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  1. Les a couple of others have come to mind. The one in my last response is Whitehall farm heyford lane weedon. Check to see if this is still open the limes milton road gayton. This ones a bit further out braunston marina the wharf daventry. There in the club book type in NN12 post code Richard
  2. Les There are 2 CLs that I know have hook ups there's one at nether heyford about 10 miles from silverstone nice well cut grass on the canal banks pub 10 mins walk and the traffic will be good ad you can go over the back way, to Silverstone there is another at just outside MK There is also another CL at Stoke Bruern but no electric I live 3 miles away from the track so I know the area well Richard
  3. As a qualified electrician in the eighties I have fitted a switched fuse spur to isolate the charger so I could use the ctec while still hooked up to mains at home the solar panel keeps it topped up for about 25 days but eventually the alarm goes off due to battery voltage. Never had a problem with my last swift as you could control the charger with it's own switch.
  4. Hi Any one out there use one of these chargers when always hooked whilst caravan is not being used. I have 2017 VIP but the battery seems to over charge and needs refilling with water I know it's supposed to cut out when fully charged by Van's charger but I dont think this is happening. Richard
  5. HI Does anyone have any contact details for this company,if they are still trading? Thanks
  6. Just been away with caravan fully loaded and bike on the rack checked Freelander`s tow ball height with caravan attached the with caravan off the ball the height only changed by 20mm.
  7. HI JTQ How far out of Quistreham is camping des capciunes, we always use Riva Bella but as you say the imigrants are a real problem and my wife does not feel safe. Thanks
  8. The Witter tech guy emailed this morning, he suggested that I slightly loosen the 4 bolts holding the detachable neck. Then once they are loose to lift the actual bar up and re-tighten and torque up the bolts. This allowed the ball to rise about 35mm which will help matters. Thanks for all of your responses and advice Richard
  9. Surely Coachman would not make that mistake the brochure says 195/70 r15 104. I`ll check whats on it. I think the 70 is the height.
  10. The Coachman is on 15 inch wheels I had the Van upgraded to 1700KG but I think they just changed the weight plate. I will give Coachman a ring but the tyres are the same as the sales brochure says ie 15 inch
  11. The problem is with the caravan. With caravan not attached to the Freelander the measurement to the middle of the tow ball is 420mm which I believes falls in the ball heights on most towing vehicles. When I measure from inside ie where the friction pads on the caravan hitch with the caravan perfectly level to the ground its 520mm,so when it is hitched to the car and the car takes up the noseweight the front of the caravan drops by about 150mm maybe more . There absolutely nothing wrong with the cars suspension and has covered only 35k since new. I was wondering if any one out there with 575 VIP could measure to the ground from inside the ALKO hitch with there van level. Thanks for all the responses Richard
  12. Hi Lutz I here where you are coming from unless my neck has been superseded by the new neck which called a Quantum. When searching the witter website I cant find any image for my towbar neck which is straight. From the PF Jones website and typing in Freelander 2 2013 it comes up with the bar in the picture, as you scroll down it states the neck is compatible with my Witter bar which is a R41AQF. Today I will measure the bar on the car and the caravan hitch,its not the noseweight thats the problem the hitch when caravan is level is about 490mm maybe even more. Witter detachable Neck ZQFE2037 Compatible with the following Witter tow bars CH8AQF DT137QF R41AQF
  13. The neck Witter detachable neck ZQFE2037 is for a Land Rover Freelander I am just wondering if its a stock picture, and its the straight one the same as I have that would be dispatched. I am also waiting for witter tech team to get back as I have asked them the question.
  14. Hi Take your car onto a weighbridge, I was surprised that my freelander weighed 2080kg with a driver and tank of fuel, the mamual said it should weigh about 1800kg. If the sums add up weight etc the Coachman every time.
  15. i have its 100kg thats the first thing the land rovers noseweight limit is 150kg also. I did its nose down even when empty,
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