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  1. I hope not. Need a new start with better customer service.
  2. Stayed at Riva Bella a few weeks ago. No issues at all either arriving or departing and much improved site.
  3. Had exactly the same problem. In my case I presumed it was a air leak in the tube. However after reading up on it decided to check the tightness of the valve and it was not tight. At home using the tool provided tightened it up then inflated it and tested it inside for a few days. No problems at all. So if you have not already check the valve fitting are tight.
  4. Well as a Lunar Lexon owner I feel sorry for the normal workers. However given all the negative reviews on customer service etc I am not at all surprised that given the decline in caravan sales they would not survive as they sell very few motorhomes. Think they have only to look at themselves really to see what the reasons are for this situation.
  5. When I got home a week last Saturday I had a letter with a French post mark. Initial thoughts were nice of one of the campsites to send me a letter thanking me for staying. No. it was a speeding ticket between Buzancais and Chateaureux on the way to Beynac. 55 in a 50. Anyway paid it and dreading the post for the next couple of days in case I got one on the return trip. At least it is less of a fine than the UK fine. paid it now so have to put it down to experience.
  6. You will love Le Capeyrou. Just back from 14 nights there. 5th year running. Beautiful location and friendly and efficient owners.
  7. Thanks for that. Have spoken to OR and they referred me politely back to dealer. Saying contract is with them.
  8. I purchased a new top of the range Esprit air awning pro in Sept 2018. On its second set up we had problems with the two cross supports that you have to place in position. One would not go in properly. This one has since failed and is being replaced. This design has been changed in the 2019 midek. Unfortunately because of this failure water built up on the roof and will have stretched the material meaning that we are likely to get water build up again even with a new cross support and makes a repair I would say impossible. The awning has leaked in France this summer despite the fact that the seals have had plenty of rain to help them expand. It is not the normal condensation issue . The awning has several other smaller faults as well. I am in the early stages of communication with the retailer but given the fact that it has only had 3 weeks use despite being 9 months old I am looking for advice as to the route I should go down Thanks Andrew
  9. Getting very hot in the Dordogne.37c forecast for Weds and Thurs. Site we are on at Beynac still very full.
  10. Le Capeyrou at Beynac full last night. Beautiful site on the Dordogne. Here for another 10 days.
  11. Setting off for Le Capeyrou at Beynac tomorrow, arrive Friday. Site normally very busy and we always book as people often turned away in June. Friends been down there for 4 days and weather cold and wet. The goods news is that from Sunday on it improves dramatically so hopefully we will be ok.
  12. Sorry to hear about your issues. Have dealt with Highbridge for about 30 years and normally find them excellent. My Lunar Lexon has had no problems to date and now in its 3rd year.
  13. And it would probably rain a lot or it seems to every time we visit.
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