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  1. Hello guys, pulled me caravan out for last bank holiday weekend and we suddenly noticed a pale blue tinge on the internal roof above the L shape seating area. I really hope the seals are not faulty and it’s mould - any thoughts ? Its a 2009 elddis suoer sirocco and never had any previous issues etc - only had her serviced last summer ?
  2. Hi guys what type of connector / valve would I need to attach a gas bbq to my Elddis Crusader super sirocco 2009. The rubber hose connects to the side of the caravan however I need to know what type of connector I need to order
  3. Hi guys side of my thetford fridge is a small on / off switch separate the main power on off etc and also source and temp selector any ideas what it could be ? alan
  4. Guys, I’ve got a Elddis Crusader Super Sorocco 2009 - what is connection i need a a regular site we visit has a water tap next to each pitch so I can have it permanently connected on our stays here the actual pump is inside i believe
  5. Oh really, thought it would be quite straight forward. You know what women are like for washing their hair, it is ok but sometimes another few mins would be great
  6. Hi Gents ive got a 2009 Elddis Crusader Super Sorocco and it has a standard fit Truma Ultrastore Rapid (not sure if it’s the 10l or 14l Anyway, I’m thinking of upgrading it to a bigger Heater / storage unit as I’ve got the space for it under the seating area. I’m guess it’s fairly easy to swap over - anyone else done his and if so any recommendations on a new unit and also where I can order it from As always - thanks guys, I’m always appreciative Alan
  7. The battery is fully charged as I’m currently on a camping site with caravan hooked up. I can bet to the flush button pub and TBF it looks in very good condition. Not corroded at all Guys it’s all fixed and working. Not quite sure exactly what the issue was. Father in law spent 20 mins with his electrical tester on various places and seems there was power going in. i think the problem was on the PCB flush button connection as I don’t think it was making the connection. - anyway it’s all sorted so all is good
  8. The battery is fully charged as I’m currently on a camping site with caravan hooked up. I can bet to the flush button pub and TBF it looks in very good condition. Not corroded at all
  9. Also I’ve tried filling the cassette up with water and the cassette full indicator light Does not now come on - it did before I had issues i don’t think power is going through to it
  10. No flicker or dimming of the toilet light ??? Hmmmm so that tells me it’s a electrical connection issue with power not getting to pump.
  11. Hmmm the plot thickens. So first of all I’ve identified me model as a 250. Following instructions I drained and then got access to the pump via the outside compartment. Seemed easy enough, I’ve removed the inlet and outlet pipe so I could get a better view of the pump and then I got small thin screwdriver and turned the pump inside incase it was seized. Connected it all back together again and tried and. ........ nothing. In the words of Homer Simpson “ Doh” im 99% certain the connections are ok so I’m gonna get me father in law to check the electrics to see if
  12. Brilliant advise gents, thank you ever so much. Will keep you update 👍
  13. Gents, I’ve got a feeling that when me circuit board arrives back end of this week that it won’t assist the problem as me flush ain’t working. The interbal flush button clicks but nothing happens. How can I diagnose what’s wrong? lets say it’s the pump, how would I get to it to replace and could I do that as a novice ??
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