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  1. Hi I'm in the throws of selling my caravan and someone has been in contact regarding sharing CRiS details before he comes. Am I safe to share and what details would they need if OK? Regards Simon
  2. Good news about changing to LED. I have a go at GENTLY trying to remove the fitting: )
  3. This light packed in today. 2 questions: Does that fitting just pull straight out? Can I replace the halogen bulb with an LED? Thanks Simon
  4. Thanks I've sorted it now. After releasing the screen I tried it down again and it wanted to stick again but there was nothing immediately obvious as to what was restricting it. I suspect that the aluminium strip which runs along the bottom of the scree has expanded a little in the heat and so became trapped in the lower clip at the bottom of the side track (if that makes sense). Where the screw goes through there is a slot rather than just a hole so I've now adjusted to give maximum clearance (both sides) and no sticking at all now: )
  5. Hi I've attached photos of the front window of our caravan showing the fly screen in the down position, where it appears to be stuck! Has anyone else suffered this issue? Any suggestions on how I may resolve the problem without damage? How is the plastic end piece at the bottom of the track removed? Hope you can help Simon
  6. No never heard of that will have a look, thanks: )
  7. I must say I share your thoughts about stability!? The reason why I was (past tense!) considering it was due to our caravan being very small (Venus 320/2) and it being one item that would in theory do to jobs. .. less to carry. I think back to plan 'A', ramp and al-ko side jack: )
  8. I am looking to buy a levelling ramp and also a side jack and have come across the Kojack which claims to do both. Does have anyone have experience of this system? Would you recommend it? https://bigwhitebox. co. uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/KoJack-1. jpg
  9. Ooooh. .. more stuff I never thought about. Thanks again!!
  10. Thank you. .. I never thought about that!
  11. Hi Just thinking about the 2018 season with our first caravan. We bought a 2012 caravan last year which still have the original tyres on it, so although there is little wear to them I'm thinking of replacing them just to save being inconvenienced (hopefully) due to degradation. Being a bit naive I'm wondering where I take them to be replaced or whether or not a fitter comes out to fit them? With car tyres I have used Black Circles, is there such an online buying portal for caravan tyres? Any other thoughts appreciated: ) Simon
  12. Unfortunately my wife is a workaholic but I could go: ) : )
  13. A mate of mine is trying to talk me in to booking a pitch for New Year, I'm a bit uneasy, just the thought of the possibility of towing when it is icy etc! I'm still struggling when it's nice: )
  14. Regarding axle stands are the caravan specific stands better than the typical ones used for cars? Just that I already have the car stands: )
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