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  1. Well done and sorry I missed updating. It's a one handed job from outside, I just pushed the piston in complete with O' ring after lubricating. There is no need to disconnect the pipes inside, but I only realised that after I understood how to fix it!
  2. Same as joanie, can you post more details? Age of caravan and make might help too. Do you have a drain valve under the beds near the water heater and is it set closed? With water for a few seconds, I wonder whether it's pumping water out the drain or filling the water heater?
  3. I have to remove my jockey wheel when leaving my storage site, otherwise it clips the kerb.. I never remove it other than on way out.
  4. Most caravans are on either AL-KO or BNB chassis. See if you can find the chassis details as above and then go direct - should be quicker and cheaper too.
  5. I had a powrwheel (which replaced the jockeywheel) a few years ago and similar problems for a small powerboat on a trailer with the 3-400w motor not having enough power to get up the incline. I decided to get a winch and strap (which would have needed manual turning of the unhitched trailer in the road) but by that time decided to sell the boat anyway. The Powerwheel went back on Ebay!
  6. No, but a Dometic with same vent as Gordon has helpfully posted above. Agree with Steamdrivenandy too, and in Londonese "if it ain't broke don't fix it." If it does clog, then vacuum nozzle or compressed air can to blow away debris from burner and if that fails, get a gas engineer on it to disassemble and clean.
  7. I don't know your caravan, but 1. on mine some of the lights run off mains electricity when hooked up and others off the battery, so try experimenting. Also the obvious check bulb and fuse. 2. Awful job on my Dometic and burner regularly gets clogged with cobwebs and dead spiders. I have to remove the external vent (locking catch and unstick from over-enthusiastic factory sealant) and reach down with a mirror, a torch and some strange sort of yoga position! Good luck!
  8. I have two NRV's, one on the truma heater and one in the inlet. Replaced both. Do you have a photo of the fitting?
  9. Ah yes I see from your profile that you are in the Netherlands. I ordered some car parts from Germany just after Brexit, and the delay then was about 6 weeks. Quite a few suppliers are now just giving up, so it may be easier for you to source in Europe. I found a dozen drawer cabinets on UK ebay from £30-100 (searched "caravan drawers") but every one was collection only.
  10. I removed all the carpets from my caravan and put them in storage for when I sell. I suspect most people who remove the drawers will also keep until they sell, but I could be wrong. Maybe try caravan breakers and ebay?
  11. I replaced my older style filament bulb awning light with one of these cheap Chinese units off Ebay and I have to say it's fantastic. Better quality than expected and very bright after one seasons use. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-5-LED-RV-Awning-Porch-Light-for-Caravan-Trailer-Exterior-Camping-Lamp-U9K3/401977176074
  12. I have a Dometic but not that model, so general advice only from me: Make sure that the caravan is exactly level as fridges o gas are fussy! Also make sure the flues are clean and not clogged with spiders webs.
  13. You can do this but as others have said probably not safe/legal to use on the roads after. (Caravan ply more like 3-4mm for weight savings). This is not likely to be a problem if it's for static live-in use only. I considered this on an elderly Sprite Musketeer years ago, but a very difficult job to do and decided better to sell and upgrade to a newer caravan with better insulation.
  14. Elddis owner here too, but in the dark on your likes, so random suggestion ... With two six foot sons (as I have) and looking at France, maybe have a look at a Skoda Superb estate (cavernous rear legroom) and a surfing holiday on the west coast of France (maybe Poole/Caen short crossing rather than Dover/Calais)? We did this a few times before caravans became uncool at around 15/16 and had some of our best holidays! Whatever you do, enjoy!
  15. Haha, no tides would be very bad! Getting a friend to help sound like a good plan.
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