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  1. I did have a similar fault and it turned out to be a fuse buried within the towbar wiring on the car side in the boot so keep your eyes open and trace this wiring :-)
  2. FWIW I believe you need to trace where the towbar electrics are picked up from within the car-probably in the boot somewhere-as you mentioned could possibly be the towbar fitted relay somewhere in the towing electrics from car also.
  3. This won the 1550-1699kg group. Seat Ateca 2.0 TDi 4drive Xperience DSG £33260 Quoted with a max towball limit 80kg Much healthier towball weights in that price category....
  4. Outwell sell pre shaped foam to aid the issue if the awning bisects a window. Take a look on U-tube for the setting up of the pebble range and it will show what I mean-hope this is helpful :-) It might save you buying a new awning !
  5. We used a truck pump on the way through Rouen-the problem I found personally was that delivery was too fast for the filler pipe to digest...one wet arm and leg later I thought never again! I suppose in hindsight I may have overcome this by feathering the trigger?
  6. Exactly where I found the information ;-) The point I was making is if somebody asks a question surely it makes sense to offer as much information as possible rather than assume WE all know lol
  7. Their caravan is a 2020 compass caprio 550 which does have the ALDE wet water system. It would be easier if newbies give more details ;-)
  8. Yes it is far easier-we used two of these on our last twin axle caravan. It may need to be moved slightly because the wheel bolt you replace to lock the Nemesis into might mean the bar won't slide below the chassis....only happened a couple of times (using two Nemesis locks on a twin axle) but worth mentioning.
  9. Just looked on Baileys website and no mention that the chassis has this fitment :-( AL-KO receiver seems to become standard on the models above the Phoenix.
  10. +1 Google is your friend-a picture paints a 1000 words ;-)
  11. Our Compass is a dealer special which has GRP sides-never noticed the battens through these.
  12. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe journey home :-)
  13. Different van but useful for others who read/contribute to this topic. Our Compass Casita (2020) has the CompleteHeat Whale system which also has the option to use a stand-a-lone fan via the heating vents.....proved very useful to cool the van :-)
  14. We still have these from our previous twin axle but kept them both and use one on the opposite side to the AL-KO lock just to improve security/or delay by an extra 2 minutes its theft :-((
  15. Apologises first-I've just realised you are referring to an AIR awning but below might still be useful: I've had a full size POLE awning increased in size and consulted a professional outfit who adapted awnings to fit a specific size. From what I remember the situation was similar to yours-an increase one size up so definatly possible. They introduced extra fabric into the roof at two points which wasn't noticeable. Unless others have any other recommendations I would search for a professional company with a good reputation who can perform this adjustment. This is where google is your friend :-)
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