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  1. love la falaise,,try a restaurant called la godille in la turballe ( 10mins walk from the site ,, good food decent prices and very friendly
  2. thanks ,,your probably correct ,,its just when i was looking for caravan for the first time i needed a car to pull it also,, but there wont be i great market for it motor home places take them but give buttons ,,
  3. some interesting comments ,,i was thinking about selling my car and caravan together and buying a motor home ,,any one ever sold the the two as a package ?
  4. hi ..any one else have an issue with the sliding door it seems to be bowed or the panel inside ? and when i open it ,,it catches the inner panel really annoying getting first servive in a few weeks going to get him to look just thought if its a common problem ,,? thanks
  5. i work away from home sometimes and take the van ,,i went to a private site in troon, a little quite site i thought ,, but i was kept awake till 3 am the caravan next door partying out side,, nightmare,, i prefer to have some sort of rules ,, and i had to get up at 6am,,
  6. i remember taking my discovery for a service years back( independent ) he says the cam belt should be changed ,,i said its only done 45k or so and land rover recommended 65K or round about that so i says i stick with the recommendation ,,ok he said but the belt will be like knicker elastic by then,, i laughed ,,3 weeks later while the wife was driving ,,the belt went ,,only £1000 worth of damage i was lucky he said ,, i will never forget the guys face when it had to recovered to his garage for the repairs
  7. maybe the has op has had the same accident ,,? thats why he cant answer
  8. just a little note to say how good Ferguson customer services were ,,bought this tv over a year ago (and has been brilliant) but when i tried it for the first time last week on 12v it wouldn't work ,,called Ferguson who said it might be a bad cable and would send a new one ,,2 days later it was here ,,and now works fine ,,thanks
  9. i looked at buying a motorhome last week ,,i have a 2018 unicorn paid 24k for it they offered 16200 loosing £8k in a year was a bit much so said i will wait to see what comes up next year
  10. we went to france last year with the caravan in September nearly everyone on here (with exception of durbanite ) told us you dont need to book ,,well i am glad i did book the 2 sites were rammed they were continually turning caravans away ,so if you are going to a popular site ,,i would be booking ,,
  11. hi we had one fitted by the dealer on vigo 4 i find it ok but a bit annoying getting in and out the door,, if i am doing the cooking outside,, and she is watching the telly ,,
  12. hi i have an a6 allroad with westfalia detachable and an alko stabiliser fits great ,,glad i never bought one with the factory fitted one ,,cost me £600 fitted might be cheaper than changing cars ,,i am sure you could sell the factory one ?
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