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  1. +1 Easy to use and lightweight-4 minutes in total to fit both locks!
  2. I purchased one of these also. When plugged into the car i operated the indicators,lights etc and the tester lights up to confirm it has power to the car 13 pin socket. I have not tested from the caravan plug but i assume thats the reason you have to insert a 9 volt battery.
  3. Lunar wiring and connectors can be an issue. Check the spade connectors while giving them a wiggle....the crisps can fail.
  4. I have a 2017 Lunar brought from Robinsons new. Im based in Essex and during the purchase they made it clear that servicing could be carried out local to me. I have been doing this and promptly booked my 3rd service so it was before the anniversary date. This morning I received a call from my local service agent who informed me they can't service my caravan because this morning they had received an email from Lunar automotive which stated for the warranty to remain intact it would have to return to the supplying dealer. I asked why to which the response was Lunar Automotive are trying to contain warranty claims to within the dealer network, which I assume is to streamline the process during the transitional period of takeover-that part is purely conjecture on my part. I called Robinsons and the service department informed me they had not heard this.... I'm pleased that my local dealer was honest with me rather than just taking my money. My question to this forum has anybody recently been informed of this statedgy towards pre Lunar automotive products (2017 to date)
  5. I understand that only by interrogation via the OBD socket can this question be anwsered and then it would require the specific software. As to the regenerations it would be based on many factors decided by the ECU.
  6. So you also used your common sense and didn't rely on a 3rd party towbars towload limit....the plot thickens lol
  7. Absolutely agree with you-hence why I questioned it!
  8. Well according to Lutz on here we should be referring to the towbar hmmmm....
  9. Hence why I'd sooner use the manufactuers information rather than a 3rd towbar fitter who may not have updated their information. Might be worth some of the long standing members remembering this ;-)
  10. Ok thanks for the info-and proves that brochures can sometimes be misleading........ That brochure wasnt the one that i found but thanks for the info...I must have read the same info sheet that caused this confusion to start with lol
  11. Lutz-I was under the impression everybody (well the last 5 or 6 posts)have been referring to the 50kg noiseweight that has been shown earlier in the thread for the 2019 kuga. Surely the type approval on the car has much more clout than a third party who has fitted a towbar? And how can a new car owner check the towbar specification if it hasn't been fitted yet?
  12. I checked the 2019 on line brochure and there it was....50kg-surprised indeed! Towbar?-did you mean type approval plate on the car?
  13. Are you aiming to keep to the stock radio?
  14. Maybe Ford have uprated the noiseweight to 150kg but somebody,in all the excitement,forget to enter a "1"...:-))
  15. My thoughts exactly-the chassis is the same in the second generation Kuga even though it had a midterm facelift a couple of years ago....I believe it is a typo also!
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