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  1. Thanks alot everyone ! Really greatful for all advice.
  2. Hi johnaldo, Both are members of the cmc . Im a first timer owner, family are more experienced but havent travelled more than 80 miles from Oxford and thats usually further south not north .
  3. Hi all ! Just picked up my van (newbie to caravaning) . Im getting married in 2 weeks then off to vegas for a week . Then, we are looking to meet up with some family who also own a caravan when we get back . The problem is we live in Cumbria and they live near Oxford. Does anyone know of any suitable sites somewhere in the middle ? Looking for a fairly good site with fully serviced pitches close to some good food . If anyone has any suggestions id be grateful.
  4. Cheers everyone for all the great advice . I can see im going to be busy tonight trying to find the perfect match up !!
  5. Thanks people, i will check thoes now. Never thought of a volvo but it makes sense.
  6. Before i start, i will apologise because i know this will be a repeat of old information for most people . I havent bought my caravan (or tow car yet) so im after some advice . My other half absolutely hates 4x4 / landrover types but as we only need one car we are looking at (and hoping) that a new 1. 5tdci focus or even the 2. 0tdci focus could pull the van . The caravan we are wanting to get in an eccles 510. Does anyone know if either of these 2 could pull that comfortably or have any suggestions of what i could get instead that could also be used as a reasonably sized family car and tower. Cheers in advance
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