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  1. Thanks All, we bought an Isabella, paid a little more than I had anticipated but the consensus was convincing. Alan, when you said you use shock cord, do you mean the bungee stuff? and also you 'zig zag' it, you mean through the triangular flaps under the windows? All advice is gratefully received, I haven't put a poled awning up for well over thirty years, when we used the van for touring we had an inflatable porch awning which has now been assigned to the shed.
  2. Thanks for your help folks, we went to Catterick caravans today and have bought an Isabella, a bit m pricier than I had wanted to pay but the consensus seems to suggest they are well worth the extra cost and I am happy with the look of it, the weight of the material and the frame, so? hunt and debating over! Thanks once again.
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me where there is a display of awnings where I can actually see them set up, I have read reviews, I have looked at websites but there is surely no substitute for actually being able to see and feel. I am situated near Skipton N.Yorkshire so ideally within 60 miles.
  4. We actually went last Tuesday, sadly the display wasn't great and they seemed a little under staffed, no one to ask advice off. Sorry folks, I should have added that we are on a seasonal pitch and would hope to leave the awning up full time, I appreciate that it would have to be well pegged and strapped down for winter usage.
  5. are you going to use this as a seasonal (all year round) awning? we have seen a Camptech, smaller one, in a show room (not the Atlantis, can't remember the name) it seemed quite good but sometimes, daft as it may seem, something can appear too cheap.
  6. I am getting totally confused and a little bit weary of searching, I really would value people's views on which brand, are Isabella and Dorema really that good that they warrant the price? I have found Camptech which are about two thirds the price but can't find enough information; I am ever mindful of the saying "buy cheap, buy twice". Thoughts PLEASE!
  7. Hi, Just bought a Swift Conqueror, I am hoping someone might be able to help, I have looked through the instruction manual but there isn't any information about light switches. I know they can be turned on and dimmed from the control panel above the door, there is a switch by the tv point by the door which turns LED lights on in the roof and there are switches on the spot lights, however the lights over the bed don't seem to want to work, is there a main control switch for them? Thanks for your help. Martin.
  8. I am hoping owners of the Swift Conquerors will be able to help me, we have just exchanged our van for the Swift, the toilet is still a Thetford like our Elddis but it has a flush tank above the bowl whereas the Elddis was encased within the body; on the outside above the waste tank flap is a smaller one which is the filler for the flush tank, my question is " does the flush tank not fill automatically when the water supply is connected via the pump or do I have to do it manually via this small cap" I hope this makes sense and someone can help. Thanks, Martin.
  9. Hi Folks, This might seem like a silly question, we are going onto a seasonal pitch as of next week, 22nd October, do people drain down before leaving at the end of each visit? and whilst I am asking do you leave the electricity connected? Thanks.
  10. we have just bought 2017 Affinity 550, I would appreciate your latest thoughts, any problem that you hadn't found previously and any tips you could pass on. Thanks.
  11. Hello All, just bought a new Eldis Affinity 550, although we haven't actually picked it up yet, it's been almost thirty years since I last carvanned but I'm looking forward to getting out and about around the country. We live in a beautiful part of the country on the border of Lancashire and North Yorkshire near Skipton. I would appreciate thoughts on essential equipment you think we might need to be buying, how much is resonable for storage, servicing,and insurance, also which club to join? Asking a lot but experienced caravanners have usually made the mistakes I am hoping to avoid by asking. Thanks in anticipation.
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