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  1. Without taking the pee you have checked the basics...cable connections secure,select dish on tv screen etc? Internet diagnosis can be so difficult :-)
  2. If in doubt I always find you-tube is your friend :-)
  3. This would be my first thought :-) Not always easy to find though......
  4. For the OP really but I'm sure you are aware that all this kind of information can be read from the sidewall of the tyre and deciphered via google :-)
  5. Why not phone Land Rover with your vehicle spec? The tyre side wall has lots of information that can easily be read via google too or consult a tyre fitter.
  6. It makes sense from a safety point of to have this service performed on the electrical/gas circuits of your purchase.
  7. FWIW...as others have said noiseweight, rear tyre pressures, caravan loading (heavy items over axle) and car loading are the normal culprits. For the experienced contributors the details of both car and type/model of caravan might jog somebodies memory of something specific that this towing combination had. I'd like to ask what type of stabiliser you have?
  8. I've used a couple of scaffold boards in the past that go just over the width of the caravan. Stronger than hardboard too :-)
  9. I feel your pain. It would seem you wish to keep the caravan so in the mean time if you are able it might be prudent to buy some sticky gaffer tape and apply it to the areas of concern to prevent any more water ingress and protect the underlying structure.
  10. Yes you are right-if you look closely on the app it actually mentions updating every 30 days.
  11. Thank you Gordon...I guess I can say my ass might be dumb but at the moment I'm no dumb ass-but there is still time for me to be a dumb ass :-)
  12. I agree Woodentop i need to explain. I remember reading either John Westerham caravan book or an article in practical caravan (when the writers knew what they were talking about) about the regulators-thinking back it was the take off point on the regulator that changed.I believe that an oily deposit could form in the regulator causing issues. Apologise's for the confusion.
  13. Unfortunately for you-what a nightmare fella :-( Hope you manage to source one from a salvaged caravan.
  14. I understand that the connecting hose should have a continue drop but shouldn't go below the bottle connecting point-sometime ago this was said to foul the regulator internals. It is good practice to use soapy water to check any joints you have remade.
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