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  1. Is drinking stella and driving an L200 while being a weight lifter somehow indicative of rogue behaviour making him a social pariah. Before I could support the introduction of an MOT for caravans I like to see and understand the accident statistics for these trailers over recent years, and a cost benefit analysis.
  2. I was really looking for what is actually used as opposed to what appears in the manuals etc.
  3. Can anyone advise what size full awning they're using on a 2018 Adria Adora Isonzo 613 DT. Many Thanks
  4. I tow an 1800kilo adora with a mercedes ml 350 auto sport. it eats the miles and can out accelerate many vehicles even when towing. Bit heavy on juice but its not our main car.
  5. The Adria user manual gives the Adora 613 AA measurement as 1072 (I've physically measured it at that) and the Isabella site recommend a G20 1075 for this size caravan so why doesn't my G20 1075 Isabella sun shine awning fit? it just barely meets the ground either end. I am returning under the claim it doesn't fit, but am I missing something?? Has anyone on here also got an Adora Isonzo 613 and a full awning ? if so could you share what size awning you are using.
  6. on our first night on a site in Cheddar recently the children speeding noisily around the site till well after 9 pm was a distraction. During the following day a couple of families left and that night there was a noticeable difference with the site being quiet by 8 pm (this persisted for the remainder of our stay) My point is that much of the problem seems to be caused by a relative minority of parents. Normally I'd avoid the kids holidays but this year its unavoidable. I think that we will explore the adult only option but it feels like being forced out.
  7. yes you are correct but we've found in living with this design that the one (and only) thing we miss is the storage space of the two centre drawers however not enough to compromise on the finish and therefore I was hoping some one had been here before and had an answer. UK units obviously won't fit.
  8. we'd like to replace the centre seat on our 2018 Adora Isonzo with a draw unit. Seems Adria don't make one even as an option or accessory and wondered if anyone had already solved this problem. The seat is 820mm x 330mm x 440mm (wxdxh) which rules out buying a draw unit from and UK made caravan.
  9. Yes it was done by the Adria dealer in Blackpool who sold the van - don't have a log but do have the full service report and proof of payment.
  10. my Adora Isonzo 613dt came with step, hookup cable, truma water pump, spare wheel and wheel brace plus cushions and drainer but not sure if they'd be classed as extras. We paid for a new mover to be fitted but like others swapped virtually everything from the old van with the exception of hookup cable, winder, spare wheel etc.
  11. The good news is I had my caravans second service done this morning (social distancing observed) by a local manufacturer approved mobile technician. Fast friendly efficient service job done in just on 21/2 hours and no problems found except. The mobile tech was unable to log the service on the Adria system because the dealer who did the first service had failed to record it at the time. So I'm now faced with having to contact Adria whenever they reopen and try and get both services recorded. Just one more reason for believing I bought from the worst Adria dealer in the UK if not "THE WORLD"
  12. We have an Isabella 360 Universal Porch awning which is excellent however with the size of the adria caravan we have now and there being just two of us we no longer feel the need to expend so much energy erecting it. We are considering a sun awning which can easily and quickly be erected when touring. We've had Fiamma roll out awnings in the past but think the effort of putting it away might now prove to much with our advancing years. So how to choose from the myraid offerings out there all claiming to be the perfect light weight sun awning? Pity there isn't a "which Magazine" for awnings. Any advice / suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Having bought 2 new caravans over the last five years one considered a budget and the other a quality foreign make I consider what makes for a trouble free ownership experience is the quality of the dealer and his PDI. My budget van was largely trouble free while the other (which has picked loads of awards) was a problem with a list on niggles (some gas related) which should have been rectified before it left the dealer. My advice is once you've chosen your caravan then research carefully the dealer you buy from.
  14. The A14 would have been my preferred route but as has been said it's a nightmare at the moment and best avoided. My daughter was at uni in nottingham so I'm familiar with the route as far as there. I think we'll stop at the Moto Services near the east midlands airport at the end of the A50 as not sure what services for caravanners there are after that. Cheers
  15. Also in my 70s and wrestled with an alko spare wheel carrier on a different van glad to say that on my adria the spare wheel is easily accessible being mounted in the front gas locker.
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