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  1. I have read a few threads about draining the toilet flush tank; some do it every trip, others for winterisation. My question is: where is the drain on an Amara 380/2? I can find no reference to it in the manual and I have looked underneath the cassette area to no avail. Could someone please give me a clue.
  2. Just to close this thread for me, here is what I have decided. I need to use up the full bottle of butane so have purchased a pigtail and clip-on connector. When the bottle is empty I will swap for a propane bottle and thus have two the same (as so many have pointed out its logic). Thanks again to everyone that responded to my query - I am sure I will have many more as I slowly get into this caravanning lark!!
  3. I appreciate all the replies to my question - thanks all. Not sure I understand your point about NOT suitable for high-pressure pigtails Rodders53. The following is taken from the Gaslow website for their chageover fitting: "The Gaslow Propane Manual Changeover Gauge (Standard) is designed to create a twin cylinder gas system for caravans/motorhomes fitted with a fixed 30mbar regulator. Complete with a Gaslow Propane Gauge it is ideal for Gaslow Refillable Cylinder Systems or for any other propane cylinders We also stock a wide range of hoses to suit many cylinders - all of which are compatible with this unit. Because it is a Gaslow Gauge it also acts as a low gas level indicator and leak detector. The standard T configuration should be used if the regulator is located centrally within your gas locker." As you can see it does not say not suitable for HP pigtails. Please clarify. I emailed Gaslow to ask if I could use the propane version with a propane/butane setup and they replied that it would be fine, except the gauge reading when using butane would not be accurate. i think they would have said if it was not suitable, or am I missing something? Thanks for the BES suggestion ERN.
  4. I expected replies to say use two propane bottles; the point is I have one propane and one butane. I am not interested in paying out for an auto changeover. Also, I realise a t-piece would release gas if the empty bottle was disconnected without turning off the full bottle first, but surely that is what would happen with the 'Gaslow Manual Changeover Gauge' and they sell those (one for butane and one for propane due to the difference in gas pressure). I am having difficulty in finding a simple manual changeover valve with W20 threads (or is it M20?).
  5. I have both propane and butane bottles and would like to fit a manual changeover valve to allow me to fit one of each type of pigtail to the valve. This is to prevent the need to continually disconnect the pigtails at the regulator each time I want to swap bottles. Has anyone fitted such a valve, or are there alternatives (besides using just one type of lpg)? Alternatively, would just a tee-piece suffice?
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