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  1. Providing the spacing between units is correct it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. I think, possibly, that caravan layout, awning type and size plus number and ages of occupants will greatly influence awning use. Our caravan has a side dinette, there's just the two of us and the awning is a Kampa Revo Zip with privacy room. When in use we have two chairs and a small table (for cups/glasses etc.), waste bin plus a bit of storage for odds and ends. Dog stuff if he is with us. Oh, and the Codger.......but don't tell her I called her that!
  3. Oh but there is legislation. Back in the 1970s the Rolls Royce Carmargue rear light cluster initially fell foul of the distance separation requirement between stop lamps and rear fog lamps.
  4. Would that be the same Boris that was born in the Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York and has German aristocratic ancestry?
  5. Whilst all the intentions will be genuine, you cannot base any of your actions on the advice given on a forum such as this. There will be complexities none of us are aware of. We are not in a position to study any contracts and terms and conditions nor do we have the benefit of interviewing you to ascertain the finer points of your relationship with the site owners since they took over. I can't stress to you enough the need to seek urgent professional legal advice. One of your insurance policies or a bank account may offer a free service or ring Which? Legal Services as suggested by Durbanite. Afterwards, come back and tell us what happened.
  6. I was responding to the view that it is a wealth tax when in fact it isn't. Can't quite understand your comments about a second car. It reads that you have one but never felt the need for it or is it a caravan you never felt the need for? Many households have more than one vehicle, caravan or not, so that is irrelevant. Many if not most motor home owners need another vehicle simply because their recreational motor vehicle is too large and inconvenient for day to day transport - some even take the car on holiday with them for the same reason. They might as well buy a £25k car and £20k caravan and avoid the change to VED charges.
  7. Not quite sure of the point you trying to put across. Vehicle Excise Duty ( VED) is what you call the road fund licence. Up until 1st September motor homes have been in the curious position of enjoying a VED classification anomaly resulting in the avoidance of the £40k+ extra charge. Now that the playing field is being levelled those "wealthy" enough to afford a high cost recreational motor vehicle are calling foul play and unfair wealth tax.
  8. A £60,000 luxury car, which doesn't also provide accommodation, is taxed at the same level so the system will be fair. A caravan is a trailer subject to some road traffic laws but not VED or MOT. Much, not all, of what it is subject to, the way our legislation is written, actually refers to the whole combination of tow vehicle and trailer not just the trailer. However, if a caravan is permanently sited as a residence Council tax comes into play.
  9. Homes do not pay taxes?? There is Council Tax to start, with plus VAT on all the utilities and services and not forgetting insurance premium tax on buildings and contents cover. A motor home may be someone's home but it is still a motor vehicle and must comply with road traffic law so, unlike a traditional home, it will need an annual MOT as well when it reaches that age. There has been a vehicle tax since 1888 and a specific motor vehicle excise duty since 1920. The relationship between VED and road maintenance ended in 1937. Exactly what wedge is this the thin end of?
  10. I believe the changes come into effect on 1st September. Parliament is on Summer recess until 3rd when, no doubt, time will be taken up with a vote of no confidence, calls for a general election and various attempts to prevent B-Day on 31st October. I don't see motor home VED taking precedence!
  11. You really do not understand contract law!
  12. You are confusing consumer law with contract law. The warranty conditions fall under contract law and the buyer is, seemingly, in breach of the warranty contract clauses for service intervals. That has nothng whatever to do with the CRA 2015 and only only muddies the waters for those who struggle to understand it. It is now 17 months after taking delivery., well beyond the automatic rights to full refunds etc. To apply the CRA 2015 the onus is on the buyer to prove that the fault existed at the time of purchase. That may need an independant engineers report. Going back to the warranty, I have noticed, as is common with many manufacturers, there is flexibility around service intervals. To quote direct from an Elddis warranty clause - In years 1, 2, and 4 through to 9 the service must be completed no more than 60 days either side of the anniversary of the date of purchase. (years 3 & 10 is no more than 60 days before). The buyer needs to carefully count the days between the 12 month anniversary and date of first service to see if it actually was 90 days (3 months). You never know your luck!
  13. I've emailed a few times, always received an answer (not just the auto reply) within a day or two and any problems have been notified as resolved within a week.
  14. Had they purchased Lunar Caravans Ltd. and kept the name you would be correct. However, a new company, Lunar Automotive Ltd. have seemingly purchased the assets of the previous company and unless it was a condition of the purchase or they act out of the kindness of their hearts, they may have no liability to customers of the former entity.
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