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  1. Hi Cecil. i have emailed details to you. Regards. Andrew
  2. Outdoor Revolution do I believe.
  3. I put up an second hand Eclipse for the first time last week on the front of a 340 Magnum. Watched the Isabella YouTube first and no issue. Good bit of kit.
  4. My one year old Acadia had 30% damp in the rear corner. According to dealer it was from the cap at the back on the roof which apparently had a crack. All fixed under warranty but not great after a year.
  5. I had 2017 Lunar Lexon. Loved the layout but big damp problem created by leak along the join on roof at front of van. Both front pillars damp. Got rid of it quick in 2020 when Lunar were going down the pan. Now got a Coachman Acadia with the same layout.
  6. We were at Ross Park last Sept and there was an almighty bang. We all woke from are afternoon nap. It was a Kampa Air awning in the next row. Ruined by the look of it.
  7. Battle CMC site from the 14th April for 5 days. Hope it warms up a bit.
  8. Have looked around that site on a few occasions. Much improved the last few years.
  9. Caravan has been repaired and delivered back to me. The leak was from the nearside rear cap. It has hopefully been fixed. Thanks to Highbridge Caravans for great service during this partial lockdown.
  10. This is one of our favourite sites in France and we have been going there for years. My wife today noticed an announcement on Facebook that after 16 years they have sold the site. A lot of regulars go every year and the owners have run the site superbly well. Great shame.
  11. We had an outdoor revolution Esprit Pro Air back in 2019, I think it was the top of the range. Cannot remember the actual size but think it was 390. The awning as such was fine but it was so heavy it was just too much for me. Getting it threaded into the awning rail was the issue, Once you had done that it was ok and the safety system to stop you over inflating was good. It never looked that neat errected. Because of the weight I sold it last year and bought a Isabella Magnum. Much easier to put up for us and looks really good. It was a few years old but immaculate. Got pictures of the air awning up if you send me private email. Andrew
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