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  1. Toein - Obviously we will make our own judgement once we see one but in case we are blinded by all the shinyness, what were the issues that made you walk away? Rael....Too many issues to mention, everything was very badly fitted, way out of alignment, generally careless assembly. We can't understand why Bailey are happy sending out such poor build quality and think it's acceptable. Good Luck
  2. We had similar with CCC few years ago, on collecting van from storage found 10mm of standing water under front o/s bench seat and middle unit (awning rail leak), tried to cancel booking, refused to refund, only option was to move booking once within the following month, very unhelpful, thought it was The Friendly Club.
  3. We looked at the Bailey Adamo 69-4 demonstrator, with the intention of trading our Cadiz 3, ticked a lot of boxes, liked the space saving drop down bed and the great layout. Disappointed with the small garage that could only accommodate 1 assembled cycle, would require rear cycle rack for us. The only box we could not tick was the old chestnut, Build Quality (Got the T Shirt), appalling walked away, very disappointing, cannot understand why it is so difficult in the UK to get right.
  4. Many thanks Mr P, think we'll have to invest in one
  5. I've been thinking about a Remoska, Lakeland have sold them for years so must be good, at 400 watts I take it you have the 2 litre standard model, is it plenty big enough cooking for 2.
  6. Don't mess with mirowaves, they have capacitor that stores a very high charge in conjunction with other components required to produce very high voltage to power the magnetron, after use the charge dissipates via a bleed resistor, if the resistor has failed open circuit, the capacitor remains fully charged which will kill. I know of a appliance engineer that failed to do the necessary safety checks before attempting a repair, ended up dead on a customers floor.
  7. Thanks for your speedy replies..... Rodders53, I've order the Powerpart same as Prima, from Amazon, didn't spot that when I searched, the flap/cover clip is cracked so I would need to replace soon, so think this is my best option, Many Thanks.
  8. Hi I need to replace EHU socket on Bailey U3, unfortunately last outing the plug was not pushed in fully resulting in arcing, anybody know if the blue Powerpart Socket is available as a spare part anywhere, Prima list a complete socket, lead and box, don't fancy replacing complete box and resealing.
  9. I have never heard of Happy Bowl, fancy trying them, no stock in the UK, emailed Happy Bowl in Santa Barbara USA. Hi Happy Bowl Liners are no longer available in the UK? Is it likely that they will be available soon? Regards Happy Bowl Reply: Yes!!! Freight headed there now. Covid causes major import issues
  10. Just looking at the picture I sent to the dealer there are 4 studs, 1 near each corner the roof vent, the studs slide in a key hole slot, pulling it down will burst the key hole slot in the ply, it will not refit well, I wouldn't touch it, the wiring harness is easy to get at behind the speaker. Can't understand why Bailey fitted such a large heavy surround with dodgy fixings, no better than sky hooks.
  11. Think the wires run across from the surround within the ceiling to o/s speaker/clock housing, ours fell off in the hot weather, very poorly fitted with Christmas tree studs and hit and miss industrial velcro, had it replaced u/w as the studs ripped chunks out of the ply wood, how the new one stops up is a mystery. We also had a awning rail leak, removed the clock and speaker to find water dripping in off the inside of the rail, as far as I can remember the wiring harness is in this box section.
  12. Me to.....cracking brush, had it years only had two handles and three brush heads Beat me to it
  13. Thought they were far too expensive before the increase, stopped using CMC ages ago, now use private sites and C&CC, benefiting with the age concession.
  14. Mine has loads more sealant thrown on and poorly smeared around a large area, couldn't believe what I was seeing, looks terrible, at least consistent with their build quality.
  15. Solved.....Thought I'd update, may help somebody else. When I checked the outside Whale socket "O" rings, the outermost "O" ring was out of shape and loose the inner was like new, replaced both and lubed, tap now runs perfectly, no spluttering explosions. Thought failed "O" rings would caused a leak at the socket not sucked air.
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