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  1. Heating only came on for 5 min, no hot water this weekend. Checked all fuses all are fine, does this mean my heat element is goosed or is it something else... Pcb maybe? In this picture of the heating and water control switch I noticed that the small light to the bottom right of the switch wasnt on also 🤔
  2. Yes I have, but I've run out now until I get some.
  3. I'm confused , last weekend I had heating and hot water now I have ziltch , tried gas and electric together, the gas floom outside blows cold air but not heating the radiators ,how do I know if the gas pilot/burner has fired up . I've reset the thermostat to factory settings to see if I've screwed things up when I was dabbling about trying to get the heating to work(I'm finding the thermostat very confusing ) , I've located all the bleedscrews on the radiators and the towel rail in the bathroom, . The radiators from the boiler to the towel rail were warm last weekend when the heating was working , the radiator left of the boiler was only warm halfway along its length and from the other half and next radiator to the tank/pump was cold . I've opened the bleedscrew closest to the boiler first and there was air bubbling out then it cleared ,next one I opened was on the radiator to the left of the boiler ,it also had air and so on and so on , the only bleedscrew I didn't get any air or fluid was the towel rail. If I've made any sense up to this point , can anyone point me in the right direction. I know I have air in the system, just need some pointers where to start to get the air out . With the air problem and no heating I don't understand why I have no hot water which i had last weekend, again .... does anyone have any suggestions. Apologies for the long winded post . Sean
  4. Yeh, I was a tad overwhelmed to start with then just got stuck in 😊. Chuffed on how it all turned out. Ended up having to make a new fixed bed today, noticed a smell coming off it this morning that I hadn't noticed before. So I bonded to sheets of chipboard together.... Job done 👍😊 Thanks all
  5. Anyone know how to factory reset the danfoss tp5 thermostat. And what does the symbol in the top right corner mean
  6. It's from a 2003 Fleetwood, no micro switches on it Just want a working tap 😊
  7. Can anyone tell me what this style of tap is called please. Sean
  8. Well I gave it a go to repair the damage. The water was coming in the joint on the outer skin of the caravan on the window piller which had separated, on further investigation the whole front up to that joint had separated from the wooden framework!! At this point I nearly threw the towel in, sick to my stomach 😞😞👀. The front was just flopping about. Anyways I did manage to repair the damage slowly but surely. And I'm happy as Larry with the end result. All wood below the window was replace, lots of measurements and photos were taken. 😊
  9. I've screwed up big time, the whole front of the caravan has dry rot 😭😩. Only noticed when we started to clean the caravan head to toe. Half way down the widow frames are shot also below all the front windows. This is border lining on a right off isn't it?. I'm totally gutted. 😭😢😩 I've contacted the previous owner and there not interested what's so ever, he said he never noticed it. And me being a total newb didn't either. Tried to return caravan, again he's not interested, said it was sold as seen in the (which it never). Looks like I'm going to be out of pocket unless I can figure out how to repair it. Luckily I have a few close friends who are joiners.. What's people's opinion on here. Is it repairable or not. I can swing a hammer and use a saw 😊 Sean
  10. Hi, how does the alko hitch close when there's no car hooked up. I need to put the hitch lock on. Sean
  11. Don't laugh , how do I turn on the heating ,and are there any pre checks to do . This what's in the van Can you tell I'm a newbie 😁😊
  12. Thinking of buying this caravan ,just a couple things I noticed is that both the front and back exterior panels seem flimsy compared the the lunar we had prior to this ,is this normal or not . Sean
  13. Evening , on our last trip (very windy) the front centre window split/cracked down one side and last night the wind again broke two big chunks out of it . I've been searching high and low on the net can't find anywhere. Anyone on here have any ideas , are the 1996 lunar windows compatible with any other. Thanks Sean
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