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  1. Alarmed by the rising numbers of road casualties, residents of Norton in the US started a campaign to limit the speed of cars to 25mph. The US car industry didn't want any nanny state laws protecting people and decided to hit back and funded a campaign to shift the blame for accidents onto pedestrians. They picked on a derogatory term 'jay (a newbie or simple out of town person) and started to blame them for the problems of 'jay-walking'... the car accidents. Interestingly they used boy scouts handing out flyers, santa's with megaphones and a well funded
  2. There is usually a sticker inside bottom side wall which gives the answer, if you have access to your van?
  3. 1. Be careful how you load, pay attention to the car and van weights and take it easy when towing. 2. Don't get an awning unless you have to. Trust the force, you will know. 3. If you are new to towing and haven't done a course, then find a quiet car park one evening and play at reversing into your pitch. 4. Ask for help if you need it, start "I'm new to this..." and smile. 5. Enjoy.
  4. My Xplore has 4 screws around sink and this will be easier than removing the fridge (which comes out easy enough, its putting back that is the challenge!) Xplore is an Avante with a few extra bells and whistles.
  5. Great advice from from LegalEagle as ever, above. Enforceability is probably your issue here. I had what sounds to be a similar situation, where the sellers of a caravan admitted liability, but would not agree a repayment schedule and ignored me. I followed through and they paid in full 30 days after judgement and when I threatened bailiffs.
  6. Wood under the car drive wheels worked for me - did your survey. While camping at Glastonbury I got the car (tent in the boot) stuck in mud and was towed off the site backwards using my tow hitch!
  7. Oh! It's so often something simple! I already had spiders in the fridge burner, so frustrating.
  8. Agreed and obviously I'm not intending to mess around with gas and if that's what is needed then a gas engineer will be doing this. I'm looking to clean up as much as I can myself and make sure it's nothing obvious (maybe burnt cheese or bacon grease on the jet/burner if that's possible?) before calling out a professional. Any suggestions please?
  9. Yes! Cooking pies with some fresh veg on the hob, did two lamb shanks and veg last month (one of those supermarket mains, veg side, dessert and wine for a tenner deals) and warming up take aways. Not used the grill yet as it doesn't work and is in a shocking state!
  10. I'm trying to get the grill going, a Spinflo Midi Prima. I have a spark but no smell of gas, I suspect that the jet may be corroded or dirty and blocked (oven is fine but the grill is in a shocking state!). I'd like to take the burner assembly apart, get to the jet and take that apart, clean everything and put it back together. I'm hoping that I can do that without disconnecting gas pipes, but don't know where to start. How do I get this apart please? Thanks.
  11. It's helpful to known, but not essential, as most of us don't have access to Glass's guide. The insurer's will have one, for instance when I called around for insurance quotes on a new purchase (based on a purchase price plus approach) they quickly told me the Glass's value. I did a reverse search on Ebay and only one Elddis Elf came up as sold here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254668058529 Which might help (unless it's the one you bought!). Valuation is an art, not a science.
  12. Possibly - this may help you - Planning Permission
  13. There are plenty of adaptors available from shops and on Ebay, the question is do you to hook up just the black 7N socket to the car (trailer lights) or both grey (battery charger, fridge and reverse light) and black 7N and 7S?
  14. Great stuff, my plan too! Keep going as long as the health allows!! I still want to finish the kitesurfing lessons and try sail foiling, so I'm not done yet !
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