard to third party liability e.g. caravan insurance and travel insurance.
  3. The question on the motor insurance form is in the context of accidents or other claims involving motor vehicles being driven by the applicant. It would include ANY material information which may affect the risk and, as you say Andy, they decide and define what is material information. I know of police officers, paramedics and firefighters who have had non-fault accidents whilst driving in the course of their work who didn't notify their private car insurers, but they found out, and had renewals refused.
  4. Except your motor insurance may not cover you on private property i.e. a CL/CS or other camp site. Motor insurance provides, as a legally required minimum, third party liabilty on a road or other public place. A campsite is not necessarily a public place as, quite simply, it's not open to access by the general public, access being restricted to only those with business there - paying campers or invited guests.
  5. No matter how careful you think you will be, all that you saved could prove to be a false economy and disappear in one moment of inattention or distraction. However, your views on insurance are set so starting this thread was pointless as it can go nowhere. We won't convince you buy cover and you won't convince us not to buy cover but when it goes wrong for us we're laughing. When it goes wrong for you, you won't be! 😉
  6. I don't really understand the point of this topic. Accidents/incidents happen and if insurance cover is an option then it's down to individual choice as to how much risk they are prepared to take. We can't predict the future and you just never know if or when anything will go wrong but if you decide to take a chance then you must be prepared to accept the consequences. Hospitals and cemeteries are full of people who said it would never happen to them.
  7. If O2 only give 3G coverage it would be pointless just getting their mi-fi with a data sim. You need to check the main provider websites - O2, EE, Three & Vodafone -for coverage maps to see which one, if any, have 4G cover in the area. EE (includes BT Mobile) claim the highest % UK coverage. Once identified then you can consider who to go with with for mi-fi or a complete change of service provider for your phone.
  8. If any of the structure is exposed by cuts, wear or cracking, it's an offence because the integrity of the tyre has been compromised. Some tyres on large vehicles (buses & lorries) have much thicker rubber under the tread area which allows the tread to be re-cut once or twice when it gets near the legal limit.
  9. The MOT Inspection manual is not the law and O2 trailers are not tested in the UK. It's not just about condition but condition and the use the tyre is being put to. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/27/made You must be looking at the pre-May 2018 MOT manual. Tyres are in Section 5.2.3. https://www.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/documents/manuals/class3457/Section-5-Axles-Wheels-Tyres-and-Suspension.html#section_5.2
  10. Certainly illegal if the crack exposes the body cords.
  11. I think you'll find it just provides an external aerial/satellite dish signal directly to the single internal satellite outlet. It will not provide an outgoing signal to a TV. Certainly on my 2015 MY that is the case. However, if you have a standard TV aerial coax outlet (from the roof aerial amplifier) next to the internal satellite F connector you could try making/buying a short link cable and connecting it twixt the the two and see if that works by diverting the roof aerial signal to the battery box connector.
  12. A lay by forms part of the highway. Are you seriously suggesting carrying out a mover installation at the roadside?
  13. Just to clarify the actual position with insurance being voided - an insurance company will only void, or cancel, a whole motor policy in very specific circumstances i.e. mutual agreement or if you haven't paid the premium. In circumstances that relate to the condition of the vehicle or driver motor insurers can, and often do, reduce comprehensive cover to third party only. On a current, valid, motor policy they cannot remove the legally required protection afforded to third parties, which includes any passengers within the insured vehicle but they can remove cover for injury to the driver and damage to the vehicle and any trailer it is towing.
  14. Public liability insurance is the issue. Your site owners are obviously concerned about visiting contractors in the event that they damage someone else's caravan. The storage site I use will allow you to have a contractor on site providing they send in a copy of their public liability insurance cover to the site admin office at least a day or two before arriving.
  15. It looks like you have the correct dates but in the wrong place on your licence! At least it's all valid until your 70. As previously suggested, you could set a few hours aside and ring them.
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