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  1. Dose any one know where I can find details of sites that offer a discount on the Camping Key Europe card Thanks Richard
  2. Hi Does anybody know what has happened to Camping Travel Club Silver & Gold Cards and if they can be topped up or what and if there is an alternative method to use. I am due to visit a site in September and they only except Camping Travel Cards. Any help would be greatly appreciated Richard
  3. Hi I am due to go to a site that only excepts a camping cheques. I have a silver card and last year I loaded the card with credits just before I left the site. Dose anyone know how I can pay the site now. Thanks Richard
  4. Hi I agree with MalH there's Les Cappucines at Ranville, just over Pegasus Bridge stayed a few weeks ago loads of space 10 mins to port. Riva Bella to close to port and imigrants my wife wont stay there anymore. Richard
  5. Hi Theres a BP garage in Castalon near to the port just up from Bonterra Park, they will let you have a CEPSA 11kg bottle for the price of the gas, they need id and a form to fill in. If you are ever on Calpe Mar the repsol man comes on site 5 euros rent and price of gas a lot of long stay brits leave bottles behind,there is also a fereteirias hope spelt right nearby The regulator is available from a fereteirias it fits both cepsa and repsol along with gas hose that will connect straight onto your van. 20 euros for both I have a 11kg bottle on my Coachman it lasts ages, I have looked at the repsol 6kg bottle but not been able to aquire one yet they are rare and not all garages sell them. In an ideal world thats my next plan but its hard to get hold of them. The cepsa bottles are much lighter but I think refills are about a euro more. Regards Richard
  6. I think what Montesa has said about twin wheelers is correct Spanish Plod will know they are over 12 mts so its an easy pull for them. Which sites do you guys use in Spain, we tend to go on L`amfora, Bonterra and Calpe Mar mainly but would be interested on any others especially with unlimited electric. Richard
  7. Just had a call back from dealer only 1 year warranty on the key good job I was sitting down £52.95 for a new key, but that includes delivery so its off to local key cutter to see what he can do Richard
  8. I do Spain regular but just under 12mts Freelander 4.5mts and Coachman 575 VIP 7.43mts very close, however on the occassions when Poilce are on duty at the Spanish border they have a good look at the back of the van. A mate of mine has a photo copy in his glove box with his dimensions from his cara and caravan handbooks to give to Police should he be stopped that seems a good idea. When and if we come out of the EU I bet they will ramp up the process it easy for a 1000 euros fine. Richard
  9. I use the main dealer while under warranty Broad Lane at Kenilworth, at the second service they checked the ALDE heating and said the strength was fine for another year,they could have easily changed it at 2 years as per recs. I was also impressed with there charge under £220, on my last van the man who came to the door was charging £195. In 2003 I had a new Amara and in 2008 (5th service) they changed the tyres FOC as they were faulty I know people moan about the main stealers but I am impressed with Broad Lane Richard
  10. HI Wozzer I have a 2017 575 VIP which had as standard equipment 80 watt panel. Richard
  11. Hi Would anyone know if my caravan key is covered under the Coachman 3 year warranty as it no longer flicks the key out when you press the button to open the door Thanks
  12. Hi I have one 2017 VIP solar panel standard fit 80 watts. My problem is the the charger is gassing the battery and the battery requires more distilled water which I suspect there is now a faulty cell and a new battery is required. I have been told that on the VIP`s charger runs hot and the electronics fail and the charger keeps charging and cooks the battery. The van is still under warranty until Jan 2020. I am now going to fit a new battery. I have checked when using solar power only that it cuts out at about 14 volts then drops to about 13.5 volts then kicks in again taking it up to 14 volts again using a multimeter. Does any one know at what voltage the vans charger should cut out as I have not been able to do this. Before I go back to my dealer I need to know if there is a fault with the charger ie not cutting out when battery fully charged. Any help or advice greatly appreciated Richard
  13. Les a couple of others have come to mind. The one in my last response is Whitehall farm heyford lane weedon. Check to see if this is still open the limes milton road gayton. This ones a bit further out braunston marina the wharf daventry. There in the club book type in NN12 post code Richard
  14. Les There are 2 CLs that I know have hook ups there's one at nether heyford about 10 miles from silverstone nice well cut grass on the canal banks pub 10 mins walk and the traffic will be good ad you can go over the back way, to Silverstone there is another at just outside MK There is also another CL at Stoke Bruern but no electric I live 3 miles away from the track so I know the area well Richard
  15. As a qualified electrician in the eighties I have fitted a switched fuse spur to isolate the charger so I could use the ctec while still hooked up to mains at home the solar panel keeps it topped up for about 25 days but eventually the alarm goes off due to battery voltage. Never had a problem with my last swift as you could control the charger with it's own switch.
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