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  1. Elddis / Compass. Just heard too many stories of poor build followed up by poor dealers and no support from the manufacturer. Plus the fact that they are still wood framed, I think.
  2. Good advice. Applies to us 5 series Touring people too (especially as the suspension bags tend to deflate slowly over time).
  3. I think you are probably looking at an Adria, they are the one mass market van in the UK which you can probably say has a better reliability record. They also have the wider bunks. That said, we have a Swift and the bunks are wide enough for me, so I'd get your kids to try them out, see what they think. We only have two kids so I think you need to try out the triple bunks Vs a fixed twin bunk and second single in a dinette. See what you think. I wouldn't rule out a UK van, as if you are buying a used one with a warranty, you may any issues have been sorted. Swift and Bailey have had 10 year warranties for a few years now but the term drops for the second owner. Check the paperwork yourself though as if services have been missed or not done by the anniversary of the purchase (e.g. the 3 year service on a Swift) or not done by an approved service person then the manufacturer warranty is void and all you have is dealer warranty. There's no way I'd want to put up an awning for a weekend or use it for sleeping in the winter
  4. I'm less than fully satisfied with our 3 year old Swift, with it having to be repaired by them. The dealer is uninspiring but better than some. However, Swift's attitude and response has been good. They've fixed things that they should have got right to start with and gone the extra mile. This and the fact that they make some of the most appealing caravans mean that I wouldn't rule them out when we replace (there is one UK brand that I would actively avoid).
  5. Me too! It's the only thing I agree with him on though.
  6. Ours has now gone. I think it did it intermittently for the first two years
  7. Love to, but we are hopefully going to Nottingham instead (!!!!) Got a toilet block to check on.
  8. Sorry, should have had a wink! It sounds like you had a great time and it's no more than I would have expected
  9. Not when you have to cook it yourself. Looks lovely though.
  10. Well things are bad here but we haven't resorted to expensive cannibilism (yet)!
  11. Wish I could get away to the mainland this weekend. Feels like autumn here and there's not much to cheer about
  12. The Dutch do have a rather "direct" approach to things so I sympathize a little. That said Mr B, isn't that also your way?! Totally agree on the cycling.
  13. Yes they do. But it's even better with the CMC and even better if you book a few nights at one of the European sites in their brochure. We saved about £500 P&O £1000 ~ CMC ferry only £800 ~ CMC with 6 nights sites £700 ~ This was summer 2019, family of four
  14. Cheers! We only took the one but Lady Vimes was 7 months pregnant.
  15. That was my guess. I did notice the Dutch are exempted though.
  16. We've taken our then 3 year old to the NEC on a Saturday. It's only really busy in certain areas and at certain times. The main problem is that we didn't get chance for both of us to look at the same caravan in detail at the same time as one of us would always be supervising the young one. We did get a good deal, but you could definitely also get a good deal away from the show. The main advantage is being able to quickly compare mult models and, potentially play dealers off against each other on price etc. Food is expensive. There is a Wetherspoons but it has a much limited menu that is pricier than normal branches. Edit: there are some kids activities, like climbing wall and some stands give balloons and facepainting. Balloons seem to be much coveted
  17. Finding a family layout (e.g. bunks) that also has a proper bathroom and lounge is nigh on impossible. I agree, there loads of luxury two berths with proper bathrooms though.
  18. Why are media graduates designing caravans? Seems a bit odd.
  19. I disagree. EVs are in mass production and available to the whole market. They sell in significant numbers
  20. Wake up at the back! They've been with us a few years now
  21. You have to do what you think is best. For us, it will be mainland Europe in the van, hopefully. Because: -we have the van, so it's daft not to use it -we want some warmth and dry weather -it's still cheaper than a package holiday (especially when you factor in the ability to take bikes, the fact you get your own personal bar with outside deck etc) -it's cheaper than self catering in the UK -uk caravan holidays with kids can be more expensive, busier and much more stressful than e.g. France. I think the this year we spent a bit more on our sites: one at €40 another at €50 (both with pools, one excellent) and a stopover at €35. The 5* site came free with the ferry! But we spent less on food. Prices seemed no worse than last year, we only ate out twice and we wasted less. We found attractions sensibly priced (less than €10) and parking either free or sensible. Traveling is more than here but less annoying.
  22. Presumably, everyone on here was up in arms when computers came along and removed slide rule operators?
  23. Lol. You got it the wrong way round!
  24. That's only partially correct. There will be a commercial tipping point both in the mind of the consumer, the manufacturer and maybe even the government. EV's won't need to replicate all IC vehicle uses before they are adopted. About once every 5 years I need a van. I hire one. I don't own one. The mother in law never does a journey greater than 100 miles. An EV would suit her just fine. Sure, if IC cars were banned overnight, I'd be unhappy as I'd need build in charging time to the 2 or 3 days each year that I do 300 towing miles in a day. Thing is, they aren't been banned overnight and I'm fairly unusual in my usage patterns.
  25. I pity them then! We weren't looking to buy a ready made sandwich but the ones we saw were terrible! While Durbanite is totally wrong about wine and cheese, some responses are beginning to remind me of the chap in this Armstrong and Miller sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRfRaSSjsa0
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