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  1. hi by a signal are talking about getting all the uk channels ,,on sky ? i am not long back from benidorm area i have a 55cm and an 85cm dish you do get sky but not uk channels well i didnt what i did get was sky euro beam ( or thats what i was told i got sky news and other paid for channels with my sky box i took ,,i did see some massive dishes in bonterra park and the guy says he got all the uk english ,,itv ,,,etc looked like 125cm dish ,,,he had about 4 other people plugged in ,,if you can carry that size dish go for it ,,,
  2. hi thanks i have been to windemere site loads of times and love this as well nice little pub onsite with a good pint ,,cant wait booked it for 4th july ,,Independence day i believe ,, hope its open
  3. i see this site is open again from july (govt willing) and with a new 25 year lease C+C Club again. Sorry if this has been done already but i just found out love this little site and its going to called Bowness on Windermere site ,, hope they can get a few more pitches as it a nightmare to book it ,,
  4. robf1234

    Asda fuel.

    ah 60 years old ,,,it will be due its first service ..
  5. robf1234

    Asda fuel.

    that why lawnmowers dont start after the winter if you leave the fuel in ,,it turns to jelly, mucks up the carb jets ,,i fixed loads of them ,,
  6. hi i have just fitted one of these easy to fit and has a double connection for sky
  7. hi tom i just ordered one of these unlimited smarty sims ,,to take with me to France ,,,Spain they just said its restricted to 19gb when roaming ,,but at £20 its still not a bad deal ,,
  8. hi this is where i had my tv i also put my sky box in the cupboard next to the bed and installed a plate with hdmi and aerial sockets so i could fix the sky magic eye thing as there was nowhere else to put the box ,,ii
  9. hi i have one for sale from a 2018 unicorn message me if interested
  10. hi ,,im just going as far as olivia near Valencia first time to Spain,, and still have a lot of France to see
  11. ahh,, im not going that way ,,,
  12. hi it looks like theres one just on the Spanish border on the a63 but i am only going by google maps ? as i have just ordered a atmb i will have to use it ,,i am not getting two
  13. thanks be in parking up at a site in Spain for three weeks ,, then back to France ,,
  14. i have just ordered a atmb tag that i am told only works in France ,,so when i come to the Spanish border having traveled through France, does the tag let me through, and do i then have to take a ticket for the Spanish motorway part ?
  15. just booked newhaven ,,dieppe return with motor home £220 with cabin going ,,thought that was good, that was through dfds website tried other sites that were more expensive ,,any one know if you can camp at newhaven on the docks ?
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