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  1. Yes I e-mailed Comet directly about 10 days ago to see if they would supply one directly or give me a list of UK stockists but didn't get a response. I'm feeling a bit desperate now so if the electronic switch would fit then I'd just go for it. I really don't understand exactly how it works so I'm not sure how it would fit and where the wires go but I'm sure Ali (my husband) understands it. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Thank you nice to know there are options. I was starting to think we could be in trouble if we couldn't get the comet switch. My husband (Ali) is the practical one, I'll get him to read this.
  3. Hi everyone, we've just joined the site having purchased a 2010 Swift Conqueror 630 a couple of weeks ago. Prior to that we had an older Bailey for a year to see how we got on and if we liked it. We tend to do Steam rallies and country fairs so we don't usually have hook up. Trying to persuade my other half that we can do some civilised caravanning as well this year. I've had a browse through the site, loads of good advice and tips, lots more to get through and I've also posted my first question about a water pressure switch, hopefully in the right section! Liz and Ali
  4. We've recently purchased a 2010 Swift Conqueror 630. Unfortunately the comet pressure switch which turns the pump on and off when it gets up to pressure, is leaking. On removing it it has completely cracked (probably due to frost). We're struggling to obtain a replacement, having tried our Swift dealer, every caravan accessory shop locally and on-line. It's currently been on back order with Leisureshop Direct for over 2 weeks, with no sign of coming into stock soon. We wondered if anyone had an idea to an alternative that might do the trick please. I've attached a photo below. Many thanks.
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