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  1. Had a kampa awnings for 5 years now, never had a problem with it.
  2. Looking at replacing my present car, Vauxhall Insignia, with a Ford Kuga. Has anyone got one and what are they, towing and driving solo.
  3. I am looking for a new battery, presently I have an 85amp battery fitted. But having fitted a mover, it just is not powerful enough to move the van very far. We do not go off grid so it’s just for putting the van back into storage or on to a pitch. So looking for a battery that is not to pricey but will do the job. Thank you in advance for recommendations.
  4. Thank you for the swift reply. I did Expect an increase of 3 or 4 psi, but not 9 psi. As said by Mr Plodd this is a great safety measure.
  5. Have fitted tyre pal to my caravan during lockdown. Today had to take the caravan to the dealers, for it annual service, my tyre where 61psi, which was correct when leaving the storage yard. When I got to the dealers they had got up to 70psi, is this a normal.
  6. Have to make sure we don’t arrive early or leave late, and it should not be too bad.
  7. Hope you post some pictures, as our first caravan was an ace jubilee viceroy.
  8. Thinking of fitting a rhyno motor mover to our caravan has anyone got any experience of this make, if so let good or bad. Thank you.
  9. My daughter has a 63 plate fiat 500, and at the age of 18 to insure for the first year, after passing her test one month earlier it was £1400, with a black box fitted. Upon renewal it was down to £489 for the second also with a black box fitted. All her friends who have passed their test have paid similar amounts, the insurance company she is with is insure the box. You have to bit the bullet for the first year and just pay it, hoping the they do not have incident. Hope this helps.
  10. I find the Costco yellow microfibre cloths very good, and excellent value for money.
  11. Will also stock up on toilet chemical, for the season.
  12. We are going into our third season with our Kampa Rally Air Pro and have not experienced any of the problems mentioned above. And we would highly recommend an air awning.
  13. We have a Kampa air pro 390, and have had for 2 years it is the best awning that we have had. And we have had a few. It stood up to storm Doris in Febuary no problem. I would highly recommend this awning.
  14. I had a similar problem, and no matter what I tried I could feel the van bouncing on the back, until I fitted shock asborbers, worth every penny. Now the caravan feels nice and stable behind us.
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