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  1. This link should clarify, its relatively plug and play apart from the connection to 12v, as detailed by the OP. Crucial part is having iNet ready appliances, ie. Combi boiler CP Plus.
  2. You need to tell us whats on offer, aka what motorhome or caravan, and then we can take the appropriate side easier 😆
  3. Assuming yours is the pre 2019 MY Command, Swift (by Sargent) have done a lot to improve user friendliness and making Command more intuitive this new season including touch screen control panel and all new app. Not tried it yet but it looks a whole lot better! Command is exceptional compared to iNet IMO, offers so much more functionality crucially around battery and power management. iNet will furter evolve also I am sure, as it already is.
  4. iNet does not control lights joanie 😉 So there’s another benefit, waste! - to those enviro friendly folk at least, with remote control you need not heat the vehicle when you are not home and be far more “efficient” as a result 👍
  5. Excellent, good luck with it. I was quite impressed with French Chausson m'homes have to say. LOVE ford vans just wish they'd pretty the front up a tad on the big one, suppose that does not matter when behind the wheel :-)
  6. What you getting out of interest, apologies if I missed it elsewhere and for temporary thread drift!
  7. Agreed, just convenience and the way the world is now! the automation industry in houses is massive, it was bound to happen. The mobile phone interface is usually far more interactive and intuitive than some control panels and disparate buttons. links to user manuals in multi languages also a benefit, removing the eventual need for a rain forest's worth of paper documentation with every leisure vehicle! We're early into this, give it time :-)
  8. At least Truma give the option whereas Swift force it on you (as many owners complain, no complaints from me!). Its not only remote control it provides local bluetooth central control of iNet enabled devices, including power management, heating (Alde/CP Plus), air conditioning, gas levels etc. Its a great idea but agree it costs atm but I’m sure that cost will decrease with popularity. I’m a big fan of this stuff.
  9. Have a look at page 5 of the manual here for the dimensions. It states max height of 190mm and width of 175mm. Personally I still like to measure the Actual space for myself 😉
  10. The £20 CHAPS fee (I presume) is payable to your bank, they get away with passing on fees 🤬 I think LE is talking generally about implications of money laundering regs and therefore may affect how dealers take payment (especially cash!) No one wants to pay the fee for being paid lets be honest, and its totally understandable. By the dealer eradicating their liabilty best they are able they can also surely be more transparent with their best price and don’t have to “build in” fees for card processing or indeed second guess payment methods.
  11. I would imagine this is due to the new ruling where the x% card fee is now unable to be passed onto the consumer. Not sure why Debit card is an issue mind you? wonder if they have dodgy card processors? Its becoming normal in my experience now for dealers to accept a small deposit on a CC but not the balance. Cash is also expensive and risky and I understand the dealers reluctance to accept large chunks of cash too. BACS has always been a 2 day clearing system, CHAPS is guaranteed same day. Faster electronic bank payments are usually same day but they are never guaranteed and usually of limited value (i. e. £25k with HSBC).
  12. As Legal Eagle has already said this is a well known compatibility setup with Swift Caravans and their exclusive LED lights, ask you Swift dealer to see if they can hook you up to their test rig or to a caravan with LED units on (Swift of course) Or give Sargent a call they will help you, I am sure there are lots of Mondeo’s already on their list 😉 VLM is an easy user fit option if it is needed.
  13. Hi David, I read it as the OP is the second owner and Elddis took his/her money for the warranty transfer. Sadly a misunderstading of the small print seems the OP missed a service deadline set out in the warranty T&C’s. Hugely disapointing I am sure, but not knowing the details how missed it was makes it hard to judge if Elddis are being reasonable or could be more lenient given the circumstances.
  14. Hi and welcome, Have a look at Flying Grandad’s post here, I’m sure he’ll have all your answers, his pictures show how the roof is bonded too 😉 You may also find SwiftTalk helpful. Worth joining if you have not already. I am interested in your security observations re Command, can you expand a little?
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