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  1. Thanks tinshack and hp100425ev will check the friction pads or better still will change them and I will also try 90kg nose weight when next outing in van, and a big thank you to all off you for your input.
  2. Thank you all for your replys as to the tyre pressures they were checked before setting off and both were at the correct pressure. Also just had 2 new tyres fitted to van which are good quality not the cheap ones. The nose weight was also checked and was 100kg which Iam told is the correct weight for the car. Yes Gordon the van was loaded at the time, thanks for pointing that out as I didn't say. Don't know if van (coachman Pastich 560/4 2011 model) is fitted with shock absorbers. ?
  3. Hi everyone am new to caravanning, last weekend we went out for the first time in the caravan. i noticed when we were building our speed up we got a lot off bounce in the car which made us feel quite sick, once we got up to a higher speed every thing was good, can anyone help.
  4. Hi everyone am new to the ct, myself and my wife are very new to caravanning and went off for the first time last weekend with our Labrador dog and we absolutely loved it. Wish we had bought a caravan years ago.

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