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  1. Thanks, Benny, heard about that. I haven't been told I have to be silent with this deal so I am going to document it and put it up on Youtube. I would guess might get Adria to look into it more. I appreciate it's the dealer who is at fault but might get some action from Adria who supplied the dealer with a van with poor window seals that caused the damp in the first place. Follow Rolling with the Robsons. Although might wait till get the van back.
  2. Not been offered by them. I could trade it in for 2019 if I pay another 2K but not point. As I said I might put it on ebay and see if anyone bites. It's a lovely caravan just a bit put off by the issues and obviously, it cost us quite a bit.
  3. Good point Mr Plodd. It's getting dropped off tomorrow to see what they say when I mention that. I have a couple of other little things on the list to get sorted. It's getting damp repaired, new wallboard, new front insulation, new window again, new battery box and wood inside front locked replaced as that has mould on. We are booked in somewhere in May so just hope they meet that deadline all depends on Adria sending parts in time.
  4. Durabrite. I have done everything that has been said on here like I have said several times. I can't, however, force them to take the van back or offer a full refund. As I mentioned the final response was made that was repair and 1K. My only other option is not to take them to court which I could do but if I lose it's a big loss for my family. So it's going back tomorrow and I am getting 1K out of it. So that at the end of it not best outcome but not sure apart from raising the best part of 1K and taking them to the court that I could do. I will then get my van back start of May so don't lose most of the season for the kids. I am considering what to do when getting it back. Since I got a good deal I might put up for sale and if sell it for 2 grand less then 2019 model I will get my money back.
  5. So I know they are going to give their final decision in email. I suspect it's all they will do is repair it all and give us some compensation. So what are my next steps on that? Is it taking them to court? There next step is to pass it onto NCC. It's because that is who they go through as next level up in their terms and conditions.
  6. So I know they are going to give their final decision in email. I suspect it's all they will do is repair it all and give us some compensation. So what are my next steps on that? Is it taking them to court? There next step is to pass it onto NCC.
  7. Hi Durbanite, I have done all of those things. Advice before second email/letter was taken and mentioned the right parts of the law. Yes started S75 again waiting to hear back of them. MBNA not the fastest but hoping get something soon, the problem is cant' Talk to that team. So sent first email rejecting got initial response. Sent in second letter/email and been waiting for nearly 2 weeks. For me biggest issue is that if this goes on for a month lost a whole season with caravan and the whole point is to use it with the kids.
  8. No, I have said I am rejecting it but clearly they don't want that so dragging heals about it saying need to consult legal guy who they claim has been in court.
  9. Sent response back on 18th and now told dealer won't get back till next Thursday. What other steps can I take to get them to sort it out quicker? I am losing out on being able to go away in the van. It looks like the Easter holidays are going to be lost as well due to slowness.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. Talked to Which and they were really helpful telling me key points to mention CRA law and the 6-month rule. I have replied asking for a full refund with reasons I am entitled to that due to the repair of damp not working as it's going up again and other reasons. I will see what they come back with. Also been advised to raise a section 75 with credit card company for the 15K under the same reasons as they are jointly responsible and see what happens next.
  11. Thanks for all advice. Went to check on it today are readings are now 25% so it's clear the repair isn't working to stop water getting in.
  12. I also don't know whether I can't start sharing my experience with Adria and possibly in other places to see if they respond once starting saying issues i have had elsewhere.
  13. They know we want it replaced. I am getting legal advice from Which on Monday just to double check everything with them. At this point, I am going to ask for either brand new 2019 van or refund plus the compensation. I want to raise a section 75 but at present Which said to wait till have a full conversation on Monday with a legal advisor.
  14. Well, they came back saying they will fix wallboard as a gesture of goodwill as Adria say that it shouldn't have been damaged as part of this. I have therefore sought legal advice on this which doing on Monday and then the next steps are to take it from there. They did over a PX price on van towards a brand new Adria Tamar which I said wasn't fair on me trying to find 5K towards new prices.
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