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  1. Don't forget the most popular British diesel engined car of that era, the Standard Vanguard, which used the same engine as the Ferguson tractor!
  2. 1997 Volvo V90 3.0 petrol estate with 225,000 miles, pulling 1800kg twin axle Bailey Unicorn. Reliability is legendary, fuel consumption is dire, 24mpg solo, 15 - 16mpg towing Had it many years now, and no intention of changing it.
  3. Ok, point taken, but I note your'e not going all Dudley Dooright over the other posters encouraging the OP to park in the HGV area, why would that be?
  4. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is going to bother about you putting the gas stove on to make a cup of tea. You only have to look around the HGV parking in the evening to see hundreds of drivers doing just that, most non UK trucks even cook their meals from the box mounted under the trailer, so in plain sight of everyone, and nothing is done or said, I know this from nearly 30 yrs of parking my truck overnight in services. So to the OP, if you want to self-cater in the services, just do it, nothing will be said.
  5. How do you know the percentage? Have you stopped them and put them on your portable scales? Do you carry reference tables of every possible combination of car and caravan? Or are you just making assumptions based on pre-conceived ideas? Perhaps you would like to tell me the ratio of my combination:
  6. My Segovia has an external switch. I have no idea if the dealer fitted the actual switch, but the box / access flap was factory fitted. It may be because the Segovia and Pamplona have the wiring for all the mover gubbins in the bottom of the wardrobe, which is in the central washroom, so making it easy to fit external switch points, just guessing at this, but it certainly is handy having the isolator outside next to the mover.
  7. None of the previous directors are involved at present. It looks like this may have been one of those "pre-pack" deals, as Lunar Automotive was incorporated on August 1st, with one director (Nicholas Marks), and one £1 share (owned by Mr Marks), but Lunar Caravans did not officially enter administration until August 2nd. I think it's a bit more than a coincidence that a new company with a very similar name is set up just before the old company fails, then buys them out. All these details can be found on Companies House website.
  8. The single one on the n/s is deflated as soon as you put the locks on, assuming that is the high side. If the n/s is the low side, just use the double LnL on that side, and leave the o/s on the ground. Handbrake will work just the same with LnL as with ramps, planks, blocks or whatever else you might use.
  9. Not quite so easy with a twin axle though, where you ideally need a second (single) LnL for the nearside wheel, because unless some miracle happened (buy a lottery ticket if it did!), then both locks wont line up at the same time.
  10. It was certainly much easier when HGV licences were a passport-like brown book with classes 1 to 4, where 1 was artic, 2 was multi-axle rigid (with or without trailer), 3 was two-axle rigid, and 4 was those weird 3-wheel Scammell artics that British Rail used
  11. Not quite, that is cat C1, cat C is goods vehicles over 7500 kg, drawing a trailer up to 750 kg. For either category, trailers over 750 kg needs the addition of +E
  12. Bailey normally supply the adaptor in the bits & pieces bag that comes with a new van, have you checked in that?
  13. Regarding you van, if your dealer is any good (tbh, most are), then on collection day he will have your new van connected to electricity, gas and water, and will take you step-by-step through EVERYTHING, and demonstrate haw it all works. He should also give you time to look around yourself to check for faults or defects ( if he has done a thorough PDI, there should be none), and to familiarise yourself with everything. If you are unsure about anything, ask him to show you again, if you are unhappy with any detail, tell him about it and ask for it to be put right. Above all, make sure
  14. Thought so, we have two newfs, one black male, one brown female, not yet got a landseer though. If yours are like ours, they will absolutely love caravan time
  15. Hi and welcome. Do I take it from your user name that you have some large dogs?
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