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  1. Hi there I'm also in Essex. Firstly remember a corkscrew and tin opener lol There are plenty of small sites in Essex if you join one/both of the clubs. We generally use the smaller sites and always ones with electric and a toilet. What part of Essex are you?
  2. We had the same result for the second service on our Ultima 674 (Quasar based)
  3. Not being funny but a 1 in 4 slope would be 22.5 degree gradient.....well according to my school boy maths :-(
  4. I've found robinsons caravans who sell the ultima dealer special to be most helpful....give them a call :-)
  5. If you look on robinsons caravans website who sell the ultima dealer special you can navigate to download the ultima 2013 brochure. This will show if you have the right material colour/trim on your seats. I believe that lunar use a spring seat rather than foam filled. Hope this helps.
  6. I've not replaced one personally but looking at my lunar installation there is a wooden bar above mine with wooden covers over the retaining screws. If I was to remove this bar the microwave would simply slide out after lifting it slightly to clear the lower wooden batten. Hope this makes sense :-(
  7. +1.....in fact I use 2 while touring. It also means when levelling across both axles there is no need for alignment full stop.
  8. Hi. Glad my guess was helpful ;-) Sometimes taking a practical and methodical approach can work. Thank you for reporting back as this may also be of interest to other people.
  9. Might be worth going to a local caravan accessory shop.
  10. I think its just nice to redress the balance and supply good news rather than all bad. Let's be honest people mainly use forums to report or look for a remedy to a particular fault. There are actually many satisfied caravan owners out there ;-)
  11. +1 Just had my second service completed on our Ultima 674 and returned with a clean bill of health-very happy so far!
  12. I assume the OP has a battery if he/she has a a motor mover fitted which they used to put it at its present position at the side of a house?...... Hopefully the OP will be some point and give an update....
  13. You may need to leave the PSU switched on-Just a suggestion but better to contact your supplying dealer direct.
  14. Possible that the channel at the top which holds the window outside just requires resealing which has allowed rain to drip passed it onto the rubber seal at the top and capillary action did the rest.....I'm positive it will be a simple fix but frustrating on a new van nevertheless!
  15. On further investigation today while fiddling with the van side wiring I have found the issue. Basically the crimped spade connectors had worked loose over time due to the movement during towing. Jiggling them sometimes only lit up one end too as pebble suggested. Cut off old crimped and soldered new connectors in place....viola sorted! Thank you for everybodies help. Pebble...if you loosen the spotlight base you should be able to pull gently on the wiring to reveal the connectors.
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