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  1. If it helps, Swift have stated that their allowance for up to a 6 month delay as a direct result of the covid-19 restrictions is only applicable to this year's service date. It reverts to the normal anniversary date for next year. I would imagine all manufacturers are likely to apply the same policy. Changing significant terms of a contract requires the specific agreement of the party that issued it, i.e. Coachman.
  2. If it's the white, Fiat 249 is the white Swift use.
  3. At least we have avenues of recourse relatively accessible to all, unlike in many other countries where you can be ripped off with no come back possible.
  4. You can report it online, or by phone, to Action Fraud. Technically it is fraud by misrepresentation so should be reported for follow up.
  5. CO monitors will also detect hydrogen gas emitted from a battery whilst charging. It has been a subject on here and other forums many times. Boat owners report the same experiences. Google will reveal several sites with the explanation.
  6. Alde accessories include 2 types of in line pump that fit on the outside of the boiler. One is 12 volt the other 230v. They look identical. From around 2016/17 model years, Alde stopped fitting the expansion tank pump and instead fit the in line 12v pump. It is quieter and more efficient. It is also expensive. If you plan to install an in line pump fit the 12v one as it has a dedicated connection point in the boiler. The control panel has a few optional accessories shown, ready for selection if/when fitted.
  7. ,....and it's a yes from me. That's 3 Yeses so congratulations you're through! 😂
  8. The thread is 5 years old. The OP hasn't logged in since April.
  9. I think he was searching an account (Ancestry.com?) that the previously obtained certificate had been uploaded to. You have to understand how the programme is made. Researchers are employed to obtain all the information, documentation and identify "local" experts many months, even a year or more, in advance. The celebrity is then led through the points of interest as if they had done the research.
  10. For 11 years, from new, we had a fixed island bed, twin axle caravan with full awning and bedroom annexe. Great for touring and fun as the tribe grew up but once grown up holidaying with Mum & Dad wasn't cool anymore. Just the two of us carried on with the large caravan for a few more years, but with a porch awning, then decided to downsize caravan and it's tow car. Spent months researching and viewing makes and models. Decided a fixed bed was nice but not essential so settled on a side dinette, no fixed bed and the availability of bunks for grandchildren if they want to come with us
  11. I believe the components that come with the ball valve kit are sufficient to assemble one. I can't check because my one, with my bag of bits, is in the caravan which is in storage.
  12. Look at the picture of the extension hose I posted previously....it comes with one fitted.
  13. The 'Stop' female connector is the end you attach to the Aquaroll ball valve. You could, if you needed to, disconnect it but leave the tap on with no water escaping. It's a feature Hozelock use so you can change accessories easily. On the new hose remove the 'Stop' female socket and replace with a male connector. You have then replicated the extension hose you should have received.
  14. Whilst the adapter kit hose has female sockets on each end, I can assure you that the Aquaroll extension hose is fitted with a male plug on one end and female socket on the other, just as in the photograph I added. I bought one only last year and used it on a serviced pitch.
  15. I know what a joining piece does but the OP states he has the Aquaroll kit and extension hose (as per his picture). My point is the extension hose doesn't need a joining piece as it already has the required male connector on one end as per my photograph.
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