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  1. The control box is touchscreen. I was pressing the space for the reading and not the battery. Silly me but it is a new van.
  2. Sorted. Me being stupid.
  3. I have my leisure battery fitted in the caravan and want to see the reading on the control panel. When the battery charger is on obviously the reading is high however when I switch off the sockets the control panel will not illuminate. Basically I want to be able to get a battery reading on the control panel when not charging. Hope this makes some sense. The caravan is a 2020 Coachman Acadia Thanks
  4. Second vote for Le Capeyrou at Beynac. On the banks of the river but lovely unspoilt site overlooked by the Castle. Going for 5th consecutive year in June. 7th time in total. You would need to book as gets very full although never feels full.
  5. ascsbe

    NEC Show

    It was the Acadia I purchased in October, just had delivery of it. Feels very nicely put together. I also had a free ticket.
  6. ascsbe

    NEC Show

    Just back from the show (Thursday). As I purchased a new van at the October show I spent the time looking around the other stands. Got a very good deal on set of Autoglym products. Down from £24 to £14. No doubt after talking to the Sales people that it was very quiet on the orders for new Caravans and Motorhomes. I enjoyed the day out and there was quite a few people there.
  7. ascsbe

    NEC Show

    I am going tomorrow. (Thursday)
  8. Having just taken delivery of a new Acadia I am very pleased to hear your news.
  9. The main reason why I did not go for a new Lunar was the uncertainty concerning there future. Yes I could have got a well specked van at a huge discount but if they don't survive then I did not really want to buy a van from a company in turmoil. It would also probably mean that a lot of the initial gain on price may have been lost in a few years time when I traded it in. Also whilst most equipment fitted is the same in most caravans internal wall coverings etc are Lunar only and may not be readily available in a few years if you were unlucky enough to get damp. However I don't blame anyone if they were tempted as the deals on offer are fantastic and we both liked the layouts and levels of equipment.
  10. Robinsons. Swindon caravans to name 2 were all offering Lunars at up to 5000 off. 2019 models made before the temporary close down.
  11. I really liked the van and the layout. However when you compare the finish to the Coachman there is a big difference. OK you have to pay a bit more but hopefully it will be worth it. When considering which van to get I considered one of the 2019 Lunar that dealers were knocking out at huge discount. Very glad knowing what I found out since that I did not. It is a shame because as I said the Lexon had great specification and a really nice feel about it.
  12. Last April van serviced and no damp readings of significance. No smell. No bubbling. Apparently the internal wall board has a finish on it that stops the normal tell tale signs but it was the water marks on this finish that told us the problem. Highbridge great about it and deal went through as agreed. Because the main areas are on the pillars behind the curtain you would not have seen it unless you knew what you were looking for. I was gutted.
  13. At Highbridge collecting my new Coachman 565. Lunar Lexon. 570 was damp checked and riddled with damp down both from pillars and spreading. Van under 3 years old with full service history so Highbridge taking care of it before they sell it. Looks like it is leaking through roof seal at front of caravan. If I had any doubts about changing brands I don't any more.
  14. I have a Lunar Lexon 570. 2017 model that I am changing next week. Lovely van with very high specification and sensible weight. Same layout as Coachman. One week to sell it or it gets traded in. It is on Gumtree. Andrew
  15. What size of pitches are available.
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