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  1. Thought they were far too expensive before the increase, stopped using CMC ages ago, now use private sites and C&CC, benefiting with the age concession.
  2. Mine has loads more sealant thrown on and poorly smeared around a large area, couldn't believe what I was seeing, looks terrible, at least consistent with their build quality.
  3. Solved.....Thought I'd update, may help somebody else. When I checked the outside Whale socket "O" rings, the outermost "O" ring was out of shape and loose the inner was like new, replaced both and lubed, tap now runs perfectly, no spluttering explosions. Thought failed "O" rings would caused a leak at the socket not sucked air.
  4. Toein


    Another nasty RTC a couple of weeks ago.........Person airlifted to hospital following serious two-vehicle collision on A591 near Thirlmere. https://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/17789470.a591-crash-man-serious-stable-condition/
  5. I use Milenco Aero's with Milenco F Pads, I'm amazed how many times I can re-tighten, as the rubber compresses, usually fit night before travel, re-tighten when loading car next day then again with final departing checks. Fit and go I'm sure they would fall off at on the motorway and possibly damage the van.
  6. Never towed before, we bought a 2015 Euro 5 Tiguan R-Line Tech 2.0 TDI 138bhp 4Motion, 2 years old with under 7k on the clock, 45-50 mpg solo, 27-32 mpg loaded and towing 1500kg van, driving gently, fear it would suck the filler cap in if I thrashed it, would like a few more bhp, rev's soon disappear on inclines, stirring the box more than I'd like, feels a tad agricultural, that may be me, in 2 years never benefited from 4wd as far as I'm aware. Only issue in 10k, cam belt tension pulley failed, a known issue apparently sorted under warranty......Very Happy with it, does what I want without issue. Where's that Steve, I can't find it.
  7. As above.... My first Caravan, sadly numerous significant issues including major leak repaired by Baileys, they damaged more than they put right, all issues are due to unbelievable appalling careless build quality. Nearly every day away some issue needs sorting, constantly worrying when will the next leak happen, when will the axle collapse etc etc, not enjoying this caravan, now find using it stressful to be honest also leaves me feeling ripped off. If it had only been built with care it would have been a pleasure to own, hard earn’t money well spent.....never again!
  8. Thanks for your replies......I will try suggestions. Wondering if the boiler has a automatic bleeding valve or air release valve that's not working correctly?
  9. Thanks.....no, I thought what I lost was down inside the hose, may be I'm mistaken?
  10. Hi Bailey Cadiz 3 Adle boiler......Wash basin hot tap constantly explodes when opened at any position, spluttering air and water with some force all over the floor, toilet seat, the mirror gets soaked, now desilvering damage at the bottom despite drying every time, the kitchen hot tap runs perfectly as does both cold taps. Once the system is filled and all taps/shower opened and running constant air free.....puzzled anybody know why this is happening, how could the air be getting in the system and affecting the basin hot tap only.
  11. Thanks....I must be mistaken.
  12. Hi….Any one with a 2017 Baily Cadiz help...... I’ve removed my Jetstorm shower head from the hose and sure I’ve lost a part/restrictor? with 2 small holes fitted inside the hose end......Have I lost a important part or just having a senior moment? Many Thanks
  13. With respect ..that's a silly post.......And yours aren't Obviously wasted my time trying to help.
  14. Prime and Season using unsalted vegetable oil as advised U3 Manual, I posted above. or Do as your manual advises, leave it to rust....complain to Bailey
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