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  1. I live in southern spain near Granada and we are all on complete lock-down , we are only able to go out to a supermarket for food or pharmacy and to fill up our cars at gas stations , police road checks everywhere and you have to prove what and where you are going to otherwise you will receive a fine , all bars restaurants and normal shops closed for at least 15 days , and if you are near the coast all parks and beaches are closed.
  2. If you tow in Spain it is compulsory to have towing mirrors on both sides of your car, and the Guardia Trafico do have lots of places where you can be stopped and checked and fines usually have to be paid on the spot, also be very wary of speed limits as some roads have been re-clasified and speeds reduced but the old speed signs are still in place , so make sure your sat nav is up to date as if stopped its pointless saying the sign said 70kmh and it should only be 60kmh you will be told by the little green man with his gun "read the dgt trafico site " , happy motoring. David.
  3. I live in southern Spain and if you own a caravan insurance is mandatory, no ifs or butts , on the other hand its not as expensive as uk caravan insurance, if they made it mandatory in the UK maybe the premiums would drop.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys I should have said that I live in southern Spain, so will search around for a spare.
  5. Hi all I have a Bailey Ranger 4 berth caravan year 2000 , my mcb was tripped and no matter what I did would not reset, on looking at the zig x70 charger their is an on off switch so I switched the charger off and was able to reset the switch but when I then switched on the x70 charger there was a spark and the mcb immediatly tripped, probably a silly question but does this mean my charger is goosed or could it be another fault, all your comments will be helpful.
  6. I also have fully comp insurance for my caravan, its a Bailey Ranger but it was matriculated onto Spanish plates and in Spain caravan insurance is compulsary but not restricted to just me towing, whilst on the subject of towing I had last year a week with my caravan in Cornwall and was not impressed by quite a lot of uk caravan drivers exceeding the speed limit, I am no saint but I think 60mph is fast enough.
  7. We have a Bailey Ranger 4 berth year 2000 and we have had no problems with damp or bits falling off, we live in Southern Spain and this year drove through France then into the UK and down to Cornwall, we love it.
  8. we stayed at Trewithen camp site near st myrren padstow, a small site run by a lovely farming couple, we had ehu with the caravan and the pitch was large enough for an extra 4man tent, one bonus is they have a large enclosed field at the bottom of the site and you can let your dog run free, the facilities for showering etc were spotless clean, this site takes motorhomes caravans and tents
  9. I sympathies with people that have extension mirrors that move but if you drive in Spain towing a caravan you have by Spanish law to have extension mirrors on both sides of the car, some may tell you you only need one but if you get pulled over by the little green men you could be fined on the spot David
  10. I don`t know about the site for caravans, but the city of Seville is a wonderful place to visit, friendly people and everywhere is litter free, the best way to see the sights is to go on the open top bus first as it is a very good tour and gives you a good idea of places you can visit on foot, there is also a river trip but I was a bit disappointed with it, so enjoy your visit to a wonderful city.
  11. Hi to get the discount you have to become a frequent travellerand this costs in the region of £100 this is per year so you would need to make several trips on the ship to benifit from the discount, if you are doimg say 3 trips per yearthen its worth buying otherwise not, but you could always ask Britanny Ferries if they have any special offers. David.
  12. Hi I live in southern Spain and here the law regarding tyres is they must be the same make size and rating on each axle plus the spare has to be the same tyre for caravans and trailers, for cars they have to be the same type mentioned on the ficha technica ( log book ) or your car will fail the itv ( mot ) , they have some strange ideas here!!.
  13. it was the inlet valve stuck, anyway I replaced all the others whilst I was at it, thanks for all your help .
  14. Hi I live near Baza which is an hours drive to Granada and can confirm what a previous poster said about the A92 if it snows they have snow ploughs on nearly every junction and are very quick to get at lest one lane open, the main area of snow risk is the highest point of the A92 at La Mora, but there is an alternative secondary road which is a bit windy and twisty but is always open. Enjoy your trip. David.
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