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  1. we went to france last year with the caravan in September nearly everyone on here (with exception of durbanite ) told us you dont need to book ,,well i am glad i did book the 2 sites were rammed they were continually turning caravans away ,so if you are going to a popular site ,,i would be booking ,,
  2. hi we had one fitted by the dealer on vigo 4 i find it ok but a bit annoying getting in and out the door,, if i am doing the cooking outside,, and she is watching the telly ,,
  3. hi i have an a6 allroad with westfalia detachable and an alko stabiliser fits great ,,glad i never bought one with the factory fitted one ,,cost me £600 fitted might be cheaper than changing cars ,,i am sure you could sell the factory one ?
  4. hi i have had e320cdi merc 2 discoverys 1 range rover 1 ml270cdi 1 bmw 5201 a6 saloon 2,0tdi ,,i have had my a6 allroad 2014 for 2 years and is the first car that i am not thinking about changing i towed my unicorn 4 down through France last year and was effortless and £190 road tax ,,air suspension can be expensive to repair i had a shocker go on the rear costing 1200 to replace the pair ££ get the large screen if poss and a factory fitted tow bar as mine cost £650 with the coding etc detachable i love it i think it is a brilliant compromise to a high tax 4x4 and decent mpg and room
  5. just found out ccc are now doing free wifi on all club sites/// they even sent me a voucher for the remaining data on my allowance that i had not used i think this i good,, bought wifi for years and never used it all ,,hope they dont slow it down as wasn't great to start with ,,
  6. hi ,,, she taking the buccaneer for a holiday ..? pf jones ,,£350 mobile fitting with twin electric and universal wiring not sure if they are near you ?
  7. just measured mine 2018 vigo Nearside - to plastic wheel arch 18mm. Offside - to plastic wheel arch 20m. would be good to know what is the correct distance going in for some work in a few weeks time ?
  8. robf1234

    adaptor ?

    ok thanks sorry some people were confused, ,i will buy another hose
  9. robf1234

    adaptor ?

    hi is there any sort of adaptor i can buy to make the whale to plug on to the aqua roll for use in service pitches . just save carrying anther hose ?
  10. hi its not the one i bought, ,i had one of the loosen the bolts, ,find the satellite, ,the try to tighten them up before it falls down again ones ( still have it £20 with sat finder ) this has far more control and stays in the fixed position, ,well i will see on my first trip out, ,
  11. i just bought one of these instead of the roof mounted seems easy to set up ?
  12. hi did you get one ? what they like i was thinking about one myself, ,thanks
  13. thanks ian, ,i was hoping some one would do it on the drive dont want to drive to wakefield if possible
  14. hi i am finding it hard to get a fitter in my area i called maxview they gave me one in Preston but they only do motor homes i have called local caravan sales, ,mobile fitters, ,no body interested in fitting them, if any one knows a mobile fitter Liverpool area could you pass the details on . ....thanks
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