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  1. I replaced my older style filament bulb awning light with one of these cheap Chinese units off Ebay and I have to say it's fantastic. Better quality than expected and very bright after one seasons use. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-5-LED-RV-Awning-Porch-Light-for-Caravan-Trailer-Exterior-Camping-Lamp-U9K3/401977176074
  2. I have a Dometic but not that model, so general advice only from me: Make sure that the caravan is exactly level as fridges o gas are fussy! Also make sure the flues are clean and not clogged with spiders webs.
  3. You can do this but as others have said probably not safe/legal to use on the roads after. (Caravan ply more like 3-4mm for weight savings). This is not likely to be a problem if it's for static live-in use only. I considered this on an elderly Sprite Musketeer years ago, but a very difficult job to do and decided better to sell and upgrade to a newer caravan with better insulation.
  4. Elddis owner here too, but in the dark on your likes, so random suggestion ... With two six foot sons (as I have) and looking at France, maybe have a look at a Skoda Superb estate (cavernous rear legroom) and a surfing holiday on the west coast of France (maybe Poole/Caen short crossing rather than Dover/Calais)? We did this a few times before caravans became uncool at around 15/16 and had some of our best holidays! Whatever you do, enjoy!
  5. Haha, no tides would be very bad! Getting a friend to help sound like a good plan.
  6. Maybe you can post a photo - lots of help on here.
  7. If your caravan is sited so as to be near the boat, rather than generally touring, there are a few sites which will store the caravan for you and then tow it out when the tides are right!
  8. Getting out on the water is great fun! Think about what you want from it and look at inflatable boats (more stable) and kayaks etc. Safety first, so budget on 2 bouyancy aids from about £30 each. A decent marine shop will sell you a decent boat - one here for £350 including oars. https://www.force4.co.uk/item/Windward/230SL-Inflatable-Dinghy/E13 If you have fun this year then that boat has a strengthened transom at the back to mount on an outboard for 2022. You might want to invest in a length of rope to tether to the shore for safety (if your daughter wants to play in i
  9. Interesting. Presumably this was upside down and bow forwards? Topper, Laser or similar? I also remember the windslammers and my windsurf board on a roofrack isn't so different...
  10. You don't mention which department of the Council wrote to you or there basis? Assume that they are writing to you under planning laws and simply write back to them, politely and courteously, to say that you are not using it as a single secondary dwelling. If you were, then stop and there is nothing to worry about and if not, there is nothing to worry about. Title deeds are a distraction, unless it's a Council house and the Council is the beneficiary of the restricted covenant.
  11. They push in as far as the stop (with the nut on the inside if that makes sense) then as you turn the bolt it compacts the rubber in the cavity and holds tight.
  12. Sounds like a job for ... Cavity Wall Nuts! I used these to anchor my rear light cluster onto the outside of the van. Fantastic! (no connection to company).
  13. It sounds like you may be looking for a quick and cheap solution? If the skylight is mostly intact and has it's shape, duct tape would be a quick fix and/or heavy grade polythene. Longer term fix, breakers as already suggested or fibreglass/epoxy repair or rubber felt adhesive and a roofing felt offcut from a friendly roofer? You would need to carefully check whether the adhesive is compatible with the material the skylight is made from!
  14. Shadbolts are a specialist veneer company who in my experience can match up almost anything. Link here Fun note - "Veneer of the week" was a bit of North Circular Road excitement for commuters in Edmonton back in the day.
  15. The document is the same gov.uk website as my link, so the advise is the same . No charge if you want to stay for less than 90 days, but over that and it's a visa and on your link halfway down the page. "Fees - A Standard Visitor visa costs £95." (Over 90 days less than 6 months).
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