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  1. Do pop back and let us know please 😊
  2. I suspect there will be terms & conditions and think you may be disappointed in the findings regardless of membership. Not sure if you mean the Camping & Caravanning Club or Caravan & Motorhome Club - if the later it’s almost certainly a no-no, as quoted from T&C’s 4.5 Sub-letting of a Seasonal or Base Pitch to any other person (including a co-owner of the outfit or another Member), whether for financial gain or not, is not permitted. link here The slightly better news is you still can use it but have to pay ! (In the CMC instance above that is)
  3. presumably, as per the OP, most sites introducing metering will reduce pitch prices by the current fixed electric element (eg. £3 a night) therefore you can continue to heat the caravan / and water and use your own facilities and pay no more than you do today - it will only be more if you are a particularly heavy electricity consumer (a great example being you have a hybrid/EV and charge at pitch overnight on a granny charger perhaps or, as mentioned, leave a heater on in the awning). Chemical toilets in the U.K. cost non mains sewerage sites quite a bit as they can’t process the waste and have to capture and arrange collection of it - so you could argue those who don’t empty cassette loo’s should pay less too. I personally think as electric is such a variable and significant part of pitch prices it makes sense to meter as the ever increasing electric revolution of rechargeable everything and ever increasing cost of electric seems to forcing sites hands ! Let’s not go back to coin meters at the showers please (some still do of course) 😊 As an interesting concept (further pushing meter importance for sites) Knaus are pushing forward to the electric revolution too - gone are the gas bottles, here; https://www.knaus.com/en-uk/brand-world/new-models-2022/epower/ interesting times ahead!
  4. http://pro-teccoversonline.co.uk/protec-towing-covers.html
  5. Are you absolutely sure you posted it? I can see no moderation history on this topic whatsoever? You have said thanks here….maybe unrelated but thought I’d check …
  6. There should be the original app and also one saying “2019” , both in the App Store
  7. Welcome Mike, you can upload but may need to compress the image to suit the maximum upload size for approved members. For video you may need to link to the likes of YouTube. Upload by dragging or clicking below. See image below where I’ve highlighted
  8. Try again I’m assured working - mine is ok now
  9. Sargent must have an issue in that domain, the old domain still works for me; https://swiftcommand.azurewebsites.net/Account/Login I’ll drop them an email, doubt it will be seen until Tuesday (unless they are already aware)
  10. It will most likely be the 2 rubber o-ring seals on the inlet pipe, very common as they age , also double check the flap on the caravan still holds the top of the aqua-source inlet, another common issue is they break/fracture and the top can then rock and not sit in square. Something like this shows the seals I refer to, maybe slightly different but I think explains it for you:
  11. I did read the post, my response was about the alarm in your second post. Temp/humidity requires the caravan NOT to be shutdown so I’m not entirely sure how you managed that - does temp/humidity work ok in the van? Command sure is quirky.
  12. Command (and it’s software) has nothing whatsoever to do with the Stinger alarm and key fobs, it only knows if the alarm is set or unset so I think the dealer is spinning you a yarn! Correct
  13. Indeed, there are lots of contradicting reports out there we have to wait and see but with so many smart meters on the network you have to think it will not just be switched off, rather it be limited. Swift have said they are closely monitoring the situation, however it should be noted this is only a small individual module and does not impact the caravan electronic control unit so unless a user wishes to subscribe to the remote functionality or the tracker (from 2017 on) then a replacement module would be a very straightforward job and no reason it’s an expensive one either.
  14. Ah! Zoho is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool and it would appear this ‘renewal email’ would be part of its functionality based on subscriptions - but I do get what you mean. I suppose it could be related to most cloud based apps these days including the likes of Quick Books, Xero (accounting software) etc sending out company invoices/purchase orders within the cloud domains and not a companies domain. Always wise to be cautious mind you ;-) Regarding 2G I will ask the question of Swift if the existing Comms modules will continue to work after 2G is ceased, I would hope the answer is just a new SIM card or even its already 3G/4G ready (hardware dependant). I wonder if 2G will be shutdown as Voda/EE report or will it drag on beyond 2030 as many report. 🤔
  15. Swift Command may be your friend in diagnosing if there is an issue - if you use the diagnostic function (put simply the power icon) it can tell you precisely the load at 12v (and 240v for that matter). It will also show input such as solar too.
  16. Login here; https://www.swiftcommand.co.uk/login The website was updated earlier this year - why is the link dodgy, can you share it? 2G is around for some time yet, 10 years or so I believe.
  17. There should be a screw under the red label, like this here;
  18. Is there another local Swift approved dealer/centre who will take on the warranty work? Swift can help identify one, or check yourself here; https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/find-a-dealer/type/repairer
  19. It really does sound like your dealer is behaving rather badly! It is of no significance to them if you have your warranty performed by any other approved Swift centre/mobile engineer et al - As LE suggested above, contact Swift as soon as possible and explain your predicament. The first thing to ask is if they have record of your service - if they do great, if they don’t send them proof of the services and get the warranty up,to date soonest. Do keep us posted how you get on and fingers crossed!
  20. Have you tried using the whale aqua source (or similar) direct connection? Example link below from Prima Leisure, basically it will remove the pump from the equation and has built in pressure reduction. If you do try this idea it’s worth checking all the connections inside the caravan are all sound and switch off the tap outside when not about - as good as they are (and I use one) I have known them to cause leaks/burst pipe work on some vans and that is always a risk to be aware of. https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1132029?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks
  21. Has it always done this? Why no leisure battery fitted out of interest? It looks like it’s switching between battery (if one was fitted) and PSU - presumably as the LED alone is not enough current. I recon a battery installed may just sort it.
  22. No one is offended Linda, it was not a personal comment but many thanks for popping back and updating, glad to hear your sticking around. Welcome aboard!
  23. Not sure if this is any help; https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/25794-vanette-cooker-and-hob/
  24. Welcome to the forum 😊 When on leisure battery only (no mains) does is still behave like this or is it ok? Is there a label/make on the PSU you can share?
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