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  1. Dan Trudgian covered this issue a little while ago. Try this for ideas:
  2. Miggs

    Heavy Awning

    I have the Kampa Air Pro 390 and would never buy another one. The issue is not really the weight for me, but the reliance on a perfectly flat pitch otherwise it will not hug the sides of the van properly. Not once this year did we find ourselves on a pitch flat enough for the doors to zip nicely down the sides. Looks great on the flat showroom floor but that is not real life! Unlike a poled awning, if you find yourself on a bit of a slope, you cannot pull more through on the high side to balance it up. If you insist on having one, erection can be made a lot easier if you tie a length of rope to the end you are trying to pull through. One person feeds the awning in and the other pulls like mad on the rope. Do yourself a favour and buy a nice poled one like an Isabela or something.
  3. Miggs

    Previous Owners

    Maybe it's haunted...It's as credible a reason as everyone else's guess! By the way, my 2016 Cadiz was £16995 in 2018! That is way too much, or else they have become collector's items!
  4. Don't give a damn, i'll be long gone anyway.
  5. I bought a 2016 S3 Cadiz 2 years old in 2018. Been faultless ever since so I am full of praise for it. Couldn't imagine getting better value for £16k!
  6. Miggs

    8ft caravans

    That layout you show looks very impractical to me with a lot of clambering in and out of bed. Seems a shame to go 8' and not enjoy the benefits of centre island with access both sides.
  7. I would suggest you contact Bailey & purchase a replacement owners manual maybe?
  8. You should check where you stand legally. I would have thought warranty repair should be carried out within a "reasonable" time. If they can't possibly do it in that "reasonable" time, perhaps it should be subbed out to a facility that can?
  9. Shame you need 35, I have a 33 set I don't want as I can't stand them. I use a Nemesis now.
  10. Clearly? What is clear, is that the OP specifically titled the thread 'Winter Storage' NOT winter usage. Nobody in their right mind would leave the drinking water system filled in STORAGE. Oh, and Stan, just because someone is admin, doesn't mean they are right all the time. I'm out!
  11. In the Alde system obviously. Some people just love to be argumentative. You and Plod would get on great!!
  12. Don't think you can beat a home service by a well recommended independent technician. Very lucky to have found the one I use. Took 4 hours and pointed out a lot of things I had not realised and walked me through everything. He noticed a bit of creaking as he walked round the van and tightened up all the bolts which secure the Alutech side panels, some were very loose. No more creaking. £200 for the service. He also changed the Alde fluid for a better version as he noticed it was out of date. I'll send the name to anyone within 20 miles of Milton Keynes if they are interested.
  13. Spare key in the glove box of the car. It wasn't me who lost the last one....honest!
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