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  1. I took my family and caravan to the West coast of France for 3 or 4 years running, about 20 years ago. I'm now looking into a September trip for 2 and doing some research, if you can help. What are the site vouchers and what is an RCN please?
  2. Have a look on Ebay as a guide for what to ask. Search for "Sprite Alpine Caravan" and a few older ones come up for sale with bids on them (and a few dreamers with classified ads too!) then on the left hand side menu, click 'sold' under the 'show only' menu and you should have half a dozen recent sales come up between £400-1,500. You can browse the photos to get an idea of condition and price and adjust as needed to the condition of your own van.
  3. Thanks for the help on this everyone! I went to a towbar specialist who quoted me £450 to re-run the car electrics as new and couldn't do this for a month because he was so busy. So I pulled the car boot apart and found the module and earth strap (near to Paul1957 photo) and it all looked OK! With no obvious fault to fix I took the car to a guy I found on the Skoda Forum, who ran the VCDS code fault-checking system and found that a number of the towplug pins were switched off in the cars computer software and switched them back on for me - £20 well spent! Back to the caravan and the 12N and 12S sockets were poor and needed replacing and I had another look underneath the van and pulled the grey and black cables through to the caravan floor entry points. It was going to be a long fight underneath the caravan to rewire the new 12 core cable and pre-wired 13 pin plug inside the van (my preference) or outside, as the other wires were laying over the ones I needed to get to and quite tight against them too, access was going to be difficult... I decided 'keep it simple' and re-wired the two cables on the caravan into a new 13 pin plug (which I already had as plan B ) which meant I could get rid of the adaptor and as I saw it 24 less potential contact issues. I cleaned up the car 13 pin socket with switch cleaner and an emery board, cleaned up all the caravan light unit bulb contacts and all lights now working! I'm very happy and thanks again everyone for your help!
  4. Thanks Lockin, that is really very helpful and your photo reminds me how this used to look. There is an inset ridge on the piston, at the top of the spring and just under the dome part. Do you think this is where the 'O' ring should sit? Thanks again.
  5. Hi can anyone help please? I found this little spring and piston under the flap of my Crystal Compact housing. I'm thinking it's the non-return valve, but there is no parts guide diagram in the instructions and I can't find one on the internet. Will it just push back in or is it broken?
  6. It depends largely on what the owner of the site has planning permission for and whether you have another permanent residence. Broadly, if the planning permission of the site is as a campsite, then it will most likely be regarded as a holiday let and one set of planning rules will apply, if it is an agricultural field or residential garden then other rules apply and the local planning authority would expect an application for a change of use.
  7. The USB is to give an idea of the size!
  8. The piston/spring seems to have popped out of the housing and I found it inside the flap on the shakedown weekend. I'm assuming this is a non-return valve as the water kept draining back into the water container. Will this just push back into the housing and which way does it go please?
  9. I'm also looking at this and emailed Truma today as part numbers are not clear on anything I found. A part seller said to me "This type of valve won't fit in the semi-flex pipe the dia' is to small you need the blue flexible pipe" and quoted me £21 +P&P.
  10. Yes good advice thank you - I have tested the car socket with a multi-meter and found two pins (fridge and an earth) not working, so getting that fixed is the priority. It's a Westfalia towbar, will the earth be to the mounting bracket or somewhere else please? Thanks Tuningdrew for very detailed plan, which I'm going to do when the van is home next week. After lunch and back to the powerdrill to get the rusty towbar socket screws out!
  11. It's a Reich Pelikan tap - I changed the cartridge and both of the pigtails on mine and it still leaked. Try this Here
  12. The rear lights on my 2004 Elddis 505 are not working and I suspect the 13 pin converter on the car, so I bought a 12 core cable with a pre-wired 13 pin plug and planned to fit it to the caravan today, but ran into a problem. I was expecting the 12N and 12S cables to go up through the floor to the existing junction box and hoped to wire in my new cable there. But the black 12N cable continues past the floor entry hole for the junction box to the back of the caravan, with some wires splitting off from the cable near the box (and presumably some connectors), wrapped in electrical tape. I don't like the idea of unravelling the tape and having to reseal it, should I be thinking instead of chopping off the grey and black cables near where they go through the white cable tie and fitting an external junction box? Any ideas please?
  13. Looks like small stress cracks. Maybe caused by an impact on the window, or something like a curtain or drying rack got caught when locking the window. It doesn't look too bad and the windows are expensive to replace, so just keep an eye on it.
  14. Hi I'm looking into upgrading my electrics to 13 pin. I already have a 7/13 pin converter but it seems problematic and I'm going to replace the plug and the cable back to the junction box. The only problem is that my van is two hours away, does anyone know the cable length I need or have one that they can run a tape measure down for me please? Van is an Elddis Avante/Xscape 505 2004. Thanks Nobby
  15. So Malc Edge did you buy that Topper!!?
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