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  1. ho doubt thee will be some one along to say oh no dont do that ,,but i would do it if i need to know if the fridge is ok ,,,good luck and dont get electrocuted,,
  2. hi are they not marked live ,,and neutral,,?i was thinking a 3 pin plug and a bit of flex cable some how ,,?
  3. hi is there any way to run a 240v supply to it from a socket just to see if the fridge works ?
  4. just back from the lakes very busy ,,,having to put caravans on top of each other
  5. a bit of subject here but seeing as you mention hgv drivers ,,,,i stopped at services on the motorway we were having a nice cup of tea and a butty ,,next thing an hgv driver comes about 20 feet in front of me and starts having a pee,,now i was an hgv driver and i never done that,, some of the services stink of it why do they do it? why dont the staff stop them its a horrible thing to see and smell
  6. hi ,,can you put a meter on it see if its charging ?
  7. totally agree with you ,,but why are they not legal ,,i have one here and tow a Little aygo with it i have towed trailers caravans up to hgv class one, and i think a frame is just as safe as a trailer ,if it has the proper braked option but thats my option
  8. hi we were in bonterra park (spain ) last year i spotted a few little cars next to motorhomes ,,uk plates i asked the guy how did you get it here ,,he says he just tows it does it every year only ever been asked to uncouple it once ,,drive it for a few miles then re couple it ,,his theory was if he got fined it was cheaper than having to hire a car for 3 months time he was staying there ,,
  9. hi the shocks are computer controlled ? thats why they are so expensive ,,and the air suspension units are separate i only ever had one go ,,audi says they dont go very often ,,i was just unlucky ,,but i would buy another if i went back to a caravan ,,wont be anytime soon ,,,
  10. hi the alllroad is a great car i have towed with e class ,,m class range rovers 5 series estate a6 saloon,,and a few others years ago ,,the allroad a6 245bhp i had,, or the larger twin turbo one that i dreamed about ,,brilliant to drive and tow ,,one thing to watch is the suspension ,,it cost me £1399 for two rear shocks ,,and its 1000 per suspension unit if they go from main dealer good compromise if you dont want the big 4x4s,,
  11. loads in Victoria park ,,must be a club ?
  12. hi done a fair bit of research on these and i went for this one and it seems to be good for the price and had lots of reviews on you tube etc 2500A Car Jump Starter Battery Heavy Duty Booster Power Pack TrekPow 12V IP68 UK
  13. hi i have a dewalt drill and its ok ,,,think you will be happy with it ,,please post on here what your thoughts are ,,,good luck
  14. cant remember how much i paid ,,but i wont be buying any other cheapo ones ,,every time i went to use the cheap ones they were flat not enough power etc etc ...i bought a machine mart one that had brilliant spec torques etc ,,,it was rubbish ,,buy the Milwaukee and you wont look back ...
  15. i have put up with cheapish drills drivers etc for years ,,2 years ago i bought 2 Milwaukee impact wrenches with 5ah batts ,,wish i had bought them years before what a difference ,,brilliant
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