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  1. Have considered a solar powered solution. The main draw on the battery is the mover but obviously that is only in short bursts either end of the holiday, other than that there is the toilet/water pump and lighting. Obviously the other advantage is as you mention that we can use it if we are on a site with no hook up. We have been to two events this weekend that we are considering camping at next year that have no power. I did disconnect the PSU this weekend but didn't have a multimeter to hand, however I connected my car battery charger to the connectors and this worked perfectly getting the battery back to full and maintaining the charge so this is definitely the problem. Do you have a regulator for your solar panel? Thanks in advance,
  2. Will check the outputs tonight. There is no kettle lead and the cable goes directly into the box so unfortunately that easy fix isn't going to work for me, did see that on a few sites and was hoping for something simple! Understood in respect of the PSU element of the charger, been doing a bit more digging and looked at the Volta unit but have also seen a lot of good reviews of the Rovert chargers. Anyone here got any experience with them? http://www. 12voltplanet. co. uk/rovert-automatic-multi-stage-leisure-battery-charger-12v-20a. html Have to say many thanks for quick responses so far, these forums are invaluable!
  3. Apologies, despite using a lot of forums in the past I have been a bit dim and have posted in the wrong section. Will repost in the electrics section and this can be deleted by the mods if so wished.
  4. Hi, We have a 1999 Fleetwood Colchester with a blown battery charger, everything else works and all the 12v electrics are fine until the battery runs out! The power unit is a BCA Power Centre II which I have opened up and located the charger unit itself (see attached photo). My question is can this be replaced by a unit similar to that in the eBay link below? We have a cubby under the wardrobe where the BCA unit is located so could wire this in quite easily with the unit hidden away and the front back on the Power Centre. http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/12V-10A-Connect-and-Forget-Leisure-Battery-Charger-Caravan-Motorhome-Boat-/171386310024?hash=item27e76b8d88:g:kvQAAOSw7I5Tw762#rwid Seems much cheaper and potentially much better than replacing with a 'like for like' unit such as a Powerpart charger. Thanks in advance!
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