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  1. Setting off for Le Capeyrou at Beynac tomorrow, arrive Friday. Site normally very busy and we always book as people often turned away in June. Friends been down there for 4 days and weather cold and wet. The goods news is that from Sunday on it improves dramatically so hopefully we will be ok.
  2. Sorry to hear about your issues. Have dealt with Highbridge for about 30 years and normally find them excellent. My Lunar Lexon has had no problems to date and now in its 3rd year.
  3. And it would probably rain a lot or it seems to every time we visit.
  4. Well 4 weeks today we will be driving through France having stayed the Thursday night in Ouisterham. Going to Beynac. Nothing will stop me going and I am prepared with a International driving license and Green Card so hopefully covering all eventualities. Cannot really understand why the Brexit situation would put people off. Carry on as normal I say.
  5. Oh dear. I have one the same age as yours and worked fine a couple of weeks ago. Don't know what to suggest apart from the obvious things like switching everything off. Disconnecting everything removing batteries and starting again. The only problems I have had with mine are when the batteries are below par and it comes up with short circuiting message. New batteries has always solved that. Hope you fix it. Andrew
  6. Just had the second service on my Lexon. No issues reported and no damp. What a relief. The mobile engineer said it was the first van he had serviced for ages where no issues of any sort detected at service. Andrew
  7. Thanks for that. Staying at Le Capeyrou for the 5th time. Hard to beat the site and the view of the Chateau stunning.
  8. We are travelling through France going around Le Mans on the motorway on the Friday before the 24hr race starts on the Saturday this June. Has anybody had any experience of travelling around the city so near to the start of the race. No obvious alternative route from Caen down to Beynac just outside Sarlat. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Andrew
  9. The best price is going out from Portsmouth to Caen on the ferry about 14.30 and coming back on the morning ferry. I am doing this again this year and great deal and Overseas vouchers as well. Saved money on last year booking with the C@MC
  10. I have just sold mine and regard Monsoon poles as the essential extra as otherwise you are likely to get water build up on roof. Essential in my opinion.
  11. My Green Card arrived today listing Car and Caravan. Only ordered it on Monday.
  12. When giving my Lexon 570 2017 model a spring clean yesterday I noticed hairline cracks in the gloss finish on the white overhead locker above the cooker. All the rest are ok. Has anyone else had this issue please. They are very difficult to see at first glance but the gloss finish has minor cracks. Only got warranty for one year according to service engineer so not much hope with Lunar.
  13. Have actually booked La Buisonniere which has good reviews and stays open all day on Saturdays.
  14. This may be a good option given our ferry time. Thanks
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