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  1. Fantastic, mind securely at rest, i new I could count on you professionals, I especially like the picture because it looks like mine, but then my wife tells me she has to draw me a picture every time she wants something done, (apparently) 😂😂. But on a serious not big thanks to you all, I can sleep easy.
  2. Hi everyone, searching for a bit of advice,, just had a 100watt solar panel fitted on top of our Lunar Clubman SR, the control system for the van (if I can call it that) Is a big box manufactured by Sargent, it sits under one of the seats in the front of the van, the guy who fitted the solar panel followed the instructions (I assume) and things Seem to be working. However, and there’s always an however or a but and here’s mine. Before the panel was fitted we always plugged it into the mains, and every day the reading would be 13.9volts, it was a consistent reading unless we ran something when it would drop slightly and then recover itself s back to 13.9volts. Following the fitting of the solar panel the guy said “all’s good, it’s charging, if you want to plug it into the mains as well you can, it won’t affect the charging ins they’ll just go between the two systems as and when required” now I’m a bit confused. The battery no longer sits at a constant 13.9 volts. It appears to drop to 12.6volts then charge back up to 13.9volts? Does anyone out there know if this is correct, should the battery drop over a period of a day or so to 12,6 and then recharge itself back to 13.9volts, the only thing running is the alarm system? As always any advice or guidance would be appreciated. johnny
  3. Thanks everyone for your very positive replies, it’s sooooooooh difficult to spend money now I’m 65, when I was 32 spending never bothered me a bit
  4. Hello everyone out there, SWMBO and I hope this note finds you all looking forward to getting out and about in the summer time? I wonder if any one out there has any feedback on the above awnings? We currently have a full size Isabella awning but I’m looking for something a bit smaller, Max 4 mtrs in length, preferably air that’s easier to go up. I’m considering the outdoor Rev sport lite 400, help please regards johnny
  5. Once again thanks for all your comments, they’re all valid and helpful, cheers👍
  6. I traded mine in for a discovery 4, great car never had any problems towing the juggernaut or the van
  7. I had a 2013 C220 AMG, lovely car, we pull a Lunar Clubman SR, changed it for a Landrover Discovery, much more practical, mine merc didn’t like getting caught on wet grass with your the van on the back, especially if a small incline was involved, but I guess that covers most vehicles.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone out there using one of the above, we currently use an isabella on our Lunar Clubman, great awning in fact, exceptional, however, it’s a bit much for weekends or short two / three week stays, so I’ve been looking at alternatives, I’ve considered Air Awnings but I’m concerned that when erecting there is no give in height adjustment leading to the awning looking pretty rough if the ground is unlevel, now I know you’re going to say nothings perfect, but, SWMBO, likes things need and tidy, with that in mind I’m now erring towards poles, now we spent a lot of money on the Isabella, and based on cost we really only want to spend around the £900 mark as opposed to £1500 / £1600 quid for another isabella. It also needs to be at least 3.6mtrs / 4mtrs across the front, hence looking at the Dorma 380/430, I should also say at this point that we used to travel to Spain for six months at a time until our lives changed in January this year, now it’ll be 90 days max. Any help / advise would be appreciated, Awnings are such a pain if you don’t get it right, and short of a grand is a lot of money to blow on something that fails to do the job.
  9. Hi thanks for the response, but I fixed the problem simply by straightening the door catch, simple, nothing to do with condensation or micro switch’s or greeting anything up Thanks ours has the same light sensor, problem fixed though by straightening the door catch pin, simple
  10. Dear All, not sure if the following will help anyone but we hope so. The story so far. We own a 2014 Lunar Clubamn SR, not that the Van has ought to do with the problem we have been experiencing. It did come with a Dometic TALL slim fridge and for want of a better word supposed freezer, the freezer does freeze but I’m guessing you know what I’m alluding too. In around October last year - 2019 our fridge on the odd occasion would alarm, beeping madly for twenty seconds or so then stopping. At first I thought (as you would ) that the door was open, so we would open and close it and the alarming would stop, however, as time passed the frequency of alarm got more and more, we tried closing the door, pushing the door, opening and closing the door, some times it would stop and sometimes it would continue on for as long as it had a desire to continue on. Research he said, I’ll do some research, just to see if others may have experienced the same problem, and lo and behold, YES, it’s a common problem. Solutions I said, search for solutions and YES, there where some indicators of what may be wrong, some people said it’s condensation on the wires, some said it’s condensation on the light fitting it’s self. Write to Dometic I thought, so I did, NO ANSWER, so I wrote again, still no answer, I have to say it’s the third time of writing to Dometic only to be ignored, do not bother wasting your time, that’s the first tip, don’t write to Dometic they won’t respond, they are useless. So I took the control panel off the top of the fridge, the wires were dry, I took the light unit cover off, dry, I wiped every thing, but to no avail, now it was alarming constantly or when it felt like it, we had a deacon in the fridge, if we put the heating on it would alarm, if we put the cooker on it would alarm, I thought gas issue, no idea why I thought that, we tried it on electric, ALARM,we tried it back on gas, then on 240v, then on 12v then on gas again, it alarmed in the night, it alarmed whilst we watched tv, it ******* alarmed at will. I started to Talk Ro it, I begged it to let us sleep, yes yes I know what you’re thinking turn it off, we had stuff in it, I decided to call Keith caravan fitter at our caravan dealer in desperation, and he said, “no idea” I laughed hysterically. I can’t be the only one I said, he said take a look at the door latch it may have a micro switch in it, so I did, no micro switch that I could see, still nothing from Dometic, however, whilst checking the latch I happened to observe that the catch was, wait for it, slightly at the minutest of angle, possibly as a result of the latch catching the catch as it closed, so I straightened it up, undid two screws and squared it, guess what, we slept all night to the tune of yes you have it. NOTHING, silence, no alarm, no sound from the fridge. So remember if your fridge starts alarming when it shouldn’t, don’t bother trying to get an answer for the manufacture Dometic, take a look at the CATCH first. It might just be squiffy a bit like me as I celebrated a good nights sleep. We truly hope this helps unlike those that work for Dometic. we are currently in Spain it’s the end of January and hot, we have ice in the freezer and the G&T are very tasty, it’s been 20 degrees today, here in sunny Benidorm. regards all
  11. Thanks for your input, the location is possibly okay how ever a lower siting of the actual thermostat would be better, it can be 28 degrees at head height but cold at knee heights when sitting in the lounge I appreciate the difficulties but when the cooker is on the lounge area is warm whilst the bedroom is freezing, my suggestion would be somewhere lower and maybe in the bedroom area of a clubman Sr Thank you for the response however, However the lounge in the Sr and at head height does not create consistency indeed it creates inconsistencies because at head height it can run easily at 28 degrees whilst at knee height it’s 18 degrees, as a result you then have to turn up the heating to warm up your knees, the bog standard Aldi heating system only allows for one sensor at head height in front of the door, it appears this has been placed here without thought, better to have a sensor mid height I’d like to thank everyone for their responses, I think I’ll invest in a 12v fan, any ideas which is best
  12. Hi people, help needed, we have a 2017 lunar clubman SR which has the Aldi heating system installed, it may be a daft question but here goes. Q. The small control panel (3” x 3”) for the hot water / heating system is located inside the door as you enter the van at head height, is the thermostat for the heating located inside that small panel, OR, is there a thermo probe located somewhere els in the van? if there is another prob does anyone know where that might be? As always your help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Yep, we think that’s the way of it, but as I said, up to now there have been no repercussions for staying longer than 90 days, I’ve even attempted to find out what exactly the penalties might be via various government websites but to no avail , it appears that historically there are no fines, no imprisonments and no president, I was hoping that someone might have an idea. The are thousands of people in Europe on long stay breaks, that is longer than 90 days, ah well.
  14. On behalf of our friends I would like to thank those of you that gave a positive response
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