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  1. I really like the look of the Touareg can pick up a 12 plate 40K for 16K but that seems a canny bit of money for an 8 year old car. Also not sure about reliability on them as this is why XC90 is going.
  2. Yes I think Swift ditched the 6FB edition they had with Alde(625) and changed to the L shaped lounge which is nice but we have three children so that model means set up two beds each night
  3. Thank you. We fancy a Sprite FB next I think as the ones with Alde will be too heavy for all but he heavy cars. The only thing I wanted was the ability to fit three in the back so would like to see one in the flesh with the kids which maybe a wait till start of June job I think.
  4. We are still looking for that elusive tow car at present. So see a VW tiguan but my worry is their Kerb is 1711 so not very heavy. Obviously when we tow with it we would have 5 people in a boot full to the rafters which would add a bit of weight. We currently only have a single axle 1550KG but would ideally like a twin with a fixed bed and for non Alde talking 1600KG. Basically I want a reasonably reliable tow car that will fit in 5 people so needs wide back seat setup. Budget will be 13 to 14K. Currently car a 59 plate Volvo XC90 but starting to get a bit expensive to maintain. If anyone has any other good suggestions I have not thought about happy to hear them. I would like a Volvo XC60 15 plate sort of age but nothing available near me and doesn't look likely any time soon.
  5. mprcomp

    Toyota Rav 4

    You can get a Rav4 this is why I am asking not too bad miles but at my budget never going to have low miles.
  6. mprcomp

    Toyota Rav 4

    We are looking for a new tow car as I do like my XC90 but the costs are starting to go up and sick of paying out for it. Nothing major but constantly needs something doing to it. I did like the Santa Fe but apparently recently What Car said must unreliable used SUV at present. I have seen a used Toyota Rav 4 150BHP with Auto box. Does anyone tow with one and if so what are they like? I can't find a review from any of the caravan people just a slightly older model which assume was same build. Wouldn't mind a Kia Sorento but in my price range nothing seems to come near to me at present. Looking at spending around 13K max with something reliable. I may even get rid of idea of a bigger twin axle unfortunately all the big cars seem to cost a fortune to run. Thanks, Paul
  7. Thank you for advice it looks like both possible. The weird thing is a CRV on practical caravan they add another 75KG saying that Honda didn't add it in. Do different companies do different kerb weight calculations?
  8. As you may have seen looking at a new tug that is more fuel efficent. Currently looking at Kuga or a CRV. The problem is both very light cars. The kuga is 1705 and CRV 1653 and in an ideal world my next caravan would be a twin with a fixed bed. All would be high % between weight of van and car. Both are 4 by 4 and have decent power. My worry is in case I buy it and they are unstable with a heavier van between 1600 and 1700 KG.
  9. It looks like I might have over reacted with all the horror stories. It's just been a worrier thinking buy this car and if gear box goes it's 2K to repair. I just seen an Estate Skoda Superb but weight is an issue as they are very light.
  10. I currently own a 59Volvo XC90 D5 Auto 185 BHP car. It has lots of plusses but it drinks fuel no end. I drive around 13K each year with some of that being towing as well. I have been looking at getting another 7 seat car that is more economical. I have found a 64 Ford Galaxy 2 litre 138BHP and it has a powershift. Now I am about to test drive it tomorrow and was hoping to make a deal. My worry is that a few people have mentioned them not being best for towing. Should I A) Get the Powershift but keep on top of fluids? B ) Get a seat Albrhama with a manual box or C) Just keep the XC90 The XC90 also needs it's belt replacing so need to budget around 400 quid for that to be done.
  11. Is it possible to fit a brand new thetford hatch to a caravan? One engineer says should be ok another said no due to possibility of causing structural damage to the caravan? It's a swfit 586 so inside of van will be pure not wood.
  12. We use Coop Extra Account so has everything in for 15 a month.
  13. We have recently bought a 2015 Swift 586 and the blind that seperates the front and their area keeps falling down if further along. My solution is to put some bigger screws in. Do people think that is a sensible solution? Was thinking same length but fatter? Is it worth putting some glue in holes or sealant even though inside to stop it pulling back down?
  14. We are away soon as was wondering the same.
  15. No all seperate but near each other. So gas point at front so goes into front locker I imagine so gas is right there. Then access hatch a little bit the right. Then after that a 240 socket. Both hatch and 240 socket should go under front seat. No not the parts. The parts I have bought have cost 200 pounds. The fitting of the three parts is 300 pounds.
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