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  1. Bailey normally supply the adaptor in the bits & pieces bag that comes with a new van, have you checked in that?
  2. Regarding you van, if your dealer is any good (tbh, most are), then on collection day he will have your new van connected to electricity, gas and water, and will take you step-by-step through EVERYTHING, and demonstrate haw it all works. He should also give you time to look around yourself to check for faults or defects ( if he has done a thorough PDI, there should be none), and to familiarise yourself with everything. If you are unsure about anything, ask him to show you again, if you are unhappy with any detail, tell him about it and ask for it to be put right. Above all, make sure you are happy with all of it (I know the excitement can be a distraction!) before you part with any cash or sign on the dotted line. I'm making it sound all doom and gloom, but in reality, it will be an enjoyable experience. Once you get it home, set it up again, then take time out for a brew, then come back and go through everything again. There will be some things the dealer told you that you have already forgotten, so sit down and read the manual, and if you are still unsure, you can ring the dealer, or post a question on here, there is always someone on here that can help. Now the most important bit, have fun and enjoy your new van!
  3. Thought so, we have two newfs, one black male, one brown female, not yet got a landseer though. If yours are like ours, they will absolutely love caravan time
  4. Hi and welcome. Do I take it from your user name that you have some large dogs?
  5. It does know which wheel to lock. If, for example, you want to reverse sharp to the right, you press reverse left wheel, that then starts moving, if you then press (at the same time) forward right, it locks the right wheel to give a very sharp turn. If you were to let go forward right, the right wheel would start to move backwards at a much slower rate than the left, so giving a gradual turn. Which wheel it locks depends on the order of pressing the buttons. This is my experience with a Powr Touch 4wd mover, I believe single movers may turn the opposite wheel rather than locking it, it would explain why the controllers are different The sales people never tell you about that little problem. My neighbour had a twin axle van with single movers, first time home ended up blocking the street for ages while he ran around knocking on doors looking for people to help push it up the kerb.
  6. No, no steep hills, mostly dual carriageway all the way, except for the tunnel itself. Just be aware that the tunnel is very long, and VERY boring. It is two-way traffic, but does have lay-byes at regular intervals where you can pull in for a break from the monotony. Some very spectacular scenery both sides make the journey worthwhile though.
  7. Thanks for that, I'll bear them in mind
  8. I never even thought of Leisure Shop Direct, that may be worth a try tomorrow, will try calling Prima first though. Thanks, Jon
  9. Does anyone know what make of tap Bailey fits to the kitchen of the Unicorn S4? Ours has suffered a minor mishap when an over-enthusiastic teenager got a bit clumsy with the Hoover, resulting in the breaking of the plastic collar which holds the swan-neck to the tap body. Bailey Parts (or Prima Leisure now) only have the complete tap, which at £70(ish) seems a waste when all I need is a small piece. Their website doe not state the manufacturer. Google found what looked to be the right one, a Reich Trend S, but when I contacted Reich, the replied that they dont supply Bailey, so it wasn't one of their's. I also tried Whale, but had no luck there either. Bailey customer service is as much use as a chocolate teapot (e-mail your query, and we aim to respond within a week; yeah right), so I am hoping someone here can help, tia, Jon
  10. There is a switch under the cupboard next to the washroom wall. it is not on the wall, but flat under the cupboard, just by the spotlight, hope this helps you.
  11. It is my understanding that the existing Pegasus line will be dropped, and replaced with the new 8' wide Pegasus Grande, so removing any cross-overs between the ranges.
  12. That may or may not be where I got my info from as well. ...
  13. The Retreat was a cross between a static and a tourer, as Oldboy said, not for towing behind a private car. I think they were termed "seasonal".
  14. If you wait until the NEC show, you may find that Bailey may be offering a new 8' range that may have some new layouts. The may have the same name as an existing range, but with an extra word in the title.
  15. And motorcycles just continue as before, straight down the middle!
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