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  1. Well.... Ours had to go back for a major repair at 2 year old but that was handled well. Overall it's pretty sturdy although not as solid as our 2001 Sterling. I'm thinking edging trim to cupboards and adjustments to drawers etc.
  2. We do a lot of cooking so it's certainly practical enough but yes, you have to move out of the way if someone needs to pass. The alternative is a van with the bathroom at the back which brings different compromises. The DD wasn't an option when we bought but I'd struggle to see us opting for it now - the extra space required to store and pitch and lack of fixed bunks aren't really outweighed by the longer kitchen. If the kids were bigger then it might be a different story. That's just us though.
  3. We own the former and think it's a great van. We have two kids, 3 & 7. The layout allows us to have their beds ready made plus we dump our bedding on one of the bunks. We eat around the rear dinette. Front lounge is huge and toilet and shower very usable. Kitchen is big enough but the weakest part of the van as it's fairly narrow. We've looked at the DD, it's slightly longer than the 6td but otherwise similar. It basically gives you a bigger kitchen and a little more space in the toilet. It loses the fixed bunks but I imagine the two singles at the rear would be great for older kids. I think it will come down to how old your kids are, whether you are year round caravanner and whether you want the extra weight and length of the twin axle.
  4. svimes

    Smoking Clutches

    It was a flippant remark. Are test routes not allowed to take in car parks?
  5. Dustpan works wonders for us. Everyone's different though
  6. svimes

    Smoking Clutches

    When are they introducing the "find the best parking space and pull in front first so you can still put the shopping in your boot" test? Lady Vimes still insists on finding the tightest, busiest spot and reversing in. And then complains about the pressure.
  7. svimes

    Skoda Kodiaq

    I think it was a 2.5td. early 2000's. In a special edition Cherokee. It did that almost impossible thing of pleasing the parents and teenage children who thought it very cool.
  8. svimes

    Skoda Kodiaq

    They started with a classic shaped Cherokee but it was a diesel so I think a European engine (Swiss built sticks in my mind). Then a Terrano which they liked a lot then the Kia which had some kind of major transmission fault and they didn't like as a car or towcar. Then two Grand Cherokees (one each in the last two shapes) which they liked a lot.
  9. svimes

    Skoda Kodiaq

    Exactly what my parents found. They switched from Jeep to Kia bit then pretty quickly went back to Jeep
  10. I heard that they were made of solid gold and cost an absolute fortune. But that might only be the newer ones
  11. svimes

    Which Caravan

    I reckon you are looking at an Adria or other mainland European van then. Our Sprite is 3 years old and has the Truma Combi system, no space heater. I think most other UK brands switched to similar systems around the same time. The combi system works very well though (much better then the old Trumatic, IMO) and I'm sure that with a decent solar panel (we have 100w) you would be fine off grid. The van does have all LED lighting so you may find that you don't have any need to change bulbs.
  12. But aren't you then effectively saying that some people can't be allowed out on their own as they would be at risk of causing offence?
  13. I guess we have to remember that everyone has a right to use the pavement including the elderly, infirm, young, erratic, ill, etc. In theory you have to assume that they could do anything
  14. svimes

    Which Caravan

    The heating in most vans works best on gas, in that you get more power/heat. You could get a basic Adria as, as far as I know, they still have the space heaters (i.e. you don't have to use the battery to power the blown air unless you want to). We have a Sprite. It works fine off grid with the solar panel to charge the battery to power the blown air.
  15. A Street Worker would say that though!
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