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  1. Thanks for that, I'll bear them in mind
  2. I never even thought of Leisure Shop Direct, that may be worth a try tomorrow, will try calling Prima first though. Thanks, Jon
  3. Does anyone know what make of tap Bailey fits to the kitchen of the Unicorn S4? Ours has suffered a minor mishap when an over-enthusiastic teenager got a bit clumsy with the Hoover, resulting in the breaking of the plastic collar which holds the swan-neck to the tap body. Bailey Parts (or Prima Leisure now) only have the complete tap, which at £70(ish) seems a waste when all I need is a small piece. Their website doe not state the manufacturer. Google found what looked to be the right one, a Reich Trend S, but when I contacted Reich, the replied that they dont supply Bailey, so it wasn't one of their's. I also tried Whale, but had no luck there either. Bailey customer service is as much use as a chocolate teapot (e-mail your query, and we aim to respond within a week; yeah right), so I am hoping someone here can help, tia, Jon
  4. There is a switch under the cupboard next to the washroom wall. it is not on the wall, but flat under the cupboard, just by the spotlight, hope this helps you.
  5. It is my understanding that the existing Pegasus line will be dropped, and replaced with the new 8' wide Pegasus Grande, so removing any cross-overs between the ranges.
  6. That may or may not be where I got my info from as well. ...
  7. The Retreat was a cross between a static and a tourer, as Oldboy said, not for towing behind a private car. I think they were termed "seasonal".
  8. If you wait until the NEC show, you may find that Bailey may be offering a new 8' range that may have some new layouts. The may have the same name as an existing range, but with an extra word in the title.
  9. And motorcycles just continue as before, straight down the middle!
  10. Ok, I'll concede that, but even with the smallest trailer on the lightest truck, it will still be well over 8250kg, which is the max allowed for a C1 licence, which those who are old enough would have got with a car test.
  11. No there wouldn't, 44 tonne gvw artics weigh in at over 15 tonnes empty, so still need C+E licence.
  12. Yes, you can use both buttons, it will turn on itself, but as Jiffy said, watch the tyres, it will shred them or pull them off the rims if you are not careful. If you need to use this function, little and often is the way to do it i. e. short turn, short straight and so on, and reverse if you need. Btw, my dealer actually demonstrated this, so it seems different dealers are saying different things, not that this is anything new!
  13. The onboard tank is not really a pain at all, if you are filling from an aquaroll, it cuts off automatically when the roll is empty, both hold 40 ltrs. You know when the onboard tank is empty when water stops flowing out of the taps, remember there is no sight gauge on an aquaroll either. Also, just because it has the tank fitted doesn't mean you have to use it. There are some features that we will never use (the external satellite plug for one), but they were not deal-breakers.
  14. I use one of those, but I think mine must be a prototype or development model, as i keep getting spurious signals, as in "keep going, keep going, (crunch), oh! Stop!"
  15. I think it most likely that it was Forest of Dean Caravan Transport who should be thanked, they do most of Bailey's transport, Bailey dont move any themselves.
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