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  1. Would it not be best then to buy a new caravan on pcp with black horse finance, to take the stress out of it. As if it was on pcp would I not just be able to report it and let black horse sort of any faults. If I had a new van every 5 years then the caravan insurance would just replace old for new if a total right of so no need for gap insurance. As I am new to buying a caravan I want to enjoy it as much as possible and not stress out if there are quality issues. For this peace of mind I would pay a bit extra knowing my caravan would be fit for purpose and not stuck at some dealer waiting for manufacturer or dealer to decide who going to pay for any faults. So has anybody bought a new caravan on pcp, any information on this would be great. And thank you all for your replies. It's like being back at college.
  2. Looking for my first van and going to use finance. Went to Salop Leisure last weekend, the best they could do on a new caravan was 11. 9 Apr. But on Spinney website they can do it for 5. 9 Apr both with black horse finance. Makes you laugh, anyone found any better Apr rates from caravan dealers in the north west Cheshire area. Has anyone bought a new caravan on pcp from black horse finance, Any info/advice would be great.
  3. On what tow car it's a 87% match with a payload of 200kg in the caravan, 150kg in the car. So all I would have to do is put more weight in the car. Any tips would be great
  4. Originally plan gone down the toilet of picking a caravan so the match would be 85% or less. I've changed my company car order for a VW Passat R-Line 2. 0 tdi 190ps manual gearbox, gross weight 2180kg and 459-665kg payload. Caravan was going to be a used one but after the weekend my wife noticed that some of the smells was not quite so pleasant. In the end we did see a Sprite Major 6 TD SR 2017 £16,340, MTPLM 1484kg and MIRO 1263kg. On the website what tow car it's a good match. So my question is asking price is £16,340, I spoke to a salesman in general but not about what deal we could agree on. Do you think I'm best paying the asking price and ask for equipment instead or haggle the price down and pay for caravan equipment we will need. Or would I get a better deal buying a used van. Would not be able to use the van until November as that's when I pick my car up. Not sure what to do or should we just wait till November. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Advice and tips needed please, we are starting to look for our first caravan. So to help us here is a bit of info to help you. Tow car: VW Passat estate 2. 0 tdi 150ps R-Line Price range: 13k, small deposit rest on finance, looking at over 8 years. Caravan Berth: 4 or 5 Axle: Single Layout: Wife likes the fixed bed MTPLM: was looking at about 1200kg, if you think this should be lower please say. Never towed before. Going to book myself in for a course. Past my driving test in 1992. If I've missed anything please say and happy shopping lol Thanks for any advice
  6. Like to say hello and thank you for letting me join the club, we currently do not own a caravan but we are looking. Both me and the wife have been on caravaning holiday with our parents so as a child we know how much fun it can be. So we are hoping our daughter (age 3) will enjoy it as much as we did. I now wish I paid more attention to my dad over the many years traveling all over Europe caravaning, but as any child it was headphones on as my parents choice of music was a acquired taste and I only took them of to ask are we there yet or I'm hungry lol. So please be kind to any questions I ask in the future or in turn I can answer any questions about the 80s music.
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