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  1. Thanks all for the replies. The Highlands Road one I know about - doesn’t look very secure and wouldn’t be happy leaving my van there. We currently use the one in Southwick but have recently heard it is being pulled which is a massive shame as it’s a great site. Nothing confirmed as yet but highly likely. I’ll try the one Soberton as that’s not too far. Also aware of one in Portchester too but not sure there are spaces - will do some exploring. Ideally after a small site/farm etc if they still exist!
  2. They do but it is only seasonal and not all year round.
  3. Our current storage provider is sadly due to be withdrawn so we are looking to move sites. I have googled and found a few places which might be worth considering, however I am aware that a lot of sites don't advertise widely so wondered if anyone knew of any hidden gems that would be suitable? Looking for somewhere around Fareham/Wickham area but willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right place.
  4. Yes, just changed to a TA. It will "turn" on it's axle, however as others have said the tyres take a scrubbing and you can see the tyres moving on the rims. I've found it easier to raise the front up by the jockey wheel and take the pressure off or do an Austin Powers style 75 point turn. It takes a bit more time, but far easier than having it stuck across the road when I'm trying to get it on the driveway!
  5. Well, good news - a 2014 Elddis Avante 515 will be joining us in about 3 weeks time!! Best get a tow bar sorted!
  6. Off to look at a couple of vans this weekend. After a 5 berth as this seems to have the layout we want (kids beds at back of van and able to shut them off!). Got our eyes on a Lunar Quasar 525 and Elddis Avante 515. Exciting times!
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