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  1. Under the regulations, you must go into self-isolation if you have visited or made a transit stop in a country not on the exempt list in the 14 days prior to entering England. The Netherlands are on the exempt list so if you stay there for 14 days before returning and you suffer no symptons you will not need to self-isolate on entry to England. If you travel back through Belgium do not stop or you will have to self-isolate. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors
  2. Read Reg 83, it treats them as two trailers hence the exemption given for a car to tow with it.
  3. The list is a bit longer than that. Certain types of heavy hauler can tow up to 3 trailers. Under certain specific circumstances motor cars can tow 2 trailers. Reg 83 C&U Regs applies. In case any one wonders, references to a locomotive are not about railway engines!
  4. Not being privy to the full details of your purchase and subsequent communications with the dealer it would be wrong of anyone to make assumptions as to exactly what would succeed for you so the best thing you can do is seek one to one legal advice. Armed with two engineers reports, your receipt for the full cost of repairs plus evidence of any other necessarily incurred, directly related expenses you should be aiming to make a claim for the full amount. Since you have already had the repairs carried out at your own expense, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is of little to no use for you as it contains no provision for the reimbursement of expenses. If you do not have a preferred solicitor you could subscribe to Which? legal services but in the first instance you could try making use of the free legal advice services offered by one of the clubs if you are a member or alternatively through any free legal advice available through an insurance policy you hold e.g. caravan, car or house.
  5. Do not confuse warranty claims with consumer rights legislation. They are separate matters. As the manufacturer (we don't know which one but Lunar seems the obvious) has ceased trading the warranty can no longer exist unless the company was bought and warranties are being honoured by the new owners. Your "friend" needs to carefully read the explanation given by Which?, especially the reference to faults occuring after 6 months from taking delivery. Rights could be pursued via local Trading Standards, subscribing to Which? legal services or taking advice from any legal cover that may be available from membership of one of the clubs or an insurance policy that includes legal advice. If the matter is pursued through the small claims process there must be a loss to claim for, therefore the repair would need to be carried out, paid for then claimed back through the court with evidence of all costs incurred.
  6. Cemeteries and crematoria are full of memorials to people who said it would never happen to them. It doesn't have to be your fault, it only takes one idiot to land you right in it! 41 years accident free - as the joke says, never had an accident on all those years but seen loads in the rear view mirror! 😖 😉
  7. The last update on their website about Covid-19 was 27th March when they announced a total closure until further notice. However, they state that this email address will still be monitored- sales.admin@regalholidayhomes.co.uk There appears to be no further update since.
  8. I wonder whether there will be any new models for the 2021 model year. The Swift factory, as did all the others, closed completely in March. Swift started to open again in May/June with the absolute minimum of staff to provide some dealer and customer support but no production activity. According to their website full factory reopening is 1st September.
  9. Where will you store your waste water in a 2 berth 1988 Lunar Clubman between sites? Unlike a motorhome it has no large on board waste holding tank. Have you thought about power whilst off grid or do you have solar panels to keep the leisure battery charged?
  10. You may wait quite a while, if indeed you do get a response. Swift aren't resuming full factory operations until 1st September. Currently they have very limited staffing levels and in any case close at 2pm on Fridays. I'm not sure when they're 2 week Summer shutdown is, probably within the next week or so.
  11. The Technical Handbook describes them as capless 12v 2.3w bulbs.
  12. It depends what form of policing you want to be generally subject to. Policing by consent or policing by imposed force regardless of circumstances. Would you rather have yourself and family spoken to nicely about about something or dragged from your car and handcuffed then spoken to, but not very nicely?
  13. We have an oven thermometer and found that our Thetford Aspire2 oven control settings were quite accurate but it just took longer to reach required temperatures than a "normal" domestic oven. Cooking times are still the same though. Late last year it confirmed an oven thermostat fault had occurred and the oven continued to heat up regardless of the control setting.
  14. You're repeating yourself which is an indication you don't have an answer either! I will do the same - Considering just how many premises there are in England where face coverings are required to be worn, how can it be enforced without placing any further burden on the already overstretched law enforcement agencies? I don't have any suggestions but I do know the practicalities of law enforcement. Unless a police officer or community support officer is on the spot at the time, it cannot easily, if at all, be enforced. In addition, Government and police policy is to enforce as an absolute last resort - Engage, Explain, Encourage, Enforce. If a police officer had seen the male concerned, chances are they would not have needed to enforce at all.
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