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  1. Europa's were cream, rather then white for a period.
  2. Ours doesn't slide easily but I'd go with Macafee's solution. It's the same one we've employed to stop them playing with blinds etc
  3. We love this site. The pubs in Kettlewell are so handy and there are some good walks direct from the site. Much handier than the sites near Grassington.
  4. That advice would completely negate the benefits, so I'm glad I've not heard any other dealers giving it.
  5. svimes

    BMW X5 or X6

    Yes that's my understanding of how it works at BMW (though all 5 series tourings have self levelling I think)
  6. svimes

    BMW X5 or X6

    I thought adaptive meant that the suspension could be adjusted for sport, comfort, etc. We have a lowly 5 series that has self levelling but not adaptive.
  7. Those are max noseweights, e.g. limits. You can adjust the caravan noseweight to whatever you like though as heavy as possible within limits is generally recommended. I think there's a minimum guide too (4% of MTPLM rings a bell but don't quote me). We tow our 1550kg van with a 5 series estate and aim for about 80kg noseweight though we don't measure every trip. I think that unless you use a lot of CLs in winter that there are clear advantages to cars over SUV. And, of course, you can get many big estates with AWD - perfect combination in my eyes.
  8. The road to Kettlewell is fine. It's beyond Buckden that it gets very hairy with hairpin bends etc - a shame as that is our direct route to Leyburn.
  9. We have the CaravanStore 410 with the privacy room (sides and wall). We don't often use it as a normal awning, mostly just a canopy, and we don't have any other awnings. This is on a Sprite. It's not hard to set up even if not quite as easy as a proper wind out. I think the wind outs are more popular on continental vans and my parents have one on theirs {VanMaster} but I believe they require drilling. That's why I'd steer clear.
  10. I think they are just trying to mock you personally 😉 Seriously though, I can see how that would be pretty galling. My CT is currently full of that advert.
  11. Ours is about 2.8m with a fixed aerial being the highest point, off to one side and it was ok. Howgill Lodge mentioned above is where we stayed when we went through the arch. It's a quiet site which is a fair walk to Appletreewick village. Depending on what you value most (facilities, proximity to a village or pub, views, or price) I think there are probably better sites. If you can get into Causeway Croft in Kettlewell then you will certainly find proximity to a village (with three pubs, one is very dog friendly) good views and nice walks, for example. I think the Wharfedale club site is adjacent to a large commercial site which has a well regarded pub/restaurant complex but I've never been. The Club Site at Hawes is an easy walk into the little town. There's a CS at Austwick which has serviced pitches and modern (portakabin type) toilets and showers. Many more to recommend...
  12. We like overnight crossings and value either starting the holiday close to home (north of England) or getting off the ferry closer to our destination. However, we've nearly always found the Brittany Ferry overnight crossings to be badly timed in that they tend to leave quite late (not good for eating, kids bedtimes etc) and arrive quite early. I think the St. Malo route is a little more civilised timing wise but there's always been a massive premium for it and you get to travel on the fairly antiquated Bretagne which, I understand, has fairly small cabins. We've used the Plymouth Roscoff overnight route on Pont Aven. the ship is very nice but the drive down a nightmare and we were once re-routed to Brest due to industrial action (the return trip being completely cancelled). Which now means that our default route is from Hull with P&O. from the north,Scotland or Midlands it's a much nicer drive than either Portsmouth or Dover. You can arrive from about 2pm - 5pm and get off about 9am the next morning. The food's good and the cabins a good size. Travel at weekends and book through the C-MC with a few nights sites and the deals are very good.
  13. the arch is 2.8 wide. If your mirrors fit, the van will.
  14. I'm just back from a trip to Berlin and even there in the capital there didn't seem to be the same level of security / worry that you get in the UK. I've no idea whether it's down to the different attitude of our two nations or whether the crime rates warrant it but it felt much more relaxing. Your previous messages about litter were also born out - even traveling on the S- bahn through suburban wastelands I counted only one abandoned fridge and very little litter. Meanwhile, taking the little one swimming, right at the gateway to a National Park in the UK there remains at least 50 thick blue polythene bags alongside a main trunk road. What makes it worse is that these are the bags the the local council used to issue for paper recycling!
  15. The car insurance didn't go up when we included the caravan but some uk policies may differ. I think it's acknowledged to be similar here, possibly also thefts for black market sales too. It seems odd that your insurance companies aren't offering discounts for locks (which aren't much of a deterrent but surely push the thief onto the next easiest target)
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