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  1. Not so on a Swift with onboard flojet, as stated in the manual also. Without the pump on flow is pathetic.
  2. Hi both & welcome, If I am understanding the question correctly when you use the waterline it is still necessary to have the pump switched on inside the van or the flow is very poor (as it is impeded by the pump itself as incoming water flows thru it). Waterline has a pressure reducer on it so you are not actually adding mains pressure into the van which is crucial. In theory you can bypass the pump with a bit of work and then it could be left off, depends if it bothers you and how often you'll be on fully serviced pitches.
  3. Answering a question with a question ;-) The word I'd use in relation to business & SOG is "similar" - aka similar rights in business to what a consumer had - the only element of your post I doubted (hence the question) is CRA 2015 is nothing to do with business - even SOG (as I said above) is questionable in many cases as there is usually a supply agreement (contract) anyway. I understood CRA to have clarified wholly and improved "consumer" rights but excluded business but I am on dodgy ground answering your direct question and happy to be corrected by LE. So, I doubt your dealer "rejected" the caravan (as you did under CRA) but they may have negotiated/threatened acted on a contractual clause or whatever to get it back to the manufacturer for reasons I guess we'll never fully know.
  4. Just for my absolute clarity, are you saying the CRA 2015 applies to businesses?
  5. Agreed that's my understanding and certainly matches what the FSB would advise. Even so, the supply agreements override almost everything and you can bet your life trading with the big boys is almost certainly on their terms!
  6. I may be reading that wrong Silverback but its long been my understanding there are no consumer rights in a b2b arrangement, there is in fact usually a supply agreement of some sort. Small business in particular can be quite exposed in larger organisation supply agreements whereas the consumer is well protected with CRA to protect from such situations.
  7. They (Swift) know everything as of 2017 thanks to Swift Command tracking! Can they use it? I doubt it - do they use it, doubt that too but the tech is there - big brother is watching! In the case of Swift it would be covered by the "body shell" warranty Quote: The Body Shell Warranty and Extended Body Shell Warranty cover any defect with the panels and seams of the caravan. This includes body leaks, delamination of panels or floor, water ingress through any permanently sealed seam joints.
  8. For clarity - this nonsense about the warranty from Swift/Bailey whoever being between the "manufacturer and the dealer" - not the "manufacturer to the consumer" is totally inaccurate. The manufacturer may stipulate its enacted at a dealer/agent or itself but it is THEY (the manufacturer) who provide US (the consumer) the warranty. It is in addition to your consumer rights. It's also dead easy to state the new owner has to go to the supplying dealer, thats just the manufacturer pointing out the obvious contractually IMO. The overlooked examples a few of us have made in this thread is where the said warranty is transferred to a new owner, even in a private sale - where is the dealer then? The warranty docs also clearly state WHO provides said warranty, and its Bailey.Swift et al. Truth is consumer law offers better protection from new but why oh why would anyone just disregard warranty when it can be so valuable in future years be that resale, second owner whatever..... I think this is just utter confusion about warranty vs consumer rights - warranty is additional protection!
  9. It will just be Couplands not updating the site properly, its built with SMART 3 and should have the lifetime warranty - it states it on this site here, search "lifetime" and its under the SMART 3 blurb under exterior features https://www.bessacarrcaravan.co.uk/bessacarr580
  10. Regardless it’s a warranty provided by the manufacturer to the consumer. I’d have no reason to doubt a court of law could not force a manufacturer to honour said warranty should ever the need arise. With respect you actually said the warranty was between manufacturer and dealer which it isn’t - I was not talking about or questioning warranty overriding legislation? Think I’ll go with Legal Eagles view makes perfect sense to me.
  11. Yeah Bessaccar based on Elegance with more bells and whistles of course. Wonder if they'd last 25 years (did I say that out loud lol)
  12. Perhaps this may help https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/consumer_affairs/consumer_protection/consumer_rights/guarantees.html https://www.mylawyer.co.uk/guarantees-and-warranties-a-A76076D76695/ https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Documents/Advice factsheets/Consumer Affairs/c-guarantees.pdf
  13. You get a "lifetime" warranty on Swift's new Smart 3 vans (Elegance) ! first owner only mind. 25 years in fact = lifetime when you read the T&C's. Its a damm good marketing ploy if thats what you think it is, after all the quality issues many encounter are covered by this ploy (in many cases) including things like deamination of panels (which isn't as uncommon as we'd like to think). The warranty in my opinion and experience is comprehensive and invaluable and I encourage everyone to maintain it. The only irritating part IMO is the fact it's not national and dealers turn lots of people away when they try and claim but thats a completely different issue.
  14. Bailey's are here, and Swift here, just a couple of examples for you.
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