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  1. Does it say which 21 January?
  2. Plus, by the end of the year 2022, for visits of 90 days or less, British nationals wishing to travel to any European Schengen country will need to apply for the ETIAS UK visa waiver online. The system is similar to that of the US ESTA and Canadian eTA. The ETIAS application requires a few basic personal and passport details in addition to some health and security information. The ETIAS fee is then paid using a debit or credit card before being submitted for review. The cost is expected to be about €7 unless the EU decide to make it free for UK citizens. The process takes approximate
  3. Don't we?......three franchises have failed on the East Coast Mainline since 2005. The service has been run by LNER since Stagecoach/Virgin lost control in 2018. LNER is owned by the Department for Transport. The franchise won't be up for tender until 2025.
  4. I pay £625 pa for a CASSOA Gold open air storage facility. Unhindered, unrestricted 24/7 all year access with electronic swipe card entry/exit system (via a total of 3 gates) plus wash and tyre inflation facilities. I wouldn't entertain having to give notice to gain access nor do I like the idea of someone else moving my caravan and having the keys to disarm the alarm and remove my wheel and hitch locks in order to do so.
  5. The injuries were horrific and very life changing.....for victim and family.
  6. It wouldn't be a catastrophic loss to us but Eurostar does have it's advantages. I recall, during a 7 figure road traffic collision injury compensation claim at the Royal Courts of Justice, a Belgian lorry driver who witnessed the collision on the M25 was brought over by Eurostar in the morning, gave his evidence and then returned to Belgium that afternoon.
  7. Eurostar only operates the high speed passenger services between the UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. It has nothing to do with the DB Schenker international freight services or Le Shuttle which operates between Folkestone and Calais and which is owned by Getlink who also own the Eurotunnel itself and the railway infrastructure and charge Eurostar for using it.
  8. The major problem that may arise with the demise of a manufacturer is the availability of parts making a repair disproportionately too costly or impossible to achieve. Section 23(3)(a) & (4) CRA 2015 addresses that and gives the trader some protection: (3)The consumer cannot require the trader to repair or replace the goods if that remedy (the repair or the replacement)— (a) is impossible, or (b) is disproportionate compared to the other of those remedies. (4) Either of those remedies is disproportionate compared to the other if it imposes costs on the trader which, com
  9. Just check for news updates on the manufacturer's website. The latest news is dated 5th January 2021. https://elddis.co.uk/news/coronavirus-rescheduling-your-annual-service
  10. Licence agreements are not capable of assignment. They are personal to the parties to the licence. This means that following the sale of a holiday park, any existing licences are automatically terminated.
  11. It's an offence that can be used in isolation or attached to a list of other offences if the circumstances justify e.g. significantly over axle or gross weight offences or serious vehicle defects such as brake or tyre offences.
  12. It seems such a long while since we booked anywhere I've lost all track of time! Now you've said that, I recall bookings from four or five years ago with CMC Handbook prices quoted for 1 adult.
  13. The static load (noseweight) is part of the tow bar and tow vehicle's type approval. The trailer hitch will also have a noseweight limit. You must not exceed whichever is the lowest of the three. Although we are no longer in the EU, a number of UK Acts and Regulations encompassed EU directives into our laws long ago and the Construction & Use Regulations have had many amendments made to include type approvals and directives. At the very least, exceeding the prescribed noseweight would constitute Using a Motor Vehicle in a Dangerous Condition contrary to Section 40A Road Traffic
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