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  1. Totally agree with you. We have a 2020 Acadia and same issue.
  2. That happened to me as well. had to flick it up a bit.
  3. I have just ordered a brand new CX 150bhp Sport 2.2 engine Diesel Automatic in the darker blue. Spent hours reading reviews on it and the only negative that keeps cropping up is the SatNav. I was hoping with the minor tweaks on the post Sept models this may have been improved but apart from the screen increasing in size a bit it does appear to be the same as pre update. Get it towards the end of Nov and really looking forward to it.
  4. We used one at Nimes about 25 years ago. People looked at us bewildered. No sat finders or apps so sometimes took ages but always got there in the end. Now moved onto apps to find satellite and skyq for the TV. Takes just a few minutes now.
  5. Thanks to Alde and Ern. A few ideas coming through.
  6. Thanks for response. Have spoken to others who have fixed beds and it seems I am not alone. We want the heat coming up behind the boards not 90% of it going straight into mattress so I don't want to reduce the heat. Just have it coming up where it should.
  7. We purchased a brand new Coachman Acadia 565 earlier this year. We love the Alde heating. It is brilliant. However the van layout is two single fixed beds. Both sides of the single beds there are the normal boards but the Alde heating both sides is just blasting heat into the mattress. Very little if any goes up behind the boards. Totally wasted heat in this area of the van. Has anyone come up with a solution or modernisation to drive more of the heat between wall and board. Thanks Andrew
  8. All Coachmans have Alde heating as standard from 2020. We have had both types and prefer the Alde because it is more like heat from a home system where as blown air in my opinion dries the air. Also every van we have had blown air struggles to heat the bathroom if it is at the rear of van where as with Alde you have a radiator in the bathroom. Alde gets the vote for us.
  9. It was a nice day about 23 degrees. I do not know much about Kampa awnings but some brands do not have a pressure release valve. When I had an Outdoor Revolution Air awning it did have so felt fairly at ease in hot weather. Now sold it and back to Isabella Magnum. Might blow down but wont blow up!!!
  10. Was on a site last week when there was a huge bang. Kampa Air awning had blown up in the next cul-de-sac. Won't be leaking anymore as it is now in the skip. As Air Awnings get older I am sure that more will go this way as I am sure sun damage will have its effect. Would not have wanted to have been in it when it went up.
  11. All up and running now. Will be easy next time. Anybody who needs simple guidance email me. Thanks everyone who helped Andrew
  12. I am away at the moment and all set up for Sky q. New LNB and twin wiring. I am getting the message that sky will be with me in a couple of minutes but after about a minute screen goes blank. I rung the LNB supplier who told me that I needed to adjust the setting on the Sky box to a lower resolution as my home tv is 4k.He says that would solve the problem but I can't change it now I am away. Any other views from those that have succeeded. Thanks Andrew
  13. Well if the person who posted is not totally confused now I would be surprised. On the phone to the Samaritans as I write this.
  14. The one i purchased and works well. https://www.screwfix.com/p/slx-digital-signal-finder/58244?_requestid=343101
  15. I purchased a Freeview finder gadget from Scewfix for about £15. Dead easy to fit and as you move the aerial about you get lights on the device to tell you if you have aerial pointing the correct way. Before like you I was waving it around hoping for the best. When you have the best signal then you will probably have to rescan channels but that is the easy bit. Andrew
  16. Fully aware that Whale are under no obligation to help but they do have a technical and customer service dept who I am communicating with to try and resolve. If all else fails will go back to dealer
  17. I would give the dealer the hassle but it is probably more hassle for me to do this than try to resolve myself.
  18. Just purchased a new Coachman Acadia 565 2020 model. The same layout as our previous van a Lunar Lexon. In the Lexon the water supply to the shower was really very good and the shower worked really well. Different story in the Coachman. poor flow to shower, Being fairly experienced I have checked all the obvious and re programmed the IE unit twice but no improvement. No kinks in pipe and plenty of water available and pump right down inside the aquaroll. Phoned Whale and had been told there customer service was good. Have spoken to three different people and none of them could come u
  19. Not good. Mine always looked awful. Gone back to Isabella Magnum
  20. We have a new Whale high flow pump that came worth our new Coachman. No noticeable noise difference from previous Lunar that had a Truma. Think you have a dodgy pump.
  21. Are you trying to use it immediately after the green lights come on. If you leave it then it will go into standby and I then go and switch it off for a couple of minutes and then start again.
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