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  1. No ATC in the Highbridge dealer special. Still an optional extra.
  2. Well today I finally put pen to paper on a new Highbridge Design edition Acadia 565. The Lunar 570 is being traded in or sold privately if possible. Had to sort out a few issues with what I consider essentials that were missing. Very strange priorities by there marketing dept. You get a phone charger and a outside light on the non awning side but no electric socket in the bedroom and one of two other peculiarities. However these issues have been resolved. Delivery Feb/March next year. Andrew
  3. I have traded in my 2017 Lunar Lexon for a 2020 Coachman. Although my dealer assured me they would look after me and after 30 years of buying vans from them I believe them I just feel very uncomfortable with the way it is all panning out. Same dealer but now different brand. Ideally would not have changed for a couple of years but felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation.
  4. My dealer special 565 Acadia is Feb/March 2020. Could have had one earlier but quite happy to wait.
  5. I have dealt with Highbridge for about 30 years and always found them very good both on trade in values but more importantly after sales. From where I live I would certainly not want to deal with a dealer a long way away as if something is wrong and needs work it is a long way to go. Highbridge all the time for me.
  6. Well done on your order. I have got a reservation on a 565 Acadia Highbridge Design model. A few extras included. Because I have not actually seen there version I have a fully refundable deposit on it. If I don't like the upholstery I will go for the standard version and look at options on the upholstery.
  7. Yes agree but most people could see Thomas Cook were in big trouble along time before they went under. The reason I asked was that if you take Lunar out of the question then Coachman are the smallist left in the UK. The others are far bigger companies Swift Group. Bailey. Hymer group. who build Motorhomes as well as caravans. I appreciate that small does not mean they will be the next to go but talking to traders at the recent show it does appear that the decline in new caravan sales may be bigger than most of us think. But Coachman build the layout I like and the only option is Bailey and I don't fancy one of them. So will probably have to take a chance. Andrew
  8. Hi. I am just about to trade my Lunar in for a new Coachman. Deal done just got to sign. Given the drama's at Lunar recently I do not really want to buy into another company that is likely to fold, even though Lunar may survive a bit longer under new owners. Given the Caravan market appears to be in decline and motorhome sales stable then would Coachman have the financial muscle to survive a significant downturn bearing in mind they do not build motorhomes to fall back on. Opinions please. Andrew
  9. You do not need to actually book any sites. Just agree to take the 4 vouchers.
  10. Not being funny but are you sure that is not one way. I would be very surprised if anyone does that crossing return with a caravan for £167. But stand corrected if anyone proves me wrong. PS Just seen your date. Had not read it properly so maybe possible.
  11. Judging by the recent press release which has been posted on this forum it would appear that new caravans are delayed because of supply issues with parts. I believe although stand corrected that they are not at the Caravan Show which must say something. However if you were told your Caravan had been built and was ready then someone may be telling a few porkies. If it was ready then transportation is only a few days.
  12. If I had booked with BF direct it would have cost £390. Same crossing, times etc. I paid £252.80. and 4 overnight vouchers for free with the Caravan Club. £75 deposit. Both were based on the Economy terms and conditions. Huge saving and even if I never stay on a Club site at home it is worth the membership cost just for this saving.
  13. Did not get that impression in the email, said quite clearly it had to be the supplying dealer. I have responded stating that it was very unfair on the customer who loses out just because the supplier has decided not to continue with Lunar.
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