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  1. Hi all, assistance required if possible. We’re just about to take our 2017 Lunar Clubman SR in for its second service tomorrow, whilst cleaning every thing out yesterday a got a shock, yep, I mean a real shock albeit very small, at first I thought it might have been static but I took my electrical tester out this morning and put the live stabby little pin, I’m not an electrician, I put it on the metal plate I believe this is aluminium in the gas locker which sits at the rear of the gas bottles and I put the negative little stabby pin on the tester on the metal hinge on the locker door, at this point I got a continuous beep from my tester, as I said I’m not an electrician, but, Im not sure if this is correct, can any one tell me what it might signify, I’d like to know before it goes into the service shop so that I’m not blinded by science. Any advice would be welcomed, thanks in advance. johnnyboy
  2. Hi all, I guess this has been talked about before but I thought I’d raise the topic again. Caravan levellers, NOT, I hasten to add the plastic block types, but the Bulldog, Milenco type. I appreciate that they are hard to use, I also appreciate that although the manufacturers say you can use a rechargeable drill, you can’t, that is unless you’re lifting your child’s plastic John Deere trailer. And, I know you need a ratchet type wrench to effect the lift, however, does anyone out there have any experience using on of these and if so how do they perform, please
  3. I would like to thank you all for taking the time and trouble to reply, I’m off to the local brewery shop to get some acid, cheers
  4. Hi peeps, it him again, a quick question if I may, and, whilst this question might seam a bit mad I thought I’d enquire. We’re currently sitting in a great campsite in Kent, however, the lime levels here are extraordinary high, so high you have to wipe the kettle out every two days or you’re drinking limescale, not sure what it’s doing to those poor bu ggers out there that have to suffer it on a permanent basis, however, the question is, “ has anyone out there ever felt the need to run kettle descaler through the water system?” And, if so, did it damage it? would it damage it? Our van is a 2017 model the heating system is a sealed trauma system which runs on antifreeze so no worries with that, but the hot water system, taps and pipe work must be taking a right lime dousing at present, so I was wondering if it’s possible? as always your answers will only be shared with those that visit caravan forum, I’m looking forward to receiving your responses regards johnny
  5. Well Lost in the wilderness, thanks very much, after continuing to listen to the banging, I decided to take another look, and, whilst I didn’t have PTFE tape I did have some gas tape, similar thing only slightly thicker, anyway, did what you suggested yesterday and no banging since, and, whilst the pump runs on slightly (10 secs) max no banging, great news so thank you very very much, your help and assistance is greatly appreciated.
  6. I’ve adjusted my pressure switch so many times it’s causing me pressure
  7. Thanks for the response, I too will now ignore the problem, although I would have thought that the likes of trauma with all their research and development would have got to grip with this, I’ve said i5 before and I’ll say it again “the likes of the Trauma / lunar development teams are definitely NOT caravaners”
  8. Hi all, yes it’s me again with another question, this time it’s the trauma thingy pump that goes into the aquaroll, we have a 2017 Lunar Clubman SR, currently sitting in a lovely site in Kent, although the weather is rubbish. Every time we turn the water on there is a thumping sound coming from the area where the water pipe work comes into the van, directly below the seat. It can be stopped by turning the white valve which controls the pressure, but after a a time or two it starts again, if I increase or decrease the pressure the pump simply runs on, the water here is extremely limey, two questions if I may has anyone out there experienced this problem and if so do you know what’s causing it? As always from one inexperienced caravaner to you gods of caravaning out there
  9. Thanks for the response, I now appreciate how the unit is fixed to the ceiling
  10. Hi all, we own a 2017 lunar Clubman SR, I Put my head out of the main skylight the window in the living area and noticed four fixing holes in the skylight unit have no screws in them? There are four holes in total two each side of the long run of plastic that the blackout blind and fly scream slide along, I’m not sure that they should have screws in them, but before I go screaming to the dealer about lunar lack of quality control, which is significant, 🤪, I wondered if anyone out their with the same van has noticed the same, or has the same, should those holes be full of screws or not? any help would be appreciated, if your hole is empty, should it be filled, please?
  11. Thanks for the info, ours is a 2017 Clubman I thought I might try to come through the roof above the tall fridge, running down through to the floor then under the floor up and into the area by the battery box and the control unit. There is a vent above the microwave which is above the fridge, but I get to it because I’m struggling to see how the microwave comes out, if I figure that out I will probably use that location. Thanks for the info.
  12. I would like to thank you all for your input, now having second thoughts for this year, next will be a little different as we intend to spend most of it in the uk, probably using cls. THANKS AGAIN
  13. No Andy that’s great, we too use ACSI whilst travelling in France, but we intend to spend as much time as possible in Spain where you pay for electric, gas is very cheep, eg, £13 or €13.5 for a 14kg bottle of propane, unlike rip off Britain. However, electricity is 40cents a kilowatt last time we where there just pre Christmas we where using around 3kw’s per day €1.20 - approx £8 / £10 per week as you can see over a three month period it certainly stacks up. My thoughts run around best way to use a panel if I fit one and is it worth it, I.e as you point out they have there limitations, I’m trying to understand what exactly my savings will be if I’m plugged into power and I’m using my solar panel, I guess lights, water pump is off the 12v supply but the tv and fridge are off the 220v supply.
  14. Thanks all for the positive responses as always lots of food for thought, always great advice on the site
  15. Thanks Chris, I’ll take a look, see what’s available in the location I’m thinking of fitting it
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