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  1. We're over in Brittany for a few weeks, and the Thetford fridge in our Hobby caravan has stopped working. Electrical supply seems OK (interior light is on), and gas ignites OK, but no cooling. Can anyone suggest a possible cause/solution? Thanks
  2. Thanks, MeOne Is "cloths" the manufacturers name? Peter
  3. We are travelling in Brittany, and will soon need to buy more gas. However, the French gas bottles are different from those in the UK, and may have different fittings. Can anyone advise the correct type of bottle to get? I assume that I will have to buy the complete bottle, as they are unlikely to take our UK bottle in exchange. Thanks
  4. Can anyone suggest where I could buy toilet chemicals in Brittany? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm using a Satgear 40cm square dish, which is supposed to be equivalent to a 60cm round dish. TV is an Avtex, which has the satellite decoder built in. The setup worked fine in the UK, but haven't been able to get a signal here in Brittany, but I haven't tried pointing it south as suggested 🙄. Is it the same satellite as in the UK - Astra 2 28. 2E?
  6. Is it possible to access UK TV with a satellite dish in Brittany, northern France?
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