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  1. Good Luck. There is more information under the title "Huge crack appeared"-just search for it on this forum :-)
  2. I would assume this is no longer covered by any warranty? If no warranty is still running and using this forums many great talents/U-tube video's the consensus would be to drill a small hole at the end of each hairline crack to stop further damage. Then add a sealant (sika-flex) bead along the crack to prevent water ingress. Alternatively a specialised repairer which could cost £££'s
  3. We also booked with the caravan club as they can price it with a ferry crossing which works out as good value. You can make a booking from the 14th October 2021 for next year. If you can download a Sequoia Parc site plan any pitch near the middle away from the water where the mosquitoes seem to inhabit :-( If you look at my profile album two of the pitch pictures are opposite the pool entrance with the building behind being the toilet block. Hope this helps.
  4. I guess Legal Eagle who uses this forum might be able to assist moving forward....
  5. We went to this site in the summer of 2017. Very nice site with a great pool complex. A supermarket about a mile away with fuel too. Just be aware of mosquitoes in the summer months so pick your pitch carefully :-) Address; La Josephtrie, 17320 Saint-Just-Luzac,France.
  6. I notice you have a 2021 caravan going by your profile. If you have a shower cubicle why not hang coats etc in your bathroom and use the existing heat you are using in your caravan? Or use the 500W oil filled radiator (and place in the bathroom) plugged into an internal plug socket-this way you will benefit from the caravan insulation and not lose all the heat.
  7. You might be able to negotiate alternative dates......if you have the correct mindset during your difficult time. Obviously family concerns always come first.
  8. Nobody has mentioned nose weight to the OP regarding their vehicle-I personally don't know what it is...any assistance for the OP?
  9. Why not phone around a few Coachman dealers and ask for a breakdown of their price?
  10. I have a fixed AL-KO towball/structure plus 13 pin electrics fitted by a local company who I have used since I started towing.
  11. Firstly Welcome! All very valid information from the experienced people above-Your licence entitlement won't matter soon though :-) Dealers probably will have too little choice so the internet is your friend....
  12. We have the new Kuga 2-litre diesel mHEV towing a 1500kg Compass Casita 554 (MTPLM upgrade) and can confirm it tows very well :-)
  13. MrPlodd-am I missing something? The OP asked for recommendations that are diesel powered and automatic transmission. The Kuga plug-ins are automatic but use the 2.5-litre petrol engine....
  14. The Ford Kuga 2-litre diesel auto is available in 4WD format which should add weight-the only fly in the ointment would be availability because of the continuing issue with semi conductors which could be an issue with most new cars not held in stock.
  15. From reading other posts the alarm has its own long life battery which might be throwing up all the issues you describe if its almost flat. If you can find the alarm (maybe under one of the front sofa's) and you can find a makers name (or phone a Swift dealer for that info) a call to the alarm company normally gives good results :-) CJ1149...our messages crossed :-)
  16. Sounds like your hitch damper is u/s and requires replacement. Somebody with more details will be along shortly to explain how to tackle/replace this part :-)
  17. First port of call with any electronic equipment reset it :-)....disconnect your leisure battery for 5 minutes then reconnect-costs nothing to try this.
  18. I did have a similar fault and it turned out to be a fuse buried within the towbar wiring on the car side in the boot so keep your eyes open and trace this wiring :-)
  19. FWIW I believe you need to trace where the towbar electrics are picked up from within the car-probably in the boot somewhere-as you mentioned could possibly be the towbar fitted relay somewhere in the towing electrics from car also.
  20. This won the 1550-1699kg group. Seat Ateca 2.0 TDi 4drive Xperience DSG £33260 Quoted with a max towball limit 80kg Much healthier towball weights in that price category....
  21. Outwell sell pre shaped foam to aid the issue if the awning bisects a window. Take a look on U-tube for the setting up of the pebble range and it will show what I mean-hope this is helpful :-) It might save you buying a new awning !
  22. We used a truck pump on the way through Rouen-the problem I found personally was that delivery was too fast for the filler pipe to digest...one wet arm and leg later I thought never again! I suppose in hindsight I may have overcome this by feathering the trigger?
  23. Exactly where I found the information ;-) The point I was making is if somebody asks a question surely it makes sense to offer as much information as possible rather than assume WE all know lol
  24. Their caravan is a 2020 compass caprio 550 which does have the ALDE wet water system. It would be easier if newbies give more details ;-)
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