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  1. I have no external gas connection from my caravan, what gas connection should I get? What connection comes with Cadac range? Should i get a smaller seperate tank or run off main caravan gas cannister?
  2. Has anyone got a Hyundai Santa Fe? How do you find it as a towcar? Do you have the Automatic or the Manual? How does an Automatic tow compared to a Manual? The second hand autos now appear to be cheaper than the manuals, maybe as they have higher car tax and less mpg?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Update: I have spotted a large, extremely fast spider running about the floor at the back of the fridge and under the seats at the front of the van. I have been unable to catch of kill it. Not sure what it is or if its the culprit or even a friend. Either way, I am going to try the insect smoke bombs, on a fireproof tray of course!
  4. Spent 3 weeks with the caravan touring france this summer. Some of us picked up a few bites on legs and neck during the trip. Nothing out of the ordinary and something I would expect in France in the warmer climate. However, we are just back from a weekend trip in Ireland and I woke up with a line of 4 bites on my leg. I googled some bite images and noticed bed bugs and began to panic! The van is 2015 and in immaculate condition. I have lifted all the beds and checked every nook and cranny with a torch and there are no signs of any bed bugs. I did spot a dried up cockroach in the floor of the caravan, similar to some of the "german Cockroaches" i spotted when camping in the french forest. Any ideas on what I should do? I am worried that it may be bed bugs but there is absolutely no signs or eveidence of this in the caravan. I have hoovered every spot of the Van and I am thinking of steam cleaning it as well prior to the next trip. I have heard of people using fumer bombs in caravans to wipe out any bugs or insects hiding in the structure.
  5. Of course I am joking. People should ensure the safety of themselves, their families and other road users when choosing a tow car, caravan, when loading and driving! People should also ensure they have the correct B&E driving license depending on their loading. towing conditions. Yes, we have all seen the video of the little car towing the twin axle caravan. Everyone on here is pretty well informed and clued up about towing principals. Its the specific details that people are debating,
  6. To summarise the previous 6 pages, !If you can drive the van outta of the showroom, your car is fit to pull her"
  7. Found it. Under the caravan chassis, on an alko spare wheel carrier - accessible from the nearside. Phew.
  8. Thanks for advice people. What I am reading from the good advice is to dry the awning first. That has to be the key. Mud and dirt can be washed and removed another time. brecon is right about the weather in NI. It rained for days once we got back from our trip so I aired the awning in the garage initially until the drier days came. I then dried it out and gave it a wipe down and a wash and gave it another good drying. Looks nice, clean and dry again!
  9. Hi, I left the campsite at the weekend in haste as it was lashing at the time. I have now got a muddy, sodden awning rammed into an awning bag and a very wet and muddy ground sheet. How do you clean your awning? How do you get it dry? if I leave it any longer will it start to smell and rot?
  10. Hi guys. Has anyone got a Sterling Eccles sport or do people know where the spare wheel is kept? I recently bought one and I havent come across the spare wheel as yet.
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