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  1. Thank you to all the lovely members of this forum on this thread for your help in my quest in August last year! We had tried everything - all the inn/hotels/hostels/cottages didn't have vacancies for the duration we needed. There was no pitch available for a static either, so tourer really was the only way to go. In the end we found a 2003 Burstner Verdana for a sensible price - the van in question was chosen as it ticked all the boxes that emerged from the main points of consensus on this thread. So in a direct and real way you guys had a massive hand in making what could
  2. Thanks to you all. I have got more information from this discussion than ages going back and forth online. There is nothing better than getting it straight from the horses mouth as it were!
  3. Mayblossom, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of price could we be reasonably expect to pay for a cheaper 4 berth caravan in fair condition do you think? The range seems really wide when we look - anything from 500 - 5000 and I have no sense of a benchmark to compare it to. Oh my - how green I am!
  4. Good Suggestion, it did cross my mind but because we aren't sure of the hire period I rather took it that it could run on and end up costing a fair bit with no prospect of any return, so I must admit I didn't look into it deeply. We checked out renting static on a park for the duration but at the notice we have none were available at a price we could afford. Thanks Mayblossom, that sounds encouraging. Sometimes you just need to hear an outside perspective to stop your own self from going round and round questioning your own ideas, especially when those ideas are essentially based o
  5. Thanks for giving us the lie of the land. It probably isn't the best time of year for doing what we're doing, there isn't any choice in that for us though unfortunately. We will make a handy buyer for someone though won't we! Buying at the end of the season. Any suggestions on whether a cheap or pricey caravan would hold it's value better? TIA
  6. Hello, We are buying a new (to us) house but it won't be ready in time for the children to start school. .. so the perfect solution is a 4 berth touring caravan (we have the pitch sorted)! We will live in it for a month or two, then it will be sold on as we will be eyeball deep in DIY for about 2 years and won't be able to use it. We have 3 weeks to choose and buy one and have no experience. Help! Money is a scarce resource for us because we are taking on the house 'project' We have enough to spend up to 10k, but here's the catch, we need as much of it as possible to com
  7. Hello I am here taking my first steps into the world of caravanning. Mostly I am seeking your crowd wisdom and inspiration hoping to avoid rookie mistakes. Perhaps one day I might be able to pay-back the favour but for now I'm mostly like a freshly hatched chick! Hope that's OK though.
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