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  1. Battle CMC site from the 14th April for 5 days. Hope it warms up a bit.
  2. Have looked around that site on a few occasions. Much improved the last few years.
  3. Caravan has been repaired and delivered back to me. The leak was from the nearside rear cap. It has hopefully been fixed. Thanks to Highbridge Caravans for great service during this partial lockdown.
  4. This is one of our favourite sites in France and we have been going there for years. My wife today noticed an announcement on Facebook that after 16 years they have sold the site. A lot of regulars go every year and the owners have run the site superbly well. Great shame.
  5. We had an outdoor revolution Esprit Pro Air back in 2019, I think it was the top of the range. Cannot remember the actual size but think it was 390. The awning as such was fine but it was so heavy it was just too much for me. Getting it threaded into the awning rail was the issue, Once you had done that it was ok and the safety system to stop you over inflating was good. It never looked that neat errected. Because of the weight I sold it last year and bought a Isabella Magnum. Much easier to put up for us and looks really good. It was a few years old but immaculate.
  6. Temperature wise I have had similar issue. But if you go through the Alde menu you can manually adjust the temperature up or down. It will then stay adjusted. Andrew
  7. The van is the 575 single beds bathroom at rear. The bad reading was right behind the mini heki and just in front of the roof joint. Take your pick?
  8. No difference to being at home or Highbridge. Outside in both cases. However I believe they are working on it after the 3 day Covid time lag when they won't go in any vehicle for 3 days after drop off. They already have all the bits they need from Coachman so don't anticipate a delay.
  9. My one year old Acadia caravan was returned to Highbridge today for damp repairs as a high reading was detected at annual service. Since the service a damp area has appeared in the bathroom roof of my 575. Asked local Police for permission to tow it and it was no problem and got email to confirm in case I got stopped. Hopefully Highbridge will sort it as really annoyed that after one year this problem should arise. Thought I was going for a better quality finish with the Coachman but it appears not.
  10. Now found out how to stop mirrors folding in when towing. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. Never thought of that. Will have to find it in the manual.
  12. Hi. Just purchased a new one of these and really like it. This morning I attached my towing mirrors and when locking the car the mirrors catch on the car. Does anyone have one of these cars and found mirrors that work OK. Thanks. Andrew
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