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  1. Try this... swift-repair-front-bottom-end.pdf
  2. Yeah exactly ;-) The other connection will already exist.
  3. The iNet box basically needs 12v power and a ‘bus’ connection with the CP Plus panel (which must be an iNet ready version) and the combi boiler. ThIs bus already exists from the panel to the boiler so the simple connectivity option is a new cable between the iNet box (TIN1) & the combi boiler (this method is plug and play as there is a spare connection slot in the combi). I assume there is no other compatible device (eg air con) but if there were it too needs the bus connection. Examples and more details are found in this link here in English on pages 12-21. TIN 1 appears to b
  4. I feel this will be 'ye long ole thread of nostalgia!' 21 proud as punch to get the best car in the world - the Austin 2.0EFi MG Maestro in white just as this image !! (cough...I thought so at the time ) I was paying nearly a grand in insurance!!!!!
  5. To be fair the owners could have been done by rogue traders, guess we’ll never know.
  6. If Alde is on 3KW and you have set Alde load monitor to 10A and lets assume you boil a 800W kettle then Alde should automatically drop the Alde boiler to 1KW and even cut out all together if you add further load say for example the elec hob... so all you selecting 1KW does is stops Alde increasing to 2KW when load allows.
  7. My point is on 2kw, even 3kw setting Alde load monitor should reduce to the 1/2/3 based on load at a given time so you reducing to 1kw should be irrelevant to the symptom, make sense?
  8. Yeah just experiment with using that screen the load monitor should limit Alde to 1KW anyway so leave it on 2KW and it should still work. My experience of 1KW is just very slow, and when its really cold (freezing) it can't really cope on such large vans.
  9. There is a really useful service screen on Alde that shows the load thru the load monitor (current), you can quickly rule out if thats an issue, it may help you diagnose. I also recall the modes being quirky, I had a similar issue with out of night mode and it was to do with day and default modes. The way to know if a mode is active is try and adjust the settings, if they are greyed out then a mode is on. Alde can do elec and gas yes, the more you select the higher the input / and the faster/higher the output (heat) - you can also set the priority in the menus. And yes
  10. To hell with the environment lol What air con unit have you got that actually draws in fresh air then? I thought they just circulated (or cooled) air?
  11. MartinJB


    Common problem, see here (these guys are Swift approved, give them a call and check chassis number first) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWIFT-STERLING-CARAVAN-BLACK-FRONT-ROOF-BADGE-DECAL-STICKER-NEARSIDE-G110061/361987929344?epid=906654919&hash=item5448297500:g:megAAOSw8lpZJCzm
  12. These are the offending unnecessary and frankly personal comments which do seems totally unwarranted, LE never told you anything and the post was very relevant? No idea either what LE needed to get out of?
  13. Most if not all of us I recon :-) And its not just fridge, as said above its also charging. So you have let me down you mean then its not a wireless 12v system then, a bit like QI in the phone world? :-) back to the drawing board lol
  14. I think there could be an issue based on the usage of the land in planning terms, eg it may be down as equestrian use (and some conditions around that). This may help link here ps - be warned sometimes this can open up a hornets nest, eg the land is down as agricultural and a planner see's you using it for horses!
  15. Perhaps it’s a wireless 12v connection? think outside the box, if all we had to do was hitch that sounds good to me. All the LED canbus issues sorted .....yes please. Also, I have assisted countless people on sites struggling with their 13pin connections due to mainly alignment issues from connections to unplugging. Form completed David good luck 😉 Like this perhaps? I shared this on Swift Talk last year 😊 the comments are a tad predictable of course.
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