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  1. Refill the aqua-roll and try again. This time check under the caravan for water running out. If there is, then the drain tap is not closed properly.
  2. Hands up how many have tried to fill up there water system with the drain tap still open and wondered why your recently filled aqua roll is now empty..........Just me then
  3. I'm sure it is referring to the new range of utility sockets from Whale.
  4. Daftest thing I've ever done caravan wise.....hmm, probably buying one! Used to enjoy lovely warm sunny holidays in Greece and Croatia, now I sit with the wife in a field in the rain . No, i'm not bitter.
  5. It's only a couple of weeks to the NEC show. She can peruse them all there.
  6. That suits young couples with a small car and a couple of surfboards/mountain bikes and just used as a place to crash. NOT us!!!! Horses for courses.
  7. That combination is an accident waiting to happen. I would change one or the other before much longer.
  8. I just hope I never pitch up next to you!
  9. I wouldn't put much under there, certainly only 'light' items. You could just stop at the first convenient layby or carpark and check your hitch weight and adjust as necessary.
  10. Swap the Astra for an Insignia or similar. You are approaching tail wagging dog territory.
  11. Hi, Can anyone recommend a nice site for a week in September in the East Sussex/High Weald area? Need: Toilet/Dog/Electric Would like: Access to good walking/Nearby Pubs/Showers/Not too far from coast I prefer CL/small sites but bigger sites outside school holidays can be fine too. Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is not the appropriate forum.
  12. I was due to travel to Yorkshire tomorrow from Northampton. I shall wait till Sunday, it's just not worth the risk.
  13. If the bottle is rented then get it swapped foc if defective.
  14. Too late to get a solar panel rigged on the roof? You could even just lay it on the roof once parked up if you didn't fancy the drilling etc. That would keep your battery topped off.
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