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  1. I am on the verge of buying a smart 586 2015 tomorrow. It has smart technology but I might have misjudged this. Is the only thing that Smart changed mean they changed the wood battons to Pure? Does this mean if you get a window leak that the wallboard is still wet and damaged unless pick it up quickly? Is Alu Tec 2013 better than the 2015 Swift Smart system?
  2. Thanks Stevan. I think I am going to get the guy to put an external locker door in to get rid of it. Want a socket and gas point. I think that will cover it the locker door but if not will cover the rest with electric socket.
  3. I have looked at a van and got an engineer to check it. They say couple of readings at 18%. He says he noticed some panel fade. He described this as probably a repair in the factory that looks great at first glance then over time can be noticed. Is this normal and does this significanlty affect the resale price of the van?
  4. Has anyone used a single set of these movers on a twin axle caravan? If so how well did it work or not? I appreciate you don't get amazing ability to move van with single mover on a twin van but the price of an AWD just seems mad. Found second hand for decent price.
  5. I am going to look at a 586 2014. From what i can see this is the first models to use Smart. Does this mean their is no wood in the external construction anymore? What about the floor? Since it's a sport it won't have an external gas or 240 V how much do people charge to get this installed?
  6. In August we have our ferry booked for 10.30 which is a reasonable time that means we get there at 13:05 we guess it's about 6 to 6 and a half hours with a stop to our main site. What are the chances of trying out luck and going to down early to see if get an earlier ferry or does this not happen anymore? Thanks, Paul
  7. So as you know I finally decided to get a Bailey 646 2010 from somewhere around 3 to 4 hours away as nothing that I wanted was available up here for a decent price. Today on Ebay something comes up I like. Basically this is situation Paid 250 deposit on one travelling for on Friday and paid 40 quid for damp check. Needs shower tray repaired which might be 370 if use paintseal of something. Taking a risk that everything else works but has mover. Fiamma, air awning, locks and lots of extras. Some of which I will see as going to end up with duplicates. The other van is an Elddis Tempest Crusader 2011 with Alde wet heating. The base price of both will be the same but will have to pay to get a mover on the Elddis and it's nearly 1.9 tonnes and will be towing it to France in the summer. Good thing is it's 35 miles from my home so could check everything at owners house before buying. The last negative is the owner is away on holiday till Monday. What would people do? Obviously the second one is better deal overall and closer. Worry is if pull out of first one lost 300 quid and assumes other buyer keeps to their word and doesn't sell on ebay for more. Thanks, Paul
  8. Not this actual van but guy sent videos and asked Engineer to send any pics through of any damage that they did that were already in the advert. Picked up first van private and had no issues with it. I know this will be same so not worried about it. Thanks in two minds whether to see if can get a site to agree to let me stay and check everything is ok or get past worst of M6 then pitch up. Only thing is I need to get back on a Saturday to help with kids who are dancing at 1pm. Yes, the electrics on the car are fine had an old van on it on Saturday and spot on. It's not my first van, in fact, it's the 5th van I have towed.
  9. Hi, It's a private seller who is towing the van from the other side of Wales to stop it being another 1hour 30 minutes. Had van checked over by engineer so should be fine.
  10. Hi, On Friday I am off to pick up my new to us van. I think the outward leg from North East to Chester Services is the best part of 3hrs 15 minutes as won't have van. On the way back will have van so progress will be slower so suspect will be about 3hr 30. Return leg is sorted by about 16 miles. Would people plan in a stop on a site overnight then start again the next morning or just continue on? Depending on traffic would get back about between 9 and 10 at night I think. I will have been at work from 9 till 2 that day. Thanks, Paul
  11. What I mean is the warranty is from the dealers third-party provider a bit like shipbroker has.
  12. Thanks for that. It is much more modern looking but still use old methods so if water gets in the panels get wet that is only concern.
  13. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear it's the private van that is having a service. The dealer van won't be serviced I wouldn't have thought. It's a privately backed warranty for three years as long as you get it serviced there I think.
  14. Thanks for your opinions. A spanner in works found a Swift 636 2012 so it's two years younger than others and has the sunroof so a bit brighter inside and it's 1K more than dealer offer for Bailey 646. My only worry or niggle is if the swift leaks it's all word boards inside. I know if bailey leaks its the floor that is affected as AluTec. The Bailey 646 will have 3-year warranty but a bit more dated and not as light inside. I think wife prefers the 636 but it's an extra 1K and if it's not right could cost us a lot. It's currently in for service now so I suppose would have up to date damp report to check.
  15. We have managed to get someone to buy our Adria Tamar so it's what to buy in it's place. We are going to go cheaper then save money to onside incase of a rainy day with any van we buy. Are options are as follows:- 1) Private Bailey 646 - good deal on it. Comes with lots of extras although only need the air awning and mover if honest. Quite far away nearly 5 hour drive. Has locks and all sorts. 2) Dealer 646 - Manage to haggle abit. Difference between private and dealer is 1686 pounds. They going to put a pro evolution twin on and give us 300 pounds for shop. Also has 3 year warranty. 3) Private Elddis 646 - Private - Good price but lots of awning damage. Guys says quote of 500 pounds and no mover so that would put the 646 above price of the private elddis. What would people do? Decided two reasons to get rid of Tamar. 1 7 months of pain with damp 2. Feel it's a bit small hence the twin.
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