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  1. This why accuracy of description where road signs and markings compliance is crucial and the link clearly states which of the two types of zigzag road markings they are referring to - the yellow ones outside schools. NOT the white ones at pedestrian crossings. The yellow ones (with a sign) are not endorsable with penalty points, the white ones are (the pedestrian crossing is the sign).
  2. Is the Snipe GPS functioning correctly i.e. is the control unit GPS LED illuminating before you set it to lock on to Astra 2?
  3. Search here by post code. https://www.gov.uk/find-weighbridge
  4. As I said. No interest to UK consumers, only of interest to UK manufacturers wishing to sell products to EU consumers!
  5. Only ever had the Certificate of Conformity included in the owner's pack (and the replacement C of C following MTPLM upgrades). Not being in the EU, EC Type Approval documentation is really of little interest to UK consumers now! 😉
  6. You should know by now, mention weights and everyone ties it up in knots!! For legislative enforcement purposes it is quite straightforward. 1. For driving licences no weighing needed as it is maximum permitted (plated) weights regardless of actual weight on the day but that isn't the matter in question and you already have the correct licensing groups. 2. For axle, gross vehicle and gross train weights it is the weight on the day as determined by a weighbridge. So if the plated GTW is 3,650kg and your car and caravan together weigh that or less you are legal. However, you need to be careful not to overload the axle and GVW of the car whilst trying to keep the caravan weight down and to distribute evenly. The offences concerned refer to exceeding the maximum permitted weights so if every weight is at or below the maximum permitted, no offences are committed.
  7. It's only unfit for its intended purpose if the buyer made it clear to the seller at the time of purchase that they wanted a car for towing. Therefore, under the circumstances you describe, there would be no legal right to reject the goods. The onus is on the buyer to clearly specify what is wanted and to ensure that goods meet their specifications. You cannot expect, and the law certainly doesn't, the seller to predict what the buyer needs or might need.
  8. You may have a point. In fact, why impose a weight threshold at all? Make the +E a requirement to tow, full stop. I am sure many of us have seen the dire antics of the driver towing a small garden rubbish trailer manoeuvring it at the local recycling centre or the dope with a rope towing his broken down mate at normal speed with only 10 feet between them!
  9. Local authorities, not the Govt., set local speed limits such as 20mph zones and those limits that end up creating 200 yard islands of a higher speed limit between two low limits. Primary legislation defines maximum limits for certain road types and vehicle types and empowers local authorities to impose lower road limits on 'local' roads. Regarding B+E, I think drawing the line at 3,500kg tow vehicle & trailer combined MAM is a very logical place when you consider the huge range of combination types it encompasses. Caravans are just a minority trailer type and there is no justification for special treatment. Every trailer type will have it's own handling idiosyncrasies and it us impossible to cater for them all separately.
  10. As with all driving tests there is a standardisation of the equipment deemed as suitable. As the trailer test is not aimed at any particular trailer type a line has to be drawn. Just imagine what people would turn up with if there weren't rules!
  11. Don't lose sight of the fact that the B+E legislation does not just apply to caravans, it applies to all relevant tow vehicle & trailer combinations. You cannot single out just one small section of trailer towing drivers for special treatment or exemption. There are some significant weights associated with plant trailers, horse trailers and any number of miscellaneous others.....and a lot more of them in total than caravans!
  12. According to this morning's news, the UK Govt. will today decide whether to put Spain and Greece on the Amber Plus list alongside France.
  13. It would have been useful to know that the servicing agent was not the supplying dealer to start with! Only the selling dealer can be compelled by Swift to address warranty claims. Other Swift dealers and approved workshops are not obliged to, and many won't touch anything they didn't sell. Always best to buy local'ish if you can. Contact Swift directly and explain the issue. Might save yourself an unnecessary 120 mile trip.
  14. Contact Swift directly and inform them that the supplying dealer is refusing to look at a manufacturer's warranty claim. Swift can only compel the supplying dealer to action a warranty claim. Their contact page is here but be quick as they will start their Summer shut down very soon.
  15. You're saying it was serviced in 2020 then, if it met manufacturer requirements, albeit the service may have been delayed a few months as allowed due to the covid time period extension. Swift have said though that despite allowing servicing to be late, the original anniversary date is still preserved so the 2nd service is now due. If you book it in you can get it looked at then.
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