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  1. EE are now £100 upfront and £22 per month for 50Gb. I have read many good reports about the M2 but can't find one that has compared it to 'personal hotspot' on an iphone
  2. The problem is I have 100 Gb on my mobile and the Netgear Nighthawk offer is only 50 Gb but I just wondered if this device would give a much better signal than a mobile or does the 'hotspot' give the best signal available. Apparently it will connect up to 20 devices but that isn't the issue for me.
  3. My service provider has offered me a Netgear Nighthawk M2 mobile router and while getting a discount it's not cheap. I would be interested to hear from anybody that has one and am interested if one of these would give a better signal than a 'hotspot' from my mobile and is it worth the cost.
  4. I was interested in getting a Garmin BC40 wireless rear view camera which is compatible with my Avtex Tourer 2 sat nav. When looking at them they don't seem very substantial or secure. Has anybody fitted one to the back of their caravan as I would be interested in their comments.
  5. Sorry my query started " I understand that the Caravan and Motorhome Club have revoked the exemption certificate for running rallies until the 1st August because of Covid-19. " But it seems you could, if wanted, run a rally on a commercial site, who don't need exemption certificates, but my view is that there should be a common approach across the piece.
  6. Thank you - I think that was the point I was making.
  7. I must admit I agree with you and was trying to understand the situation myself. I think that there may just have been an assumption that perhaps a commercial site would be geared up better to sanitise a site properly than would volunteer marshals. I also think that consideration should be given to people who live in a small village may still not want an influx of outsiders at this moment in time.
  8. I understand that the Caravan and Motorhome Club have revoked the exemption certificate for running rallies until the 1st August because of Covid-19. I appreciate that this includes all rallies run on private land but does it include rallies run on proper licenced caravan parks i.e. non CAMC sites.
  9. Has anybody got a Total Cool Cooler. They seem very expensive at over £300 and appear to just blow air through a water filled foam pad. Would be grateful to hear from anybody that owns one.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I have a CTEK charger so is it safe to connect this to the battery without disconnecting the battery from the car ? Should the negative lead go on the negative terminal or a suitable earth point ? Many thanks.
  11. Excuse my ignorance but I am completely non technical. After 10 days of lockdown I couldn't start my tow car and had to jump start it. I then monitored the battery every few days with a multimeter across the battery terminals and started the engine if felt necessary. To save opening the bonnet and removing the battery cover every time I purchased a tester that used the 12V sockets in the car and started getting worried about the condition of the battery. So yesterday I used the multimeter and the 12V socket meter. The multimeter showed 12.39V and the 12V internal socket showed 11.6V.
  12. Is pin 9 operation checked as part of the current MOT ?
  13. Thank you for all your comments. I took my XC60 to a reputable towcar company yesterday and they thought it was fine going throught the ignition and said that most manufacturers these days supply dedicated wiring looms and specific wiring and calibration instructions and confirmed that mine was a genuine Volvo supplied towball and wiring harness. Feel a bit happier now. Just have to see how it tows !
  14. Thank you for your comments. I suppose the safest way is for me to get the wiring checked out by a towbar specialist. I think that my main Volvo dealer, where I got the car from, contracts towbar work out anyway. Just out of interest can somebody explain to me, in fairly non technical terms, why the ATC connection has to be a direct supply from the battery as I had assumed that being on with the ignition would have been good enough.
  15. I recently changed my tow car to a 2013 Volvo XC60 Auto which I am very pleased with but must admit I haven't towed with it yet. More by chance it was already supplied with a genuine Volvo supplied detachable tow ball and Volvo marked 13 socket electrics. This morning I thought that I would just connect the caravan to the car and check the wiring so that if there was a problem I had time to get it fixed before my first proper tow. Everything seemed fine but the AlKo ATC would only come on when the ignition was on although the engine didn't have to be running. I am more used to pin
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