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  1. Hi. The item I suggested works on both satellite and digital TV...
  2. hi when i had to find a signal before the auto sat dish ,,i used this very cheap and easy to use ,,https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172234936321?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=7101533165274578&mkcid=2&itemid=172234936321&targetid=4584826055637460&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=412354546&mkgroupid=1299623041023876&rlsatarget=pla-4584826055637460&abcId=9300541&merchantid=87779&msclkid=be6fe223f4aa16a907708314fd3b0f1b
  3. hi you wont pick up english speaking ie.bbc 1 itv etc but you should pick up some on the euro beam version i had my sky box and 55cm dish on in Spain and picked up paid channels ,,not sure how it goes without the sky box,,, wish i was there ,,,
  4. unfortunately its not only kids that are loud and annoying and dogs barking every time you walk by ,,i was at a site in troon the family's next to me went on singing dancing shouting till 3am nightmare never again ,,spoke to the owner the next day ,,not interested ,,couldn't move as the golf was on, and i had to be near it,,
  5. how true ,,why do some users try to get you to not post things on here i thought that was what this was for ? every one knows about google ,,but some like to get advice from users on here and other forums
  6. hi i know all about the ford transit problems ,,mine is based on a fiat ducato ,,autotrail ,,
  7. hi well i go away myself fishing in the motorhome leaving the wife to face the burglars 😂 i always leave a car on the drive too,, hi yes i have a disklok fitted ,,no alarm as insurance company would not offer any discount for one ,, if they want i suppose they will get it but they will need to cut the wheel clamp off, bring a spare wheel with bolts ,,cut the disk lock off ,,then get it out my drive without knocking the wall down ..👌
  8. got my little toad jammed up next to it ,,wife need to get to work early so i dont want to have to get up every morning to shift it ,,but good idea thanks
  9. i have just had an Irish guy chap my door and ask if i want my drive resealing ,,when i said no,,he starts asking about buying my motor home ,,as i side thought ,,told him not selling he wouldn't give up saying he cant get them now give me a good price ,,,i watched him leave the street he never asked any one else about drive ways ,,i have removed a wheel and have a nemisis full stop wheel clamp fitted and a disk lock on the steering wheel ,,but i know i wont sleep tonight thinking he is coming back to pinch it ,,any other suggestions i should do ? thanks
  10. one thing ,,there never seem to be any cats eyes ,,do not like driving at night through France ,,but i still love it ,
  11. hi i have had two audi a6 allroads both had air suspension best tow car i ever had especially the later 3 lts just one thing to consider if the units go your looking at £1200 a corner to replace ,and £1200 for a couple of shockers ,,but i would buy another one if i went back to caravan ,,
  12. hi i bought a new 2018 vigo after a few months past i reported the some of the blinds very tight to open and close ,the bathroom door had a massive warp in it i reported it to Campbells who after a while said they would order a new one and they would be in touch when it comes in ,,,a couple months later i called them about the door ,,they said oh we sent it back to bailys because i never came for it ?? i said i was waiting on it coming in ,,they said they would need to send for another, then gets a call from saying the door is only covered for the first year ,,this was 13 months later ,,after lots of verbals they agreed to get me one free i waited 4 months called them several times i gave up sold the van and bought a motor home just think about there 3 year warranty doesn't cover everything ,,saying that it was a nice caravan ,,
  13. hi thats true ,,,the antenna comes with stick on suckers so it can be removed if need be quickly ,,im sure there will be a way to do it ?
  14. hi that is exactly what i am thinking about doing but my contract not up with bt till march,, you can stick an antenna up at home to boost the signal ,,i have done on the motorhome ,,
  15. hi doesnt say 5g in the specs only 4g ,,but does look better download speeds but slower uploads,,? got this from o2 forum site ,,,,(All devices are unlocked now and my Huawei router was unlocked too.)
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