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  1. IMHO I find some weight over the axle also helps.
  2. Plenty of car (W)rappers around who would be able to give you a price too!
  3. Bubble wrap under the bed in a storage box.
  4. Thank you everybody for refreshing my memory....where am I again ;-)
  5. Hasn't this been done before? Can't remember the name but it resembled a trolley with a leisure battery built in...any idea?
  6. Did you look on the robinsons stand and take a peek at their dealer specials that atm until lunar get sorted are based around a swift model?
  7. It might be cheaper to buy from draft stopper-the people who make ....would you believe draft stopper for caravan wheel arches-and cut a twin axle piece of sheet to make the vent covers. Someone here must know what material they use? www.JaidDesigns.co.uJust looked at their website its made from...quote Manufactured from Opaque Polypropylene fluted sheet Very tough and tear resistant yet light weight with durable hinges Slots at each end enable the use of the Velcro straps to keep the board closed when in storage
  8. If they aren't marked up and you have a gas fault also turn off the tap on the gas bottle. Might be advisable to turn on one at a time to see which appliance it feeds so you know in an emergency?
  9. Just a thought...and yes I have read others contributions...could they be rear foglights?-knowing how the caravan industry works on one van they're high level brake lights on another they could be alien landing lights...said very tongue-in-cheek ;-)
  10. Just as a polite and helpful reminder-when you hitched up wind the jocky wheel down until you feel the rear of your tow car lifting...this insure's your hitch is fully located on your towball...dont rely on the hitch indicator! Obviously then raise the jockey wheel into its keyway and lift the complete jockey assembly as far up as possible to avoid speed humps etc......and then tighten it with the "pinch" handle on the side of the A frame.
  11. I think the 180 has greater torque as well as a...30bhp advantage.
  12. Slightly further south but why not take a peek at Sequioa Parc? Or closer to your search area Du Jard....La Tabardiere or Le Chaponnet
  13. If you mean the aftermarket drip strip I have used ....funnily enough black streak cleaner.
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