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  1. robf1234

    4 Wheel drive

    hi this would be my choice great cars https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909071980605?price-to=3500&model=A6 ALLROAD&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=pr84qb&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&sort=relevance&make=AUDI&radius=100&price-from=2000&page=1
  2. hi i have stopped using it i have a year old unicorn two weeks ago i went away and the toilet wouldn't flush i found out how to get the pump out my self (tech guy called me said i need to bring it back to campbells ) but i found the pump and it was seized up i managed to get it working forcing the impeller round and soaking in hot water so if you are going to use pink i would flush it through with water if you are not using it for a while
  3. think he meant grease just the heads ?
  4. i have to hitch and un hitch on the road since the council decided it was clever to put up little wooden posts on the grass opposite me very stressful especially coming home stopping traffic etc ,,, one of the reasons i am selling the caravan and going for a ,motor home ,,
  5. i park my caravan in the drive along with two cars and two removal vans in the street ,,the neighbours dont seem to mind ,,well seeing as i dont Talk to any of them now, since all the moaning about parking the vans on the street started i dont
  6. or buy a year old one and get a bigger discount ,,wish i had ,,i am looking to buy a motorhome now and are being offered 8k less than we paid last year ,they say its the tax you have lost out on ,,so i would go for a year old thats not been used ,,like mine
  7. love la falaise,,try a restaurant called la godille in la turballe ( 10mins walk from the site ,, good food decent prices and very friendly
  8. thanks ,,your probably correct ,,its just when i was looking for caravan for the first time i needed a car to pull it also,, but there wont be i great market for it motor home places take them but give buttons ,,
  9. some interesting comments ,,i was thinking about selling my car and caravan together and buying a motor home ,,any one ever sold the the two as a package ?
  10. hi ..any one else have an issue with the sliding door it seems to be bowed or the panel inside ? and when i open it ,,it catches the inner panel really annoying getting first servive in a few weeks going to get him to look just thought if its a common problem ,,? thanks
  11. i work away from home sometimes and take the van ,,i went to a private site in troon, a little quite site i thought ,, but i was kept awake till 3 am the caravan next door partying out side,, nightmare,, i prefer to have some sort of rules ,, and i had to get up at 6am,,
  12. i remember taking my discovery for a service years back( independent ) he says the cam belt should be changed ,,i said its only done 45k or so and land rover recommended 65K or round about that so i says i stick with the recommendation ,,ok he said but the belt will be like knicker elastic by then,, i laughed ,,3 weeks later while the wife was driving ,,the belt went ,,only £1000 worth of damage i was lucky he said ,, i will never forget the guys face when it had to recovered to his garage for the repairs
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