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  1. Thanks for that Durbanite, I am on the case of buying a damp meter to be able to test any caravan I go to view. Last thing I want in the middle of the winter are leaks and damp to worry about. My Council are aware of my situation and are trying to be able to find something for me, but I will still be having to pay out rent of which I can't afford right now. I have been battling a HMCTS Tribunal for my PIP benefit to be reassessed due to errors throughout the entire process, I have been dealing with this for the past 36 months now and it feels never ending. I was on DLA and was transferred to PIP the new disabled benefit in 2015. The assessor made endless errors in the report made and due to these error I lost 60% of my benefit overnight and the use of a motability car, despite my conditions worsening. So I have had to fight this tribunal all this time just to be able to get my life back on track again. Without the extra money I've lost each month I can't afford to rent a property. So I thought the best way to save money was to eliminate the the biggest expense being rent. Move into a caravan and live on my friends land free until I am back on my feet again and the tribunal over with. Maybe then I will be able to get back to brick and tile, but for now it's this or god knows what? If my situation was to get worse living in a caravan, I can always sell the caravan, use the money for a deposit and first months rent and move back into rented accommodation, possibly with the councils help. I see no other way that I can move forward and brake the cycle. I'm not trying to be noble with the idea of the charity I want to start. THe idea and dream of this beekeeping charity is all that has gotten me through the past two years. I have lost a home once already, my relationship who was also my carer has left me, I am now having to leave my rented house as the landlords are in the process of selling the property. So with all this stress plus my disabilities and a tribunal to fight, buy a caravan and move from West Wales to Devon, not before selling all my house contents and belongings to make this happen after being scammed the other week for a caravan and my money. So things are tough at the moment to say the least. I'm just trying to find a way to keep going forward instead of backwards all the time. Sorry for the length of the reply. But that way you have an idea of what I am up against. If I told you that probably wasn't half of the problems I am facing at the moment you wouldn't believe me, but it's true. Thanks for all your advice, it all help me to figure out what to do and which direction to go.
  2. I think that the Hobby people need to do there homework a bit better. I'm sure that there would be a huge market for smaller Hobby caravans here in the UK, considering our towing rules, it would make sense to tap into a new market for them in the UK. Steamdrivenandy, if your ever in the Carmarthenshire area, I am sure you would much enjoy the Gwili Steam Railway. I live but a mile from it and can often hear the steam whistle of the locos. Be sure to get in touch if you'd like a visit, with your love of all things steam I thought it may be of interest to you
  3. Thanks WispMan I am online now and about to buy a damp meter for sure. Without that I feel I will lose no matter what caravan I buy. Will end up with large bills I could do without Will definitely make sure that the caravan has all the amenities I need in order to live reasonably comfortably. I would prefer I think a caravan with a separate shower and toilet as opposed to having a fixed bedroom. Keeping my disabilities in mind it would make sense. Unless there are any caravans on the used market that have both? I think within my budget I very much doubt that Any suggestions of caravan makes and models too look at or you may know of anyone local to me that you or any CT members can recommend would be very helpful.
  4. Thanks for that again LittleGreyCat, you helpful person you I think within my budget I am going to be looking at a rather older model of caravan. Probably model year of 1995 up to year 2003/4 if I am lucky. But at the higher end, if the deal seems too good to be true, it generally is from my extremely limited experience. I will keep searching for something local to me in Carmarthenshire or South Wales generally, that way I will be able to see it for myself before taking the plunge. Avondale Dart seems to be a caravan that is for sale a lot on ebay, gumtree and auotrader alike. But the bigger the better for me as will be living in it predominately, unless the need to move arises which I don't expect, but will be prepared for either way. One phrase I am going to have to start living by is this. "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail"
  5. Thanks again LittleGreyCat, all information has been thoroughly absorbed. Now I know to steer clear of the Hobby, Fendt and Tabbert brands then. Didnt realise that they were classed as a static due to the size. Again all valuable and much needed information for me to take on board. Cheers I will have a look and see what the options are online.
  6. Hi German in the blood, Thanks for your comments. I am very wary of a Hobby as that was the caravan I ended up getting scammed on. I just mean that sort of size, considering I will be living in it. Regarding the reason for not having a static one, I have been told that due to the planning laws surrounding my friends build of there property and changing from agricultural to residential that no static caravans are allowed to be placed on the land. So for that reason and not to get my friends in any trouble as they are doing this to help me. That is the reason why I need a touring caravan as opposed to a static one.
  7. One other thing, When I said Hobby, I didn't mean that brand only. I was referring to the size of the Hobby Range. Any suggestions of other makes and models of a similar size and a budget of up to £3000 max would help me. Thanks
  8. Quick message to all that have posted comments and advice for me. A big thank you to you all. I take on board all you have said and will make sure that I open my eyes a lot wider moving forward. For all that want to know and have asked, my disability is called Cauda Equina Syndrome. Spinal nerve pain problem that affects my pain centres from the waist down. I can walk but with reduced mobility and I use walking sticks. My age is 34 years old, so while I am young as far as years go, many people find it hard to believe what I suffer with. It basically means boat loads of pain. I am determined to make this a success. I will for now forget the change of tow car and concentrate on finding a local dealer or privately owned caravan here in or near Carmarthen and buy from them. I will then have the caravan towed to Devon for me and over the months there I will pass my B+E test. With size and weight now not being an issue, I would like to find a caravan of decent size for me to live in. After some research, I have found that Hobby caravans, while expensive, seem to offer the best regarding size, space and facilities. With being disabled it may help to have a bigger sized caravan and Hobby appear to be the biggest on UK road that can be towed for when I pass my B+E. With this now being my plan, if there is anyone in the South Wales, Carmarthenshire area that is in the Caravan trade or would like to help me, I would very much appreciate any time you can spare. Many thanks to you all
  9. Thank you LittleGreyCat for your comments. I will try to answer them one by one as you have listed them. 1. I have decided to not tow it myself now. I am going to buy a caravan and have it delivered to my friends land. 2. I will have the help of my friends who live on the land where I will be staying. So should I need help they have said they will. 3. I have no intentions of touring the country at all. I have been told that due to the planning laws surrounding there build that no static caravans are allowed to be placed on the land. So for that reason and not to get my friends in any trouble is the reason why I need a touring caravan as opposed to a static one. 4. I have a 6 week deadline because my landlords have decided to sell and have issued a possession notice, this have given me the 6 week deadline as I could do without any court battles at this point in time. I don't have the money to pay out for a deposit on a house and the first months rent as well as the money to buy a caravan along side that. This is the reason for doing this all now, so that I can lower my outgoings instead of increasing them on a monthly basis. 5. I agree 100% with you, If it were not for the possession notice and my landlords selling the property, I would not have the 6 week deadline. I would then be able to buy at the end of the holiday season and saving money. 6. I am trying to buy as local as I can. I have been an visited along with emailing all the local caravan sales companies, all have been of no help whatsoever. That's the reason I have now joined this site in order to get clarity on what I could do from the people in the know. You. I agree with all of your comments, if it not for the time constraints that I have not chosen, I would not be doing this all now when costs are high along with the risks too. But I don't have any choice in the matter. I can't afford to keep renting privately, so I thought the best way forward was to eliminate the biggest cost of all at the moment for me which is rent. Buy a caravan and save money to get back on my feet again. But the task is now seeming almost impossible with all that I am up against. Thank you for your comments, they have all given me a lot to think about. When your completely alone, it's hard unless you get another persons point of view. Thank you. Cheers Omega54 I agree with you 100% and that is what I am going to do. Thank you
  10. Well Firediamonduk You have certainly opened my eyes to the situation I am walking into. Firstly, I have decided to forget another car, as the consensus seems to be that I would only waste more money on a car I know nothing about. So I will keep the Discovery, buy a caravan and get it delivered to my friends land in Devon. While there I will complete the B+E test and spend the money on that instead of fixing a new second hand car. So that that sorted out Next is the the situation surrounding the site I will be on. The site is owned by some people and now I consider friends that I have met in conjunction with the Beekeeping charity I am trying to start. They own the land and it is a smallholding, currently they are in the process of converting an agricultural building into a residential dwelling. They have been living on the land in there own caravans and vehicles for the past few years while they are converting the property. There is running cold water via a site tap and there is also an Electricity supply there. Although I would prefer to be as self sufficient as possible, so I will be getting a solar panel of decent strength to hopefully cope with the power I would be using. I will have the use of the washing machine they have in the building there. Otherwise there is a town nearby that I can use the Laundrette. Keeping warm in the winter months is the main concern that I have, as you mentioned with the gas not working when it is too cold etc. So definitely I do need to do some research into insulating the caravan, water tanks, gas bottles etc. My lack of any knowledge in this direction is obvious from a mile away. I will definitely also order each time a large gas bottle, I am bound to go through it like no tomorrow during the winter months. I hadn't even thought about replacing the seals, again showing my complete naiveness. This will be something I will have to look into regarding costs etc. Also along the same lines with insulating the caravan. I had thought about straw bales surrounding the exposed weather sides to help keep warmth in. But just a thought. Finally the disability I have is called Cauda Equina Syndrome, I suffered a Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage at the age of 27. While in hospital, a failed Lumbar Puncture caused the Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). The hospital denied the CES and after 6 weeks in hospital, they then agreed that it was caused by the Lumbar Puncture, but by that time it was to late to surgically intervene. I suffer with chronic pain in my lower spine and from the waist down. Good days and bad days, lack of mobility as I use walking sticks. I know that with my disabilities, living in a caravan is probably not the best recommendation. But I am on my own and have a limited time left that I will still be mobile enough to make this dream of mine in setting up the charity, before I am wheelchair bound. Currently I have no dependants and for the past few years I have been slowly declining, so before it's too late I want to be able to live for a while instead of existing as I have done for the past 7 years. You have certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things that I hadn't considered and although I am quite worried, you haven't put me off, so don't worry. I value yours and everyone's opinions here on Caravan Talk. You guys have the experience and knowledge to let me know exactly what I am in for. Many thanks to you for the detailed post you have given me
  11. Thanks Durbanite for all your advice. I will look into the NCC for future caravan inspections, thank you. Thankfully the mobile signal in the area I will be moving to has a good signal for internet so that is that solved. Regarding all the accessories that will be needed, I am hopeful that whatever caravan I buy will have the accessories with it, should they not come with the caravan. I have some money set aside for the purchase of those items. Registration for the caravan and my car will have to be registered at the address I will be living at. I have bee assured by the bank that I can have my bank registered at a care of address, so that will enable me to continue to receive my benefit payments. But you are right, there are other things that need to be considered too. Thank you for bringing them up, another persons view is always very productive in this situation. Clearly I need to look into things a little bit more. Thank you
  12. Thanks Tigger, you are 100% right in what you say. I think for now I am going to take one problem out of the equation and keep the Discovery I have. Then I can buy a caravan and have it delivered to my friends farm, when there I will do the B+E test. £500 is better spent on the test than on an old car that I buy that will no doubt as you say, need work doing. I appreciate your advice
  13. Thanks for that Steamdrivenandy, That's been one of my biggest worries when it comes to swapping for another car. Okay my Discovery TD5 has done 207800 miles and still going strong. But that's because I have spent over £2000 in the past couple of years maintaining her. Trouble I will have with another old car is not knowing the condition and has it been looked after. Audi's do have the big repair bills and especially with the 2. 5 V6 TDI. But they are also great for towing with. So its deeps pockets needed lol
  14. Crowd funding is something that I am working towards, I am not the best with computers and I don't have the HD video equipment that is needed to make decent high quality videos and images. But as soon as I have more finances available I will pay someone to do it for me and make it look as professional as possible. Thanks for your suggestion Regarding the Charity commission, no the project isn't yet registered with the commission. In order to make a registration of a charity, you must be receiving an income as a charity of a minimum of £5000 per year, as this is all the beginning stages, there isn't that sort of money being generated yet. So for now I am having to fund the project/charity from whatever I have. Thanks Brian, that really helps to know I had considered a Land Rover Freelander TD4 as there max weight is 2000kg, meaning I could just squeeze the 1400-1500kg but I would then be above the 85% rule of thumb That was my first plan Tigger. I can have whichever caravan choose delivered there for me and would give me time to do the test as you say. Planning not to tow around so that is also the reason why I haven't chosen to do the test yet. But as I don't know the people that I will be living near very well, I wanted to make sure that I could just leave if I wanted to, as opposed to having to find someone to tow for me again lol. But I think your way is going to work out the easiest in the short term and then I will do the test. Thanks
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