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  1. You know, I wasn't even drunk writing that. But when you've saved up, you've done your research, you've place a deposit on the build slot, and you find you've bought a dud, it hurts. When you find solutions to their problems and you get ignored, it annoys. When the management of said company address you by the wrong name in their correspondence, it grates on you. When the MD calls you a liar to your face, it infuriates you. It took year of time, effort and money to right the wrongs of this 'van. Coming from an automative manufacturer, I was taught to love the customer. You owe them everything, they owe you nothing. The tail wags the dog on UK caravan manufacture and its lame to blame those on assembly. Integrity starts at the top. But here's the thing, its now working fine, but it no longer fits our needs. But the missus will not even consider replacing it because of all that's gone before. Sorry for hi-jacking the thread.
  2. I have very, very little sympathy with the manufacturers. They state their price for the latest vans and we buy it without quibble. And we keep coming back for more of their cr@p. They are not under assault from cheap imports; they virtually have the market to themselves. There is no excuse for them. I bought brand new 3 years ago and had all the hassle in the world getting so this called premium 'van into serviceable order. At my expense I'd like to add for I foolishly believed the warranty would apply at any NCC dealer. I'm desperate to change but my missus cannot be on the hassle and the grief. Sadly, as yet, there is no foreign 'van which fits our need. So we're stuck. And it pains me to say this. I bought British because I felt British manufacturing needed supporting at the time. My local, trusty dealer had just gone to Adria and I wouldn't entertain one. More fool me.
  3. Hyundai are breaking the law in insisting a garage must be VAT registered to carry out warranty work. But as I pointed out in my previous post, for peace of mind, I would use one when getting a vehicle serviced which is still under manufacturers warranty. With regard to lubricants meeting the manufacturers specification, do you have any idea of how many lubricants on are the market today for vehicles under 5 years old? Dozens. And you're right, some will meet Hyundais specification. But what I was trying to do for the OP was given him viable options which are the least risky and most hassle free in the unlikely event of a warranty claim. If the parts are supplied by a Ford dealer, as part of a Ford service kit for example, then you are a long way to ensuring the correct specification of lubricants, filters and parts being supplied and fitted. I can think of Nissan insisting on a very, very specific oil for their petrol engines fitted with a timing chain. For this engine, I wouldn't trust anything other than a 4litre container with the Nissan logo on, but that's a fairly unique, extreme example. I've visited oil refineries on behalf of a manufacturer and a trade publication to get a better understanding of this.
  4. If you are getting an independent garage to do the work, make sure every part and lubricant is from Ford. He should service it as per the Ford guidelines. While it should make no difference if your friend is registered or not, a VAT invoice detailing the work always help. Finally, the auto manufacturer I worked in the warranty department of gave 30 days/1,000 mile leeway on service dates. Also, another point to consider is the fine print of your after market warranty. Many used to stipulate servicing more frequent that the manufacturer's guidelines. I felt this somewhat sneaky, but could understand the logic. Don't fall foul. I worked in warranty for decades, feel free to ask me for advice.
  5. 3 weeks south of France where it stops bacteria build-up (in the same way screen wash in you car washer bottle works), 16 weeks Scotland, from Oct to March on a seasonal pitch.
  6. I looked at a few of these in my storage compound. No 2 were the same. I assume its just a cosmetic issue?
  7. The other thing you could do in this case if you wanted peace of mind and a 'margin' with the tyre is go for the higher speed rating and buy a known brand. 'R' is generally the highest rating for this size of tyre, where as others are available such as N or Q. Get them balanced and maintain the pressure and you will be fine. The difference between and budget and a quality tyre is such that you can spend double on a good tyre than and unknown tyre.
  8. I really don't hold out much hope at all; the Coachman warranty experience has been pretty poor throughout. The foam failed within the first year but my other half wouldn't let me pursue a warranty claim until now.
  9. Mine was built to order and registered mid-May2017. Not sure what markings/labels are on it; I went to look at it and photograph it yesterday but was told I could only spent 5 minutes with due to this virus. I'm now wondering if it's even worth my while in pursuing the warranty claim if the replacement is as bad?
  10. I've just decided I'm not going to look at a new twin axle Elddis now... I hope you get this sorted hassle free.
  11. Well I've just been down to the caravan, but was only allowed to stay in the storage compound for 5 minutes, not long enough to really sit on them to show how they don't spring back, but the camera has picked up the dents. Its noticeable now that I've been away from the van for so long that when you sit on them, there is very little cushion - it compresses right down straight away.
  12. Have anyone else had their Coachman seat form replaced under warranty? Mine has just been in for its 3rd year service and 2 issues have been submitted for approval; 1) failed LEDs and water ingress into the awning light 2) collapsed seat foam cushions. The awning light has been approved, but the cushion issue has been referred to the soft furnishings company in Derbyshire. They want photos - not sure how best to take a photo as it springs back. My question is, will the replacement foams be as poor quality as the original or has anyone succeeded in contributing money towards 'betterment' of a different or more dense foam? Thanks.
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