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  1. bigbilly

    Roadside Signs for Club Rallies

    Lincolnshire council always remove our rally signs so we don't use them in that county now.
  2. bigbilly

    Volvo XC60 comments

    I am in the process of trying to upgrade my 09 Freelander 2 and top of the short list at the moment is the Volvo XC60. I have discounted the Discovery Sport for various reasons. I want one about 2016 and have been advised, by other caravanners, to go for the 2,400cc 5 cylinder engine rather than the 2,000cc 4 cylinder engine. Also to go for the D5 over the D4. I also want automatic. Are Volvo phasing the D5 out because I see many D4s mostly with the 2,000cc engine but very few D5s. I am only towing 1,500Kg. Would very much welcome owners comments.
  3. bigbilly

    Video Editing

    Thanks Geoff that just sparked the little grey cells and I looked on Windows 10 and found one ! Now all I have to do is understand it !!
  4. bigbilly

    Baileys in Norfolk

    Thanks for that. I live mid way between Holbrooks and Greentrees and have experience of them both. I was considering a new Bailey and although there are approved service people and motorhome dealers near to me I think my nearest retail Bailey caravan dealer, I could find, is Farnham Leisure who I have also dealt with when they were David Hope. Might give Bailey a miss.
  5. bigbilly

    Video Editing

    Is there such a thing as a free or inexpensive video editor that is easy to use and understand ?
  6. bigbilly

    Baileys in Norfolk

    I couldn't find a Bailey caravan retailer in the whole of Norfolk. Have I missed any ?
  7. bigbilly

    Lidl Battery Charger

    Myself and both my sons have the Lidl models that have all served us well. Have 2 CTEK chargers both have been replaced under warranty one of them twice !
  8. bigbilly

    Aldi offers 25th March

    They are all showing on line now.
  9. bigbilly

    Not mine...but taken

    Many rally books now don't have addresses in. Trouble is if you keep your caravan in the front of your property it's obvious when you are not there and the house potentially empty.
  10. bigbilly

    Greenflag versus Mayday

    Thanks for all the comments which I found very interesting. I have been with Mayday for many years and have been very pleased with them. I always have the personal cover rather than vehicle specific and was pleased last year when I was passenger in a friends car, coming back from fishing in Ireland, when the axle of the jointly owned boat trailer decided to crack and recovery was effected. It's probably all changed now but many years ago Mayday were the only breakdown service that would recover a trailer/caravan when the tow vehicle was OK. If you asked the others if caravans were covered they would all say yes but not make it clear that was only if the tow vehicle had failed.
  11. bigbilly

    Greenflag versus Mayday

    The CAMC 'live chat' said that there are now no differences between Mayday and Greenflag cover except for a discount to CAMC for Mayday for members. They advised checking with Mayday on 0800 7310112.
  12. bigbilly

    Greenflag versus Mayday

    There used to be an advantage belonging to the caravan and motorhome club as membership entitled you to join Mayday who used to have several caravan benefits over Greenflag hence the attraction. I understand that Greenflag no longer have their size restrictions or any other differences so what are the advantages, to a caravanner, of being a CAMC member and joining Mayday ?
  13. bigbilly

    Driving an auto

    I have a Land Rover supplied tow bar and electrics fitted on my LR and my understanding is that the electrics alter the dynamics of the auto gearbox. If I remember correctly it keeps the first 3 gears in 'Sport' mode and the rest as normal.
  14. bigbilly

    Detroit Solar

    We have had a couple of freestanding solar panels from Detroit Solar and 2 years ago had a 150W panel fitted to the roof of our caravan by them which I have to say along with a motor mover are the 2 most beneficial accessories we have purchased in over 50 years caravanning. Detroit Solar used to attend all the major caravan and motorhome shows in the UK and fit on site. First class products and service but I can't now find their website !
  15. bigbilly

    Driving an auto

    I drive both autos and manuals but always autos for towing. Combined with an 'auto' parking brake makes towing much more enjoyable.