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  1. Thanks again to Rodders 53. I have just received them from Orbital Fasteners and fitted the rear light cluster. Perfect ! M5. 25. If anyone has the same problems.
  2. I have a 2019 Coachman 545 VIP. I noticed that one of the three fixing bolts on the rear light cluster was loose and wouldn’t tighten up. I removed the other two bolts and took off the fitting. I noticed one of the rubber rawlplug with internal nut had split and therefore would not function. I have been trying to source a replacement but as it is bigger than standard ones (70mm bolt instead of usual 35mm )and a much thicker bolt, no one seems to have that size. Not even the dealer I bought it from in February this year. Can anybody help ?
  3. No lock on my 2019 Coachman 545 VIP
  4. Mazda CX-5 towing Coachman 545 VIP. I am unable to get the fridge working on 12v when the engine is running. I think I may have found the cause. Under normal circumstances the alternator on the car would charge the car battery, the caravan battery and the fridge. When the engine is running the alternator will push out approximately 14.5 volts. After some current loss due to the wiring the actual current reaching the fridge is about 12.5 v. If your car has regenerative braking under normal driving conditions the alternator only pushes out 12.5 volts. This is so that the engine is only working hard enough to push out enough volts from the alternator to keep the electrics of the car working. This is intended to save fuel. When you brake The engine is no longer under load and the alternator then puts about 15v to the car battery which keeps it charged. so how does this affect the caravan fridge? Well with regenerative braking fitted to your car under normal driving there is only about 9.5v reaching the fridge. Not enough to operate the fridge. When you brake approximately 14v goes to the fridge which senses a power surge and switches off. Here is a link to the article I got my information from.
  5. I have just taken delivery of a demo 2019 Coachman 545 VIP. I was surprised that the Alko wheel lock wrench had no tip on it for removing the yellow cap. I have contacted Alko and they informed me that dealers have complained people have been injuring themselves with it. They no longer fit the wedge end on it. As it was only plastic anyway this sounds a bit like penny pinching. Also the Status amplifier only has two sockets(AV 2) and there are three TV points including the one by the mains inlet. The dealer recommended a splitter but I have ordered an AV3 off Amazon.
  6. It has made the van semi invisible. You can see the house across the road through it.
  7. I have started using one of these this year. It is just a small mesh filter that floats about in the barrel. I have just started having trouble with the pump not drawing the water up to the taps and intermittent pumping noise. This starts happening when the barrel is about 1/3rd full. I was expecting I needed a new pump but the van is only 1 year old. I tried taking the filter out and the pump appears to be back to normal. I suspect he pump draws the filter to it and restricts the flow. If this is the case it's a total waste of money.
  8. I'm glad it's not just me having trouble carrying my awning and feeding it through the rail. It's a Kampa Ace Air 400. The guy on the video who pitches it himself must be 6'4" and a weight lifter. LOL.
  9. I have an Ace Air 400 . At 69 years of age the hand pump is too hard work. I have purchased a Gale. The information I was given by the dealer is that the Breeze was not made by Kampa but made in China and licenced to use the Kampa name, whereas the Gale is manufactured by Kampa. A tip is to get an extension lead in case you can't get your car close enough. I have had no problem with the pump. It's a bit noisy but you can't hear me slurping my tea as the awning inflates.
  10. I bought a Kampa Ace Air 400 at the end of June as my neighbour has the same awning and was very impressed with it. The first weekend there was some rain but no problems. Three weekends ago we pitched it at Brickhouse site in Chipping near Preston. It rained quite heavily but still no problems just a small pool of water at the base of one of the legs. This weekend 10th/11th/12th August it rained quite heavily and there was dripping all over the roof. I had a ceiling cover and it got saturated and I had to take it down. The harder it rained the more it dripped. I videoed it and took the awning to the retailer, Preston Caravans. The awning manager wasn't in until today, Tuesday, so I left it there. I have been to the retailer today and showed him the video and he admitted that it should not leak in like that. He said he would have to test it with a hose pipe but informed me that Kampa would only say it needs weathering. I briefly explained the options, i. e. A replacement awning(my preference), a full refund or I would claim on my credit card for faulty goods. I have given him until Friday to come up with a solution.
  11. The cleanest and most friendliest site I have ever been to. Many people return again and again. Not many children as facilities for them are limited. Ideal for dog owners. No entertainment or bar on site. Which makes it a peaceful site. Bowling green next door. Two pubs only 5 minutes walk away. Village store 3 minutes walk. Sainsbury's is 10 minutes drive. Owners maintain the site which is reflected in the high standard.
  12. Hello everybody. I have just (July 2017) purchased a Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 and continental carpet. I was told that this carpet was specifically designed to fit my awning. It has to fit up to the draft skirt so that the rear awning poles can go through the loops on the carpet. It fell really short of reaching the front of the awning. , I thought it must be my fault. I have read on your forum that this seems to be an old problem (April-June 2016). My carpet measures 275cm at it's widest point and of course the awning is 300cm. Not exactly wall to wall. Ha anybody any developments on this situation or are Kampa still misleading new purchasers. Bill. aka Alfie the dog
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