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  1. So Malc Edge did you buy that Topper!!?
  2. Some of the replies I had to a post last year might help you. I ended up buying a Skoda Superb 4x4 which is getting me 58mpg.
  3. NobbyTucker

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    This might help you too
  4. Thanks for all the replies! I narrowed my choice down to Skoda Superb 4x4, Passat Alltrack and Audi Allroad. The legroom/comfort for driver and passengers is amazing on the Superb, and just OK on the others, and that swung thefinal decision for me. I bought a Superb and will be off to join the queue around the M25 and to the coast in it tomorrow! Thanks again for all the advice! Happy caravanning all!
  5. Me to the Nightclub doorman. .. Him to me - No Trainers!
  6. Thanks some great ideas there, and I'm trawling through a few websites looking at the options. Dave is on the ball with the boat and slipways first comment and caravans second, and to answer, the boat is 17ft and 1,087kg with the trailer and much lighter than my Elddis Xscape at 1,325kg. Skoda showing well (as it has in reviews) as well as Passat, Audi, Volvo, Subaru and Insignia, so will have a good look at all those, thanks.
  7. I need a new towcar and want an estate car for economy and I have come to realise it has to be either 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive. This is partly for the caravan, but mostly for messing around in boats and using often slippery slipways for launching boats! (If you want to see how badly this can go wrong there are no end of submerged cars and trailers on Youtube!) I just don't like SUV's, so this restricts me to estate cars, but the plus sides here are good economy and having a sensible sized car for the roads in the town where I live. Also. .. I have two sons of six foot plus, so a roomy back seat is essential. (Had an Avensis Estate for the last few years and that has been great for legroom, just not enough friction when towing!) Personally I'm after something 2010-2012 in terms of age, but also aware that as far as I can see there are very few threads like this, so any help and suggestions appreciated please?
  8. I went for repair of my Reich Pelikan tap in the end. I replaced the tails, but there was stil a leak from inside the body somewhere, coming out of the peg hole. I ordered a new cartidge and peg, replaced the cartridge and still a leak, so decided that Reichs advice (very helpful on the phone they were too) that it was probably frost damage (previous owner thank you!) distorting the tap body was correct. Wrapped some PTFE tape around the tops of the tails and made my own replacement peg and that has cured the leak, so all good now!
  9. Hello,  I wanted to check that the mould in the corner is not condensation (from inside) rather than penetrating damp (from outside)? Air moves least in the corners and it is also the coldest, so any airbourne damp is most likely to condense here. The remedy,if it is condensation, is to heat and ventilate. In a building, something like stain block will seal the walls after they have been allowed to dry out, and hopefully prevent the spores re-establishing. (I'm a Chartered Surveyor by trade but more GP Surgeries these days than surveys).
  10. Hello, I removed and re-fitted the kitchen tap on my Elddis Xscape 2004 at the weekend. Once I had got to the underside (remove cutlery drawer) there were two push-fit tails and the micro-switch wires to remove, and then a nylon nut underneath. The tricky part I found was knowing how to disassemble the tap to get the micro-switch out, as the other end disappears into a wiring loom beside the gas hob. (Reich told me yesterday to remove the hot/cold symbol and release the screw underneath). Also two versions on mine 27mm and 33mm. I'm ordering a new part, but if that doesn't work I will also be in the market for a new tap, so will be interested in any recommendations!
  11. I have been to a few festivals over the years, mostly without the van. Electric hook-ups tend to be for commercial traders in the main and are priced accordingly, and so the punters normally go for the battery option. Normally the music drowns out the generators, but that will depend on where you are pitched!!
  12. Stainless steel pigtails. Cavagna regulator. Burn gas off when leaving site and disconnect pigtails. Floss every morning. I think I'm sorted! Thanks everyone!
  13. Thanks - also really interesting. I wonder whether Samd is right and it is the rubber breaking down? Or if the oil is a contaminant in the gas (as I had read elsewhere)? Or is everyone right and the caravan industry doing a 'belt and braces' approach to holding the regulators trousers up!!? Yes thanks, I read that in my pre-post research, which put me onto Cavagna in the first place.
  14. That's interesting Sam! I had understood the oil to be a contaminant in the gas bottle, rather than rubber pigtail breaking down. So on that basis Stainless Steel is the answer to this problem. Thank you.
  15. Thanks Dave and I'm thinking of getting either a Clesse or one of these https://www. leisureshopdirect. com/gas/caravan-gas-fittings/gas-regulators/bulkhead-mounted-gas-regulators-30-mbar/cavagna-8mm-right-angle-30-mbar-gas-regulator-for-8mm-pipe The argument that the regulator needs to be fitted as near to the top of the gas locker, so that the oil doesn't drain into it from the bottle, sounds convincing? Is there an easy way of extending the copper pipe?
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