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  1. In fairness to add some balance robinsons caravans website described Lunars situation when it happened and that they would honour any warranty work on a caravan purchased from them....nothing us clued up people dont already know eg warranty with supplying dealer etc....but good they were upfront about Lunars situation.
  2. Who are lunar automotive....are any of the previous owners involved?
  3. Well I hope if its brought by an acquisition company it continues to manufacture caravans rather than Lunar as a company is broken down and its segmented parts sold....
  4. Hi I'm not disagreeing with your roof issues but I tend to tilt my caravan very slightly to allow the rain to run off. Hope this response helps you in the short term.
  5. Might be common knowledge by now but will provide the information anyway. Robinsons caravans a family business for over 50 years who sell the Lunar ultima range of dealer specials have been sold to Saalbach equity an Asia based private equity firm. This is their 1st investment in retail
  6. I assume the 124 people who lost their jobs were the temps Lunar use at this time of the year?
  7. Unfortunately not many people in the UK can decipher a German document ...........;-)
  8. 0.5amp which is alot lower than the circuit I took the power from
  9. Depending on your fridge make and model the location of the fan varies. Look on line for the manufacturer's fridge install instructions. This helped with my domestic. I used a 120mm PC fan connected via a spur from a 12volt supply with a in line fuse and it's own switch....works great.
  10. +1 I actually fitted the existing pipe to the inner insert of the lower vent exactly as it's supposed to be. Then as already said it drains through the vent and dribbles down the exterior wall of the van
  11. Hi there I'm also in Essex. Firstly remember a corkscrew and tin opener lol There are plenty of small sites in Essex if you join one/both of the clubs. We generally use the smaller sites and always ones with electric and a toilet. What part of Essex are you?
  12. We had the same result for the second service on our Ultima 674 (Quasar based)
  13. Not being funny but a 1 in 4 slope would be 22.5 degree gradient.....well according to my school boy maths :-(
  14. I've found robinsons caravans who sell the ultima dealer special to be most helpful....give them a call :-)
  15. If you look on robinsons caravans website who sell the ultima dealer special you can navigate to download the ultima 2013 brochure. This will show if you have the right material colour/trim on your seats. I believe that lunar use a spring seat rather than foam filled. Hope this helps.
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