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  1. Hi folks. Bit of advise appreciated. I have a pretty old coachman on a permanent (well seasonal) pitch. Had it five years and the water system has never worked properly... all the electrical side of things seems fine inside the van... the problem is something to do with the connection at the inlet housing itself... essentially if the tank is empty or I turn on a tap, the green light inside indicating the the pump activating does come on as it should.... but nothing from the actual pump in the aquaroll... I have to literally go outside and hold the pump tight into the inlet socket for it to work.... the second I let it go the connection breaks. Clearly this is an issue with connection but is it the inlet housing or the pump.... I don't fancy and can't afford to mess about replacing both and after months of no water I'm about ready to rip the whole damn system out and connect the taps directly to the pitch tap as I don't need hot water and dont use the shower so the on-board tank is kind of pointless anyway.... I realise there are water pressure issues in doing this but if I run the pipes from the taps directly outside through what is currently the inlet housing... I'd remove it and replace it with a homemade gasket... then connect both taps to a splitter and then to the mains (bypassing all the hot water system, on board tank etc) and turn the mains tap on only when I'm there would this be safe? If I turn the pitch tap on (partially open... nowhere near at full pressure) would the on-board taps cope with the pressure as doing it this way they'd be the only thing under pressure Appreciate any advice... like I said it's an old caravan so no warrantee issues.... just sick of having to outside to fill the kettle and the truma system seems truly awful
  2. Hi all. .. I have a fairly urgent problem that I hope someone can advise me on. I currently have a static on a site in Gloucestershire but the expiry on the site runs out in a few months. Rather than selling the static I would much prefer to move it to a different site. I urgently need to find a site in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or anywhere roughly between Birmingham and Derby. ..(the closer to Derby the better) I'm not looking for a top class site (and I realise that most don't accept older caravans anyway)... to be perfectly honest the site need have no more facilities that plumbing and electricity (wifi of some sort preferable).... I've never had to make a search of this kind before and I'm really struggling to sift through the posher sites to find ones with spaces or to find sites in the area I need. I'm really desperate here. .. £20 to the first person that comes up with a winner lol. ..and again I stress, i'm far too desperate to be picky on quality of site. .. if my toilet flushes and my lights turn on I can deal with the site having no further conveniences thanks all, id appreciate your help
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